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  1. Confirmed EF-3 by NWS. Crazy. .
  2. Nice to have another Leesviller on board, we’re right off Westgate/Leesville! .
  3. Just like a model, you can’t discredit 39 years of knowledge as much as people want to. His conservative approach often wins out. .
  4. Not to take away from ANYONE on the boards because these guys are absolute wizards when it comes to this stuff... ...but it’s relativity easy for someone to say on a amateur weather forum ‘crush job on the 0z’ and turn around and say ‘zilch on the 6z.’ Zero repercussion. “But the models have been consistent.” Yes. Clown maps have indeed shown paste jobs for a while, but a forecast is more than just a clown map, otherwise on-air personalities would be extinct in the field, one could just go look for themselves. Professionals in this field live and breath the metrics beyond just the maps we see. You and I both know Fishel wants no more than to see feet of snow, but 39.5yrs of logic tells him to say no until certainty. Let’s take what we see and say “we’re right” and not bash the ones who do this for a living “you’re wrong.” .
  5. Have a friend in Jacksonville. They have a friend looking some road conditions, where can those details be found, or anyone that can give me some specifics? .
  6. FV3 trying to throw a curve-ball, pun intended. .
  7. Tick north rather. Ends up about 75 Miles NE OF 0z at landfall. .
  8. I'm with you in Leesville...errr Sleetsville. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hermine setting up perfect hopefully for a real washout in Greenville only to leave Dowdy-Ficklen a sloppy mess for the Catamounts to steal the Pirates gold Saturday. Making the trip and this is just icing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Not a Brick bash, but kinda irked me. I'll be first to admit I'm a Fishel fan as much as the next guy, always have been. In fact, I have a pretty stellar personal story involving him but I'll save that for another day. He's a great meteorologist (on and off television) and local personality for the area. Hell, he's a weenie just like the rest of us. But at the same time, he's a realist. Fishel isn't a sellout that posts 10day clown maps for clickbait. He doesn't hook you with, "snow chances at 11" to up his views. His viewers watch him like they should watch any weatherman, accuracy. He tells it like he sees it. He uses the same maps and models that you see on this board but uses his meteorological expertise of 37yrs (35yrs designated to WRAL). He admits when he's wrong but tells you his opinion JUST like every person on this board. All this is to say, "anyone could do that, met or not" is a bit insulting. To fight his inner-weenie'ingness, to help increase viewers, and to go w/ the popular vote, I think it'd be hard for Fish to say he doesn't see it but keeps it professional and goes w/ the right answer - he just doesn't see it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. There's hope... Ending a trip at Biltmore and saw some flakes flying in Asheville!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk