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  1. Got down to 21 here. Coldest of the season.
  2. 23 for my low. RIP mosquitoes!
  3. 1.75" here. I like the death band placement. Good practice for winter.
  4. We ended up with 1.42 here.
  5. Jim Edds is riding it out there. He said that there were 200 people riding it out.
  6. While I concede that LWX can be a little trigger-happy on the warnings, you seem to be asking for a level of precision that simply is not available given the current state of the science. Thunderstorms are inherently unpredictable--in where and when they form, how strong they become, and when they decay. The best meteorologists can do is issue warnings for an area that appears to be at risk for severe weather. Occasionally that risk will manifest; most times it won't. The alternative is to only warn storms they are certain will be severe, which will mean that the vast majority of storms that produce severe weather will go unwarned.
  7. Wild day at OC today. Saw a small waterspout (photo below), then chaos ensued at the beach when the leading edge of the storm came through (video below)
  8. 1.4" here in N. Bethesda. The worst of it went just to our west.
  9. Wow. Report of water rescue on the Beltway between Clara Barton and River Rd.
  10. .06 here. Really impressed with how we managed to get missed N, S, E, and W.
  11. Agreed. Looks like a shelf cloud and some scud. Still, cool pics!
  12. Yeah, they've been going all around us. I'm at less than .2 inches for the week...