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  1. It's funny how complicated the barber relationship can get. Thinking of the great Seinfeld episode on that. Twitter has its place, but so does this place. The volume of posts on Twitter can get overwhelming, and its easy for the quality to get lost in the noise. Plus, as you note, it's hard to compartmentalize topics. So, when I just want to find out what's going on with the weather, I have to wade through a lot of unrelated material. I keep it manageable by only following ~40 people. I don't know how people like you manage following thousands of people.
  2. Welcome back! With a beach trip upcoming, I finally broke down and cut my own hair last week. Let's just say I'm not going to put my barber out of a job, but it looks and feels a lot better than it did.
  3. Incredible rain producer here. Over 2 inches in ~30 min. Several lightning strikes within a half-mile, including one that couldn't be more than 100 yards away. Once the storm passes, the kids and I will head out to see if we can find where it struck.
  4. The COD site has a free 200-frame loop:
  5. Really impressive gradient with this one. I had .11 inches. Several weather stations between .5 to 1.0 miles to my south east had over an inch.
  6. Great storm. Hail core just missed me to the south, but I got torrential rain (maxing out at 9.5 in/hr) and some good wind gusts likely around 40 mph.
  7. Finally got some afternoon sun yesterday, and the cleaning seems to have done the trick (it was a mess inside the shield with all sorts of cobwebs). No more anomalous ~5 degree spikes. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Awesome to see how much accuracy has increased, but I still wish they had some discretion over the cone size to reflect the confidence (or lack thereof) in a forecast.
  9. Thanks. I found a nice video from Davis on how to clean it. Seemed pretty simple. Hoping to get time to do it today.
  10. Thanks. No fan-aspirated shield (I've got the vantage vue), but I'll give it a good cleaning to see if that will help.
  11. My Davis weather station has developed an annoying habit of reading 4-5 degrees too warm when it gets in direct sunlight during peak sun angle season (~April-September). Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this?
  12. 1.57" here from at least 3 rounds of storms last night.
  13. If that's too pricey, you can always go with the budget option:
  14. Happy Birthday, Waterboy!
  15. Not quite traditional spanakopita, but here's a good variation that's a hit in our house:
  16. Made it to 32 here. Hopefully, it killed a few mosquitoes.
  17. Just ban the posters who keep breaking the rules.
  18. AHL is a different beast since it is basically all gate driven. I can't imagine they'll continue their season. Through its TV rights, the NHL will still bring in a ton of revenue if it completes the season, so it will do everything reasonably possible to make it happen.
  19. Just spiked to 80 here.
  20. Posts like this are why you're on the trading block.
  21. That would figure. We're set up for the worst possible Fall to Spring pattern for those of us who enjoy beautiful 60s and 70s and snowy 20s and 30s: Above normal September/October, below normal November, above normal Jan-March, below normal April, and above normal May. That's a lot of 40s and 50s quickly transitioning from/to 80s and 90s. Bleh!
  22. Got down to 30 here. Not sure if it was enough to kill the skeeters, but it ought to at least make them sluggish for a while.
  23. Torrential rain, some wind and some thunder and lightning. Nice storm to kick off the season. Glad the more severe winds didn't materialize. I've spent the last month or so stocking the freezer, and am glad not to lose power.
  24. Thanks. I guess I need to check my weather radio to see why it didn't go off.