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  1. I believe that's where Josh and Reed have set up shop.
  2. Good question. In my experience, lightningmaps.org is not perfectly precise with its strike placement. Someone smarter can me can probably explain how it works, but observationaly, I have noticed that the strikes can be off by a mile or more. For example, I'll see a strike out of my south-facing window, and it will show up on the map 10 blocks north of me. So, perhaps more strikes were actually hitting the bridge, but just not captured as such on the map.
  3. Now the Bay Bridge is getting nuked
  4. Insane. It's like several dozen per second. I've never seen anything close to that.
  5. 4.6" and counting since midnight here in Ocean City. The ocean looks particularly wet.
  6. It was indeed. We're in Ocean City, and were able to see the lightning from the storms when they were still back around Chambersburg. That's around 175 miles away! Definitely a new record for me. It certainly helps that we are on the 11th floor.
  7. Is that using the Kuchera ratio?
  8. Blue skies just broke out. We should be good for an hour of sun before the storms make their way through.
  9. My obs: too hot/too humid
  10. First storm since the derecho to actually reach severe status in my backyard. We had dime to nickel sized hail, and what may have been a small microburst that took out 4 healthy trees, including one big white pine that landed on my neighbor's house. It appears to have been caused by straight-line winds as all of the trees were blown down from winds out of the west. Impressively, one of the trees was snapped about 10-feet up, rather than at the base. I wasn't here at the time, but from talking to my wife and neighbors, and looking at the damage, I'm guessing we saw at least a 60 mph gust.
  11. Nice map and article. Thanks for undertaking this, mappy!
  12. So, I guess I saw my first tornado yesterday. From my point of view, the rotation wasn't evident enough for me to be confident, but the cloud motion was unlike anything I've ever seen. Given the number of tornado warnings that don't verify around here, it is supremely ironic that none of the tornadoes in DC yesterday occurred under a tornado warning. It just goes to show how tough a job the NWS folks have, especially with these QLCS spin-ups. By the time they show up on radar, they're gone. Nonetheless, given how weak these were, I'm not sure a tornado warning was really necessary. The winds associated with these EF0s are not much different than the wind speeds advertised in those warnings.
  13. I would not be shocked if they found a small tornado. There was an area of very low clouds (<1,000 ft) with very impressive movement that passed just about right over the White House. The clouds were mostly moving rapidly from the SW to NE, but there was also a significant upward component, and some erratic movement in other directions. From my point of view (16th and I St., NW), I didn't see enough rotation to conclusively call it a wall cloud/funnel cloud, but the cloud motion was unlike anything I've seen before. I have a video, but it looks like my phone camera mostly focused on the rain on my window rather than the clouds. When I get the file on my computer, I'll see if there's anything worth sharing.
  14. crazy cloud motion in downtown.. The wind sheer was easy to see.
  15. 12/30: .25 1/7: 1.75 1/30: .75 3/3: .25 3/14: 4.0 Total: 7.0