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  1. Ji has been done since December torched
  2. JI and I are not impressed with the 7 day QPF total. It's a disaster.
  3. PCT_ATC

    February Banter 2019

    you should be good to go @mco! wind out of the north 15 to 20 kts no issues
  4. PCT_ATC

    February Banter 2019

    yes there are, but wind affects aircraft landing attributes much more substantially. Cross wind components differ for every type of aircraft. I wouldn't worry about the departure, Id worry about the arrival phase of flight. the whole east coast to Chicago is going to be a mess tomorrow with wind. Here is the TAF forecast for BWI for 14z/11am, they are expecting wind to be out of the west at 280 @ 19kts gust 40kts. But you are in luck, one of BWI's main runways is lined up directly with the wind Rwy 28 which Im 100% postive will be the active Rwy for departures anyway.
  5. PCT_ATC

    February Banter 2019

    An Apology To @Ji----I've been on the anti-JI bandwagon all season long and you know what, Hes bucked the trend all season and has been generally correct. I am now as Ji-amistic as JI is.. (at least for this season) Seeing is believing for. 10 days out doesn't do it for me anymore I'll be a JI-amist up until the time we are actually NOW CASTING something.
  6. Well we are almost at climo.. but.. I agree.. it has been a let down with all the fall predictions of everyone bathing in snow up to their eyeballs!
  7. PCT_ATC

    2/19-20 Winter Storm Observations

    so no one is worried about the giant snow hole in central VA and beyond?
  8. PCT_ATC

    February Banter 2019

    Cant believe Sterling actually expanded their snow coverage map. The 6-8 range pushed about a county and half east from where it was this morning.
  9. PCT_ATC

    February 19-21, 2019 storm threat

    speak for yourself! im in the battle zone
  10. PCT_ATC

    February 19-21, 2019 storm threat

    I think there are magical unicorns in there somewhere if you look really hard and click your heals 3 times
  11. I don't care who you are, that is FUNNY!
  12. https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/precip/CWlink/MJO/foregfs.shtml https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/precip/CWlink/MJO/mjo.shtml go down to forecasts and then select the dynamic MJO forecast you want to see
  13. On Noaa's site believe it or not