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  1. Same here. Still very light snow. Picked up an inch this morning. That melted and now have a new half inch or so.
  2. Even though the snow has been extremely light at times or even just flurries it has never stopped completely since the first flakes sometime around 5 a.m.
  3. Snowing nicely again. Starting to stick again. Sun not poking through anymore. 32.
  4. We're back to a steady light snow. Never shut off completely but did become just scatrered flurries. Most of the earlier stuff has melted but no big deal. I'll take a Cloudy cold day with light snow anytime especially on my birthday no less.
  5. Hopefully this is the rare storm where everybody in the forum sees at least 2 inches.
  6. If other models continue to move west and that is the ultimate result the GFS won't figure it out until tomorrow maybe as late as 0z.
  7. It was the 18z run on Christmas Eve. Best run for NW of Baltimore.
  8. Tom has been there for 33 years. When he retires they should make Ava the chief meteorologist. I wonder if she is still there when Tom leaves if the station manager will have the guts to make that move. Not sure if he'll retire anytime soon though. He keeps himself in great shape and looks good for his age. I've always liked him a lot but Ava brings a different energy to the broadcast plus she is getting very knowledgeable with experience. On a side note Bob Turk has been at WJZ since 1973 the year I was born. 50 year Anniversary for him next year. Unbelievable!
  9. Lol. I was thinking about this earlier. He kept saying he was a jinx now its come to fruition. His move sabotaged our winter. His next move might have to be to Boston.
  10. Absolutely atrocious! Why would anyone put that out.
  11. Bob's heater is barely warm to the touch. We started January so strong.
  12. Bottom line is if Euro stays stubborn and continues to show same results or even improve and ends up being correct than the GFS won't catch on until tomorrow maybe as late as 0z. I'm still on the front running train. Let's max out on that as WxUSAF outlined in his earlier post.
  13. I'm really good with several inches. Such a delicate set up I wish I could just lock up 4 inches instead of rolling the dice for a bigger event especially for my location.
  14. With a system like this we still have an eternity to go. As I stated yesterday we can't lose the snow with the initial northern energy. We've all invested too much time not to see snow falling and have something on the ground for the weekend.
  15. Yep...pick up another hobby This is not a hobby. It is an addictive sickness!
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