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  1. 8. Six released and two that didn’t survive the trap. Because my wife didn’t tell me where she set it. Oops.
  2. There’s a mouse in my house. I’ve heard it more than seen it, but it definitely exists. I’ve set up box fans to try to blow/keep it away from the kitchen. Doesn’t seem to help. The whopper wrappers in the trashcan are just too much of a powerful mouse magnet. I might have to move.
  3. Lol, so March is green. April is pink and purple. July is red and blue. October/November are flaming orange. And then the above cycle repeats. It’s fun being old and senile. But don’t get me started on the monthly gnome decorations. Wife’s fault. I just ran with it…
  4. From red and green in Dec, to blue flame lights for Jan here. Then pink for Feb. Good to know I’m not the only one with this issue.
  5. Flakes have commenced in western FFX County. Roads went white real quick.
  6. Never swat a butterfly.
  7. Wow. Thank you. Love this place.
  8. Check your pm. It’s still dark out.
  9. Depending on what you’re growing and/or what stage your plant is in, might want to up your humidity to around 60%. Transpiration ftw. It’s dark out.
  10. Heavy Rain in your P&C is the kiss of death. Welcome to the club.
  11. Last few Afds and guidance were kinda meh re Mon. Seems to be kinda an overnight event with a few localized boomers. Like this season imby. (Yuck, just made a wx post…)
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