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  1. I figured a plane ran over the extension cord...
  2. I found surveillance footage from Mappy's visit to DCA last night:
  3. Low of 28. Die mosquitos! Die!
  4. 32 and heavy frost here. Even had a mini icicle on the deck.
  5. Correction: 2.24" I didn't realize I had my Davis showing monthly totals...
  6. 49/48. Oh, 40s how I have missed thee!
  7. 2.33" since midnight. 3.15" including yesterday. Not bad for an "anemic" radar!
  8. 52 degrees this morning. Looking forward to walking my youngest to school.
  9. Ended up with 2.99" here, 2.41" of which came from the overnight storm.
  10. Nicely done. That's probably the best footage I've seen of the Edgewater/Annapolis tornado. (And thanks for not yelling throughout the video!)
  11. Massive light and rain show here last night. 2.42" here, with a max rate of 14"/hr.
  12. Amen. We'll be further south near Wilmington. No thanks on a Cat 3 landfall!
  13. That sounds about right. The soil was damp after all the rain earlier in the week, but a neighbor had a healthy white pine snapped ~30 feet up. And I saw countless large limbs down in addition to the numerous full trees that were down. My initial estimate from watching the winds come through was ~50 mph, but after seeing the damage, I wouldn't be surprised if some spots saw ~60.
  14. Drove around a bit. A number of trees down, a ton of branches down. Definitely a top 5 storm over the past 18 years that I've lived here.
  15. Can confirm. We've got trees down in the neighborhood and no power. Core of the winds passed just south of here, but I'd estimate the gusts were approaching 50 mph.
  16. I wonder if they issued it in anticipation of pulse storms developing on the outflow. We already see initiation. Seems like they'd hit maturity just as their getting inside the beltway.
  17. .19" here. Most of the storms went just north (~2-3 miles) or a bit further south (~5 miles)
  18. It's getting into the area the earlier storms plowed through. Thinking the atmosphere is pretty worked over there.
  19. Most definitely. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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