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  1. I believe it. That's right near me, and the winds have already been strong this morning. I'd guess the peak gusts were close to 40. Hoping the power stays on...
  2. Nice storm yesterday afternoon. Torrential rain peaking at 6"/hr, lots of lightning (including one within a couple hundred yards), and pea-size hail. Fun way to start the season!
  3. Had some flurries here last night. Hope that will tide me over until next November (or later).
  4. 1.72" yesterday. I was surprised at how many waves of heavy rain we had.
  5. 12/16-17: 2.25" 1/25: .75" 1/31-2/3: 5.0" 2/7: 1.0" 2/10-11: .75" 2/13: .25" 2/18: .75" 2/22: .5" Traces: 12/9, 12/18, 12/25, 1/23, 1/29, 2/19, 2/20 Total: 11.25"
  6. Big flakes, moderate snow. Eyeballing .25-.5"
  7. We have a car-topper in N. Bethesda.
  8. Lol. As long as they get enough to sled, they're happy. The last burst of sleet saved the storm for them. That said, my youngest spent most of breakfast whining about what happened to the snow we were supposed to get. I'm sure they'll both be crapping up threads on here in no time...
  9. Amen. My kids keep asking me, "when is it supposed to snow," or "how much is it supposed to snow." I tell them the weather isn't "supposed" to do anything. It just does what it does, and our ability to predict it with that level of precision just isn't something we can do. So, if you want to know the answer with 100% confidence, you need to open the blinds and watch and wait.
  10. Wow. I'm at 10.75" for the year. It's amazing the difference over such a relatively short period. (Although I think I'm pushing close to 25-30" in forecasted snow, so I've got that going for me, which is nice...)
  11. A bit over .75" of sleet here in N. Bethesda.
  12. I'm old enough to remember when being NAM'd was a good thing...
  13. Flurries again. And there was much rejoicing... yay!