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  1. Sunny hot and humid today. Currently 90/77. End of month stats: Highest temp - 92 Lowest temp - 55 Highest dew point - 83 Lowest dew point - 53 Rainfall - 9.09" Yearly rainfall so far - 27.34"
  2. Picked up .06" this morning from a passing rain shower. Just made it that much more humid earlier today. Currently 85/75.
  3. Had 3 very brief rain showers that added up to nothing. Currently 83/77.
  4. Sunny, warm, and humid. Currently at noon it is 89/77.
  5. Got my 1st shot Thursday and my shoulder has hurt like hell ever since. Wakes me up every time I turn on it. Still tender to the touch today. My wife's shoulder hurt a little on Friday and but is fine now.
  6. Yeah pretty unbelievable after such a dry April and May. Mother Nature has been smiling on us this month.
  7. Ended up yesterday with .81" which put me at 9.03" for the month. Very humid out there today. Currently 83/77.
  8. Just had a heavy downpour go thru and now we are up to .74" for the day and 8.96" for the month.
  9. Picked up .09" today. Warmer and more humid today than the last few days. Currently 81/76.
  10. Low of 58 this morning. Dog walk this morning felt great. Currently 79/66.
  11. Ended up with .40" for the day yesterday from 4 different rainfalls. Beautiful late June day here. Currently 77/65. If it was cloudy it would be even better.
  12. Picked up .08" this morning and .09" so far this afternoon. The .09" came from the edge of a massive storm that passed just to my east. That puts me at 7.99" for the month.
  13. Agreed, 88/79 here right now. Feels miserable.
  14. .66" this morning as Claudette moved thru. Currently cloudy, breezy, and 76/75. This puts me at 7.82" for the month.
  15. .06" this morning was all we could get. Currently cloudy and 76/73. A far cry from yesterday's heat.
  16. Hit 91 today and with the dew point in the mid 70's and a stiff, hot breeze, felt really miserable out there. Currently it has cooled down a bit and is now 85/73.
  17. Low 90's for Saturday for us and then no more 90's, until they change the forecast, for the next 15 days.
  18. Low of 65 this morning, high of 88, Currently 82/69.
  19. After such a dry May, every drop of that surplus is needed.
  20. Just picked up an additional .81" from a severe warned storm. This puts me up to 7.09" for the month and it is only mid month.
  21. Had a severe thunderstorm warning for my area but only had heavy rain. No hail, no high winds. Did get very dark though.
  22. Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for us southeastern counties all the way to Cape Hatteras.
  23. Picked up .46" overnight and an additional .18" this morning. This puts me at 6.28" for the month.
  24. Remained cloudy most of the day. High was 82 after a low of 69. Dew points were a bit down too. Felt good for a change.
  25. Well it looks like the NWS really blew the forecast today. Had a 100% chance of heavy thunderstorms today and so far it has been sunny with a few clouds here and there. I know of several festivals that were cancelled due to the forecast.
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