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  1. The storm I will always remember is 2/18/1979. (President's day storm 1). I was a freshman at Catawba College in Salisbury. Storm was on a Sunday. We had a stout NE wind even on Saturday and very cold temps for that time of the year. Storm was way underforecast in amounts. When I woke up Sunday morning, we had heavy snow already (arrived before forecast) and temps in the 20's. We had heavy snow until mid-afternoon on the 18th and by noon temps were already in the low teens and the wind stayed strong from the NE all day. Just incredible cold temps, wind, and snow for that time of year. We ended up with 9 inches but of course DC and BALT areas got way more than that. We had a stout warmup the following week so that most of the snow was gone by Friday. https://journals.ametsoc.org/view/journals/mwre/109/7/1520-0493_1981_109_1542_tpdsof_2_0_co_2.xml#:~:text=On 18–19 February 1979,the intensity of the event. https://www.inquirer.com/news/blizzard-presidents-day-philadelphia-washington-atlantic-city-20190218.html
  2. Snow rain mix in Lewisville. Wont last long
  3. I remind everyone that Feb 1993 was much the same way. Winter had been written off. We had several spring like days in Feb and it had been a ho-hum winter over all. Only to see a bomb go off on 3/12-3/13. I'll never forget it. Even though it was not a huge deal at my location, the met aspects of it were truly amazing. Yeah, it probably over....but we have to keep our eyes open.
  4. 31 and zr here in Lewisville. Numerous reports of accidents
  5. actually had 4 at my location. 1/3, 1/16, 1/21, 1/28. Of course 2 of those very small/minor
  6. We ended up with a quarter to half inch dusting. 30 degrees
  7. True, but looking like sunshine will be at a minimum at my location. RAH is already lowering daytime highs in the north. Looks like low 40s max where I am.
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