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  1. 6” in Fredericksburg and 0 flakes at Dulles? That’s the most brutal cutoff I can remember. Would’ve chased there if I knew
  2. Sad. Ric will have more snow this season than dc.
  3. That one storm idk how many years ago was supposed to bring 4-8 up until onset then went to pa instead and we got rain/sleet. Still holding hope for accumulating snow especially in a nino. 100 mile shift is all it takes and we’ve seen that happen we can get as much as Richmond is supposed to
  4. Cras nailed north trend storm Jan 2010
  5. Nah tinder is all fake profiles these days
  6. Any snow lover want to chase the storm? Preferably female.
  7. Not even in a nino still misses south. If it was a Nina it’d go ocean city
  8. 2-4 is rare around here so 1. If it was 1/4 inch like dec 26 storm years ago that busted then it would be much harder to choose. Went to sleep and even woke up that morning expecting at least 4-8" but barely got a dusting.
  9. In Leesburg right now and snowing !!!
  10. Much more defined now. I live near lwx and not a flake in sight, but if you were to go outside of this snow hole it’s snowing in for example glen burnie. I believe the corn fuel theory or something of that sort.
  11. I wonder what causes this all the time. Snow so close yet so far away, even snowing in front royal. This radar doesn’t lie I’ve tested it many times it’s actually snowing all around except in the snow hole.
  12. Maybe we can pull a Jan 2010 north trend storm.