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  1. I thought RG3 was all about the run-pass option and getting hurt?
  2. Dropped down to 39 here. That ought to at least slow the mosquitos down...
  3. We ended up with 4.04" here.
  4. We're up to 2 inches here, with occasional thunder. I can't remember the last time it rained this hard for so long.
  5. The core of the radar-indicated winds passed over us, but I don't think we gusted much above 30-40 mph here. Torrential rain (10+ in/hr) and lots of lightning were the big story here.
  6. Thanks for stopping in to share your thoughts. The terrain is manageable. The traffic is the big challenge around here.
  7. I like GMBM. Much more decisive than McPhee. Said the Caps need an experienced coach. Hopefully they're looking at Laviolette or Gallant.
  8. I have a hard time finding Thai chilies, and am not a huge fan of big heat, so I usually just use a couple jalapenos or serranos. The end result is very little heat. You could easily omit the chilies all together if you prefer.
  9. If y'all like curry, take a look at this recipe: One of my favorites to make in the summer when I can find the fresh veggies at the farmers' market.
  10. Cool shots! Looks like a shelf cloud with some scud clouds underneath. This is definitely the right place to share those types of pics.
  11. Ended up with 3.04" here. No significant winds to speak of. Fun event.
  12. Not sure they're coming. We haven't seen anything above 20 mph down here.