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  1. I tell ya this is following the entire month of Jan 2000 to a tee. Here, there were 3 events... First event put down 3-4" , next event a few days later put down a dusting to an 1", then the big one.... East. Didn't get a single flake.
  2. Watch the energy which is trying to phase into the southern s/w.. it's trended faster recently but if it starts reversing that trend it's going to be a bigger phase... e.g CMC/Euro runs from late Sat/early yesterday
  3. euro is going to win out ... always the best in setups like this
  4. This will be a partial phase.... here's a spot to watch for... if this wave trends stronger then you'd be looking at more of a bomb developing
  5. GFS kicking the SW wave out faster. But need the arctic wave to progress through and set up the HP out ahead of it.
  6. first wave still the one to watch... Jan 2000 sorta setup with last minute phase potential.. but if that doesn't pan out then there's another one to take its place
  7. All snow again. Heavier returns I start to hear the sleet
  8. Snow and sleet mix here. Looks like at least a couple inches down.
  9. well that was an epic run of the gfs lol. Next weekend's storm sets off a major arctic outbreak and pushes the arctic boundary down to the gulf, potentially setting up some more fun down the road.
  10. Raging snowstorm in the teens and low 20s
  11. Wow the euro pulling off a March 1927 type storm
  12. I remember those since I was at NCSU at the time from 02 to 05 I had to travel home to catch Feb 04 ...
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