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  1. gotta love this.. par for the course for a nina year. 1/3" of snow and now pingers falling like there is no tomorrow. so much for our 3-6" aint happening 24 degrees 1/3" snow and pingers in Warrenton. pingers are literally sliding off the roof in big waves of ice as my gutters are already full
  2. my prediction for Warrenton, 3.1 inches before a change over to sleet with a nice healthy crust of it at that
  3. already received the warning for Fauquier thru My Radar App 3 mins ago. strange part is it hasn't updated on the NOAA site yet!
  4. lol He rarely has Richmond in play.. I feel hes pretty decent with his maps. better than average at least
  5. no we dont.. stop stealing my digital snow! its fine right where it lays! but I agree the real deal is going to be that second wave.
  6. I hate when I'm bullseyed this far out. What this map really means for me is 33 and rain due to the northward movement trends of systems the past several years
  7. can you two take this to banter or private pm?
  8. no need to be snippy about it! Your avatar is perfect for you
  9. whats up with that HUGE dry slot to the south west? Its a little early for that to be happening already? Is the transfer to the coastal happening a little earlier than forecast
  10. 28 degrees moderate snow and easily 2" on the ground probably pushing 2.5" in Opal, Va
  11. CWG doing a live video chat on their facebook page.. Wes is about to start his presentation
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