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  1. Been a stormy day here. Lots of close lightning strikes that scared my pups badly. Picked up .72" so far. Nothing but light rain and some occasional thunder. 74/73 currently. This gives me 8.65" for the month.
  2. .08" for the day. 7.93" for the month. 39.71" YTD
  3. Had a high of 88 before a rainstorm moved over us. Picked up .27" from it. Currently it is 85/73.
  4. High of 92. Tired of the heat. No rain.
  5. I can see that storm cloud top all the way from New Bern.
  6. Hit 94 once again today. Temp has dropped to 87/77. Hopefully this is the last really hot day for awhile.
  7. High of 95 today. Still 82/78 as of 8:30 pm.
  8. Calling for high's in the low 80's for us all next week. Looking forward to it.
  9. High of 94 today. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Ughhhh.
  10. Another hot and humid day on tap for us. Already 89.
  11. Every storm is a potential Katrina to JB.
  12. Rained off and on most of the day but most of it was light. Ended up with just .14".
  13. Very humid this morning. I was at 80/79 at 9 am. Had a brief shower move thru that dropped .04" and dropped the temp down to 77 and dew point to 77.
  14. Picked up .39" today with an afternoon thundershower. That puts me at 7.18" for the month and I have a 90% chance of storm tomorrow.
  15. Stayed in the low 70's all the way up until shortly after noon when the sun came out. High is our current temp of 80. A brief shower this morning dropped .01".
  16. Yes we have and also passed what we had for the entire month of July. By the way, our high was 74 today. Currently it is 72/71. Wish it could stay like this for the next 7 days at least. If it hadn't been so wet and drizzly, I would have been outside all day.
  17. Ended up with 2.09" yesterday and got 1.21" so far today giving me a 4 day total of 6.78". Currently it is 71/70 with drizzle.
  18. Had a high of 80 before the rains came. So far we have picked up 1.66" today. 5.14 is our three day total so far. Currently it is 70/69. Took the pups out for a walk between the rain showers and it actually felt very pleasant. Wind even felt a bit cool coming in from the northeast.
  19. Been raining all afternoon today and it's been heavy at times. Currently up to 1.22" for the day. Let my husky out front so he could do his thing and the old fart decided to take off, had to chase after him in slip-ons splashing thru the water. Caught him but not after both of us getting soaked.
  20. Picked up another .50" today. 2 day total at 3.48".
  21. We are now up to 2.92" for the day with some more rain to the west of us. Currently 74/73 after a high of 88 before the rains came. Finally tally is 2.97".
  22. We got slammed. Best thunderstorm we have had all year. 2.11" so far. Rain has let up for now but still lots of thunder. Had about a half dozen very close lightning strikes. What a way to start the new month.
  23. New month, new Obs. Post them here
  24. Look like we might get some rain this week!
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