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  1. Ji is a cross between Eeyore and Chicken Little. so depressing!
  2. when was the last time Lamar passed for over 300 yards? Never?
  3. if i was a betting man, id say we had a higher chance at seeing a HECS in the MA than B'more does winning this game!
  4. lol. think you have mistaken me for JI. I'm no whiner!
  5. yeah i know! thats why i posted the part about being the Admin!
  6. If I posted something similar Id be read the riot act about posting banter in a non banter room.. life is good when you are an Admin!!
  7. 3.5" in about 4 hours here in Opal, Va just south of Warrenton as the moderate snow is starting to wind down.
  8. I want a winter storm watch even if it ends up a wwA wont get a WSW with this in the MA https://www.weather.gov/lwx/winter
  9. we want them to lose. we want the 2nd pick to grab chase young. .the local homegrown DE talent from dematha!
  10. thanks for the doom and gloom Ebenezer Chill! Seriously, I value your input tremendously in this forum. You are definitely one of the top 5 go to guys here. thanks man and have a Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Holiday! At least now i have one less time consumer on my hands this month
  11. here is his 20min short version forecast: seems to be a mid to backloaded winter forecast from him