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  1. boy i feel bad for the younger generations.. but I can remember Dec 2000 and March 2001 and empathize a little. Winter in the south is a bitch.
  2. J.Mike

    Check out the Economy thread and work your magic. Thx.

  3. If this is it, please let me know. Cuz if this is snow you better let me know.
  4. I've never come across that before.. always should have the option as @mappy noted. can you attached a screen shot?
  5. Don't i wish..unless 1960 or the Superstorm were on its ways I'm very much doubting it
  6. Winter cancel Worst since 1990. Not even close to a snow event. Didn't break that streak until the Superstorm arrived in '93.
  7. Been a wild weather adventure since Thursday. Drove up to the cabin in torrential rain and thunder/lightning, now soon leaving 2-3" of snow with snow showers continuing.
  8. I'm up in the Whittier area in a cabin on a little anniversary vacation. Been coming down the past couple hours. Probably 1" or so. Finally timed it just right after 6 years!
  9. I'm all in!! Going to be in the mtns in a cabin for wedding anniversary! Let's get snowed in!
  10. Patience. Models will come back. I've seen this all too often.
  11. Trop storm warning for CLT area. Bring on Hugo lite!
  12. A nice wet pattern of daily afternoon storms with offshore HP and and looks to continue for the next week or more. I'm enjoying it.
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