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  1. Snow caves! Hadn't thought of that in a while. After the storm in 2016, our parking lot had snow piles over 10 feet tall. The neighborhood kids built an extensive complex of tunnels in the biggest pile. It was truly impressive. I had to make some of them a bit larger, so I could fit in! I was just at the Cabin John rink last week teaching my youngest to skate. He was terrified to try, but picked it up in 5 minutes. Now all he wants to do is go skating. The rink looks nice. They just finished up a big renovation. It still smells like dank sweaty socks, though...
  2. My 8-year old was on the verge of tears this morning when he was complaining about the lack of snow, and I told him there was no sign of snow in sight... I may have to resort to taking him out behind the ice skating rink, so we can make some snowballs from the zamboni piles.
  3. A few flurries about an hour ago in N. Bethesda.
  4. It was 58 when I got up; and we're down to 42 with sleet pellets mixing in.
  5. The winds seem unidirectional from that shot. I wonder what they looked like on the other side of the building.
  6. Sorry to hear about your sister. Sounds bad, but I'm glad it wasn't worse. Car accidents are scary! I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts.
  7. Then why are you in the medium/long range discussion thread?
  8. 1.87" ^ is both the amount of rain I got last night, and the amount of snow I've had this season
  9. If I swept my deck, I might have enough for a small snowball. This is a hell of a way to run a winter storm...
  10. What Bob actually wrote: What the weenies see: Edit: Ninja'd by Zugzwang!
  11. That back side was the best snow of the day here. I ended up with an inch.
  12. Ripping here. Everything is turning white except the roads and sidewalks. 34/31
  13. Glad to hear your haircut went well! All snow here; no real stickage yet. 35/32