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  1. 20% chance of rain today has so far resulted in .34" late this morning. Knocked our temp down from 85 to 76.
  2. Just had a surprise rain shower move thru dropping .14". The sun is back out and it is now 84/80 for a HI of 97.
  3. Had a high today of 99. Our hottest day this year. It has cooled off to 87/77.
  4. At noon it is 93/81 for a HI of 113 and it sure feels like it.
  5. High of 94 after a low of 75. Currently 86/78 for a HI of 98.
  6. Had a surprise storm this afternoon after only a 20% chance of rain. Dropped only .08" but cooled us down from 93 to 75 and has remained cloudy since. Had a high of 94.
  7. New month, new obs. Post them here,
  8. Ended up with .76" today. Had a bad electrical storm just miss us today but it did kill power for about an hour. What a month for rainfall. 13.48" was my total. I believe that is a record for me outside of a tropical system. End of month stats: Highest temp: 96 Lowest temp: 66 Highest dew point: 81 Lowest dew point: 65 Rainfall: 13.48"
  9. Picked up a surprised .28" overnight. Looking for more this afternoon and evening.
  10. High of 95 once again. Currently 89/79 for a HI of 104.
  11. Had ahigh of 95 yesterday and after a low of 79, we are already up to 92 and it is only 11:40.
  12. Not even noon and it is already 91.
  13. Hot one today. High of 95 after a low of 78. Currently 93/76.
  14. Had a brief storm move thru that dropped our temp from 88 to 76 and put .15" in the bucket. Temp is back up to 83/78.
  15. Already 88/77 with a heat index of 101 and it's not even noon. Rain chances have gone from 20% when I went to bed to 70% this morning.
  16. Big storm complex moved thru our area this morning. Picked up 1.43" from it. That pushes my monthly total to 12.29". That is the most I have ever recorded for a month outside of tropical systems.
  17. Had a nice storm come thru. Dropped .42" into the bucket and dropped temp from 89 to 74. This pushes my monthly total to 10.8" with 11 days left.
  18. Had a high of 93 today. Had a good sized storm just miss us this afternoon but we were close enough to get the outflow from it. Dropped the temp from 91 to 76 and it stayed there the rest of the afternoon. I was able to get out and cut the grass in somewhat comfortable conditions for mid July.
  19. Picked up a total of .58" from multiple rainstorms today. That puts me at 10.37" for the month.
  20. Lots of thunder but only .03". Most of the storm stayed to my immediate southeast.
  21. Picked up .49" this morning between 7 and 8 am and then an additional .85" from 9 am till just after 12:00. This additional rain gives me 9.68" for the month.
  22. I ended up getting the Ambient weather ws2902C and love it. I had a little issue getting it up on my phone but it was a breeze to set up. Seems accurate. Some of their models are currently on sale on Amazon for 20-25% off.
  23. Stayed comfortable most of the day until the sun came out around 3 pm. Then the temp and humidity shot up. Ended up with a high of 86 and dew point to 73.
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