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  1. Woohoo, our first decent rain today. Picked up .45" in a surprise T-storm. Had a 20% chance today. Went from 93 to our current temp of 78.
  2. Picked up a measly .34" yesterday. .25" with the 1st storm and .09" with the second. Looks like we will have to wait until Wednesday for another chance.
  3. Had a high today of 96. Currently it is cloudy and 87/77. HI of 98 and it sure feels like it. No rain so far but there are storms popping to our northwest.
  4. Picked up .17" yesterday thanks to mighty Tropical Storm Colin. LOL
  5. Clouds kept temps down but also kept storms away. No rain despite an 80% chance. High of 83 after a low of 71.
  6. New month, new Obs. Post them here. LOL, went from an 80% chance of rain down to 20% chance. Guess we will have to wait until tomorrow.
  7. Had a high of 92 today and with dew points in the mid 70's most of the day, it was pretty miserable outside. Monthly stats: Highest temp - 97 Lowest temp - 54 Highest dew point - 80 Lowest dew point - 44 Rainfall - 2.44"
  8. Congrats GaWx. Nice that someone is getting a good rain.
  9. .03" here yesterday, nothing today. The big dry continues.
  10. As do we. 16 days without appreciable rain.
  11. Normally we are in the mid to upper 70's so yes a dew point of 70 is decent.
  12. Low of 64 and high of 87, dew point held around 70 most of the day. Decent late June day.
  13. Had a relatively cool day here today as cloud cover kept our temps down. Had a high of only 83. Currently it is 79/72 just before 6 pm.
  14. A measly .11 yesterday. It has been 13 days now since we have had a good rain. We went from a 60% chance of rain today down to 20%. Looks like we will have to wait until next week for a decent chance.
  15. High of 92 today. Hoping those storms to our north hang together and give us some decent rain.
  16. Low this morning of 54. Warming up quickly though.
  17. Had a low of 61. Felt good on our morning walk with the pups. Currently at 11:30 am it is 75/47. Wish we could have a week of these temps.
  18. Had a high of 90. Dew point has been dropping all day. Currently it is 86/61. Expected to be ow 60's by morning and upper 50's on Monday morning. Gonna be a nice break for us.
  19. Line moved thru quickly here with gust of only 25 mph and .09" in the bucket. Did help it cool down after a high of 97. Temp stayed in the 90's all the way until a little after 8 pm. Been a long time since it has been that hot that late in the day.
  20. Storms fizzled before they made it to myb early this afternoon, but they did cool it down from the upper 80's to upper 70's for awhile before the sun came back out late this afternoon.
  21. That was very strange. From East to southeast to south to southwest.
  22. Had a high of 95 before the cloud cover moved in and dropped us into the 80's around 2 pm. Dew point also dropped from the upper 70's to the upper 60's too. Sun came back out around 7 and dew point responded accordingly back to the mid 70's. No rain.
  23. Had a high today of 95 after a low of 74. Sea breeze has kicked in and dropped us to 88/78. HI of 102.
  24. Very warm and humid today. Currently at 2 pm it is 86/75. Waiting on the thunder boomers now.
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