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  1. The Dude

    September Discobs Thread

    I was woken up by some house-rattling thunder last night around 1. Seemed to go on for at least 30-40 minutes. 1.68" here yesterday and overnight.
  2. The Dude

    September Discobs Thread

    It definitely looks like it's trying to spin something up.
  3. The Dude

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    I see you have a much more developed self-preservation instinct than our friend Hurricane Josh! I'm sure you are already aware of this, but parts of Lumberton can be flood prone, so I hope you're on some higher ground. Looking forward to your reports.
  4. The Dude

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    How'd you end up in Lumberton for this?
  5. The Dude

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    That's North Topsail Beach. Those houses were originally the second row back from the ocean. The original ocean front houses were razed following extensive erosion. They've spent several million dollars to try to save these dozen or so homes largely because the mayor of the town owns one of them. It's an exercise in futility. I suspect this storm will make that clear...
  6. The Dude

    September Discobs Thread

    Nice spot. I wonder if the temperature differential between the air and bay temp is enough to trigger a bay-effect streamer. That's kind of what it looks like.
  7. The Dude

    September Discobs Thread

    Not much in the way of wind, but tons of lightning and rain. At least a dozen bolts hit within a half-mile of Farragut Square. Great light show.
  8. The Dude

    August Discobs Thread

    Absolutely pouring downtown.
  9. The Dude

    2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    Nothing too special here in N. Bethesda. Some nice heavy rain, some thunder and lightning, and some gusty winds (nothing over 40 mph). A nice way to start the season!
  10. The Dude

    2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    That picture of the toppled chair cracks me up every time.
  11. The Dude

    April Discobs Thread

    Had a few flurries in North Bethesda a bit after 10 this morning.
  12. The Dude

    Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    Final update: 12/9: 2.75 12/15: .25 12/30: .25 1/4: .5 1/17: .5 2/17: 1.75 3/6: .25 3/20: .25 3/21: 3.75 Total: 10.25 Additional days with a trace: 12/13, 12/14, 12/27, 12/31, 1/8 (ZR/IP), 1/13, 1/23, 1/30, 2/4, 2/7 (ZR), 3/2, 3/12, 3/14, 3/15, 3/16, 3/17, 3/22, 3/25, 4/7, 4/9, 4/17
  13. The Dude

    April 7-8 snow event

    Flurries in N. Bethesda
  14. The Dude

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    I wonder how many years we've had more snow outside of winter than within. At my house, I had 3" in fall, 3.75" in winter, and 4" in spring. Say what you will about this winter, but having 3.5 months between the two biggest snowfalls is a rarity.
  15. The Dude

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3