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  1. Heh, put my feeders out during that warm stretch too @mattie g. Only to pull them back in when we dropped in the 20s. No sightings yet, but back out they go. And Amazon was kind enough to deliver a Peterson Hummingbird Field Guide today.
  2. Easy there fella. That’s like saying our places of residence share the same climo…
  3. Yo @mattie g! Was talking produce the other day at work and ended up with some Miner’s Lettuce seeds. Happy to drop some in the mail for you if interested. Offer extends to the reg posters in this thread as well.
  4. First ‘flys of the season spotted today. A swallow and cabbage. So exite.
  5. You are so full of shit. But have a nice day!
  6. T’was brutal. Like our winters, lol. Any interest in catching the NYI game on Tue, 3.15? @H2O is in, just doesn’t know it yet. Mini meet up for anyone interested ftw.
  7. Waaay too kind. I would use bad words to describe it. Miss TJ and Mantha.
  8. 3 straigh southern sliders that won't climb coast. Just an awful winter I know, right? A neg temp departure for Jan, almost at climo snowfall, and it’s already Feb 2nd. Thank goodness for the groundhog, or I don’t think I would have any hope left.
  9. Heh, ty. Profile pic is a woolly bear cat I found while clearing the garden late fall of ‘09.
  10. About the same now. Just older. Much older.
  11. I would ask him, but it’s now waaay past his bed time.
  12. P & C forecast is based off whole county/zone at the moment. Or my phone has been hacked. I dunno.
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