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  1. PCT_ATC

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    DT looks like he is getting closer and closer to being all in on this winter
  2. PCT_ATC

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

  3. PCT_ATC

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    may you rot on board your hot, stifling airplane as all the thunderstorms you are wishing for this summer keep you grounded on the tarmac instead of heading to some exotic location for your vacation!
  4. PCT_ATC

    March 20-21 Potential - STORM MODE THREAD

    two storms ago, ewr was reporting TSIP and TS-SN
  5. PCT_ATC

    Week of March 26

    West caledwell, NJ, huh? I worked at CDW in the early 90s for a few years before moving on to bigger and better things.. nice town. expensive to live, but then thats most of northern jersey.
  6. Hey, guys lets do something different for a change. Every storm that has been pinned this year had fallen apart for us save the sprinkling we got in December. My vote DO NOT PIN THIS STORM EVER!!!!. Realistically, if this storm does evolve the way the Euro suggests, will stay at the top of the forum posts anyway (just below the pinned lists) let's not jinx this storm!
  7. PCT_ATC

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    Close game??? Close GAME??? come on, its been a laugher of a winter. We didn't even get up to bat. We didn't even get to warm the bench! We didn't even get into the dugout. We didnt even make up to to the bigs!.. etc etc etc.. pipe dreams baby.. pipe dream.
  8. PCT_ATC

    Grading Winter 2017-18

    How can we give this winter a grade if we didn't even enroll in the class? I mean we thought about getting on the bus back in December to early January but the key word there is THOUGHT. Other than that, everything else has been a daydream. (or should I say a pipe dream cuz all the models have been smokin crack all winter long, just like DC's infamous late Mayor Barry. The BIOTCH set me up!)
  9. PCT_ATC

    March 11-12 Storm - Model Discussion STORM MODE

    gotta love all the epic blow ups. frustrating right? Especially after all the promises the models showed us in the long range all winter long. see ya all next season!
  10. PCT_ATC

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    from Wxsynopsis on facebook. never heard of him until DT said NOT to get this guy mixed up with him. lol
  11. PCT_ATC

    March 11-12 Potential Storm

    poor banter room..
  12. PCT_ATC

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    do you have to study hard at being a jerk or does it just come naturally
  13. PCT_ATC

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    yeah.. fast forward 3 days and we will be cut out of the picture.. just the way this winter has gone.
  14. PCT_ATC

    March 7 Disc/Observations

    no one cares about north and west anymore.. its all about the east based bias these days..