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  1. Closing in on 6 inches since Friday night. Can't remember the last time we had so much rain.
  2. ^exactly.
  3. We do have weekend rule, so there's that.
  4. Hope you are right. Dry as a bone here.
  5. He's pretty good LR forecaster. Has a winter bias especially for the NE. Tends to go out on a limb. Pretty good at pattern recognition, not so good at the details sometimes. Still i am a fan of JB. Many on this board are not.
  6. Yep, that's how these things work.
  7. Most of you are too young to remember 92/93 winter. Back end loaded and man what a finish!
  8. ^100%
  9. Something else learned. RAH continually had low confidence in their briefings in the accumulation forecast.. For NC sometimes we have to get within 12 hours of the event to really see how it is going to unfold.
  10. For areas south of I85 you have to have a pressing HP from the NE building down as the storm is forming. I was never sold on N GA getting into this storm that much. Also, EURO is great for sniffing things out in the long term but not as good closer in. One of the few times I can recall sitting in the western piedmont that I was pretty comfortable telling my friends that we would stay all snow. Of course QPF was going to be a question but ptype around where I am was not an issue. HP was strong enough to get the job done here.
  11. Were you around for this one?
  12. I gotta admit I'm not on here much but what is "PBP"?
  13. Makes me wonder if they should just say "there is a winter storm coming, but we really dont know what it's going to do so just be prepared for anything".
  14. For those of you who like to bash Bastardi he said early this week that this thing would be closer to the coast when NO model was showing that. Hats off to JB!!
  15. Looks like band getting its act together coming out of the foothills might give us another inch or so.