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  1. I most definitely agree with you, Sir! It's nice seeing all those wintery chances on the NOAA forecast page even though they are all minor
  2. When the current "Disco" thread has more than 15 times the posts of the "Panic Room" it makes me very happy
  3. bugs me even more when ORF jackpots and we get squat.
  4. Need to rename the title of this thread to the NEW NORMAL
  5. I for one am happy to see everyone so distraught about the upcoming winter signals. It has to mean the exact opposite is going to happen. Its September people! How many times in the years past have we seen the long range winter signals look great in September only to fail miserably by the time the winter actually arrives. I for one think its great that we are having these discussions, but like Bob says, we still have a full 2 months to go before we can even get in the neighborhood of peeking at a long range winter forecast.
  6. Good bye American WX.. see you again next October when we talk about how good the prospects look for the upcoming 2017-2018 season! I'm just like one of those pesky across the border immigrant Canadians that only show up in the states during the winter season.
  7. Ian running the "live" blog over at CWG as you read this
  8. I think hes just going with the odds.. after all hes been right all winter! insignificant amount of snow at dca so far to date
  9. I thought this was an interesting fact from the Wx discussion in the long term guidance from Sterling. "Of note, this past winter (December-February) ranked as the 3rd warmest on record in the Washington DC area. The two warmer winters (1931-32 and 1889-90) both had March snowfalls (4.0" March 6-7 1932 and 3.0" on March 31 1890), so accumulating snowfall is not uncommon in March even following an otherwise very mild winter."
  10. Isnt our average high like 53 on march 7 @ DCA. So take away 10 degrees and we are still 10 degrees to warm
  11. As they did back in December, January and February. Why change things up now?
  12. when he starts woofing, I always check back here to gauge the excitement level and catch a dose of reality.
  13. DT is getting bullish.. not sure what he sees though