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  1. Picked up .23" in a surprised storm early yesterday afternoon, nothing today, just warm and muggy as always this time of the year.
  2. Ended up with .47" yesterday. Today it is very warm and very humid. 87/79.
  3. Picked up .39" from a late evening severe warned storm. Storm fell apart right before it hit us but luckily still managed a decent rain out of it.
  4. You are doing much better than me. I am at .60" for the month. A far cry from last month.
  5. Lost power twice so far today. Once for about a minute, heard a big bang when that one went out, and once for about 5 minutes. Very windy out there and humid. Sitting at .38" for the day. Looks like we have a few more bands to move thru in the next hour or so.
  6. Had 1 short lived heavy squall come thru. Blinding rain and high winds accompanied it. Lasted for about 5 minutes. We are now up to .35" for the day. Looks to be almost over for the day.
  7. .08" is all I have gotten so far. Very soupy out there this morning.
  8. Front finally came thru a bit after 8 am. Currently sunny, breezy and 79/66. Dew point is slowly dropping.
  9. .19" today was it. Just light rain now. Main line dissolved as it got close to me and new line formed just to my east. My luck ran out for now.
  10. It says I am 14 points from becoming a rookie. How do you get points? After 7 years and over 3K posts, why am I still a newbie? Enquiring minds want to know.
  11. Woohoo, I just earned my 1 year badge even though I have been a member since 2014. Am I working for the government again? And I just earned my Posting Machine badge. Double woohoo. So when do I become a Rookie?
  12. Congrats. Waiting on the here. Cloudy, windy, and humid right now. 77/68.
  13. New month, new observations. Post them here. Currently 88/78. Got my backyard cut in anticipation of tomorrow's rain.
  14. That was seen by a lot of people. Saw several pictures of it on FB. Unfortunately I didn't see it.
  15. Sunny hot and humid today. Currently 90/77. End of month stats: Highest temp - 92 Lowest temp - 55 Highest dew point - 83 Lowest dew point - 53 Rainfall - 9.09" Yearly rainfall so far - 27.34"
  16. Picked up .06" this morning from a passing rain shower. Just made it that much more humid earlier today. Currently 85/75.
  17. Had 3 very brief rain showers that added up to nothing. Currently 83/77.
  18. Sunny, warm, and humid. Currently at noon it is 89/77.
  19. Got my 1st shot Thursday and my shoulder has hurt like hell ever since. Wakes me up every time I turn on it. Still tender to the touch today. My wife's shoulder hurt a little on Friday and but is fine now.
  20. Yeah pretty unbelievable after such a dry April and May. Mother Nature has been smiling on us this month.
  21. Ended up yesterday with .81" which put me at 9.03" for the month. Very humid out there today. Currently 83/77.
  22. Just had a heavy downpour go thru and now we are up to .74" for the day and 8.96" for the month.
  23. Picked up .09" today. Warmer and more humid today than the last few days. Currently 81/76.
  24. Low of 58 this morning. Dog walk this morning felt great. Currently 79/66.
  25. Ended up with .40" for the day yesterday from 4 different rainfalls. Beautiful late June day here. Currently 77/65. If it was cloudy it would be even better.
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