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  1. Leaders were listening but the people were not. Many of those who died lived in basement apartments. People were driving thru flooded roads like the water wasn't there.
  2. Low of 64 this morning. Currently 80/59. Sun is still pretty strong but it feels pleasant in the shade.
  3. Had a surprise of a storm this morning. Dumped .51". First rain in almost 2 weeks. High so far has only been 73. Still kinda humid with the humidity in the 75% range.
  4. Mid 60's for us. Should be a nice walk with the pups for the next few mornings.
  5. New month, new Obs. Show them here.
  6. Monthly stats: Highest temp: 95 Lowest temp: 69 Rainfall: 8.67" YTD: 40.45"
  7. High of 94. One more day of this heat. Currently 89/73 and dry. 10 days of no rain.
  8. Exactly. It was maybe 20 miles at the most from the forecasted track but well within the cone. People are just making excuses to being caught with their proverbial pants down.
  9. High of 92 today. Currently at 10:45 pm it is still 80/77.
  10. Reed has punched the eye in Lockport. Cloudy with light rain there. 942mb.
  11. I was watching this on FB until the feed was lost. He's is nuts to try driving thru the eyewall to reach the eye.
  12. Had a high of 92 today and dry. 8 days without rain. Looking at mid 90's for the next 3 days. Can't wait for fall.
  13. I remember when black and white radar came to our local station. It was awesome when storms showed as a big white blob.
  14. I remember when updates were only once a day with the local weather at 6 pm. This was before TWC.
  15. Wow, looks like a nuclear explosion right over Cuba. Impressive.
  16. Maximum Sustained Wind Overall (mph): 150 mphMaximum Sustained Wind at Landfall (mph): 140 mphPressure at Landfall (mb): 942 mbLandfall Location: Port Fourchon
  17. I highly doubt that map. I don't think I have ever seen 50's in early Sept. in my area. Mid to late Sept. yes but not early.
  18. Highs in the mid to low 90's for the next 6 days. Hopefully this will be our last heat wave for the summer.
  19. Had a high of 89 before the outflow from some close storms dropped our temp down to 80 this afternoon. Temp never really recovered thankfully. No rain today.
  20. I think that was Reed Timmerman.
  21. Year to date or Month to date?
  22. You had some with Fran in 1996 and that didn't turn so well. Be very careful what you wish for.
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