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  1. That would be a good dump of cold air if it happens.
  2. Usually here in the triad I dont know if you call it over-performance but it is usually under-forecasted. This one really fooled me. Any time the HP is not locked in place our CAD just fades away at showtime and this was the case here in the piedmont. When I saw E winds last night instead of NE I pretty much knew it was game/set/match. Never even made it to freezing here but we got a slight slushy covering last evening due to about 2 hours of wet snow/sleet mix.
  3. You need 20s to get significant travel issues but not tree damage or power outages. During the January storm here, I think lowest northern part of Forsyth got was 31 degrees but we had HUGE amounts of trees down and power out for multiple days for thousands.
  4. Agree on Wake county area. Whole different story here in the triad I believe.
  5. SC peeps seeing any sleet this morning?
  6. I really think this is being underplayed in the Triad by local mets and NWS. HP in perfect position. Temps and DP in single digits over western PA this morning with strong CAD signal on all models. They do have WWA in place but I could see this one being just as bad as Jan storm in WS proper which was pretty dang bad especially for northern Forsyth.
  7. 40th anniversary of PD1 today! Tremendous CAD with that storm. Temps between 10 and 15, strong NE flow. Caught a lot of people of guard. https://ocean.weather.gov/2-PresidentsDayStormColloquium_Uccellini.pdf
  8. That anomalous setup actually started in Feb 1960. Running out of time!! https://www.weather.gov/media/gsp/localdat/cases/2010/Review_Feb-Mar_1960.pdf
  9. Ha! Like that Seinfeld episode where George does the opposite of every instinct to get what he really wants. Worth a shot!
  10. If you need a fix hop on over to the Upstate NY forum. Some pretty good snow squall videos being posted.
  11. They'll have more frosted flakes this morning than snowflakes.
  12. Yeah probably less and 1 in 10 of these ever produce much. Only ones I can recall are Jan 78, Jan 85 (super outbreak), Jan 99, and Jan 02(or 03 cant remember which). So, yes not getting my hopes up.