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  1. I think it's on to next winter. It just ain't happenin this year. Hopefully we have all learned a lesson about these models this year.
  2. Yes but don't put MAJOR in the title!
  3. On this date in 1979, one of my favorite storms. You want cold air? Snow started right before dawn and temps fell from the low 20's to the low teens by early afternoon. Some blowing and drifting. Of course this is known as PD1 and it was spectacular. Watched from my dorm room in Salisbury in complete awe.
  4. Don't feel bad. Most on this forum were..
  5. 32 still with ZR/IP mix. Definitely more than last weekend thus far. Trees droopy but not too bad
  6. 32 with ZR. At this point we have about as much glaze as we ended with last weekend. Looks like a couple more hours of it (perhaps). Not going to be devastating here by any stretch.
  7. Yep, pretty clear to me that heaviest ice totals will be in VA border counties unless I am missing something.
  8. The way most of these work out is there is a fairly narrow strip where the WORST of the icing is. Widespread .50 ice and up is hard to achieve. That strip is to be determined but based on precip trends, I would say NW piedmont and northern foothills of NC if I was a bettin man.
  9. Thanks Matt. Going to be a rough situation for a bunch of north carolinians.
  10. Not sure a degree or two matters that much at this point in the piedmont but for fringe areas for sure. Still a lot of dry air draining down from VA.
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