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  1. FXW176

    September Discobs Thread

    The pivot got me.
  2. FXW176

    September Discobs Thread

    Just picked up a quick tenth as a band from Florence moved in from the SW. P cool.
  3. FXW176

    August Discobs Thread

    Yup, that last batch was redic.
  4. FXW176


    For realz. D0 coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
  5. FXW176

    March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    If you can find it, try to pick up a bottle of High West Bourye. Good stuff.
  6. FXW176

    March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    Nice pic WV, thanks for sharing that. You too, EW. Your forecasts are spot on.
  7. FXW176

    January Banter String

    Lol. True dat, Yoda. Love being able to disengage and play in the yard every April/May. Tues looks kinda interesting.
  8. FXW176

    January Banter String

    Umm, standings?
  9. FXW176

    2017 Severe Thread

    I was, lol. Good to see ya. Decent rain from this lil' storm. And what sounded like some weak ducting at the end. B+
  10. FXW176

    2017 Severe Thread

    Cool story. Wrong thread.
  11. FXW176

    Annual MA Subforum Gathering

    Keep your ketchup habit to yourself. Just sayin'.
  12. FXW176

    March Banter Thread

    Ketchup is disgusting. Carry on.
  13. FXW176

    February banter thread

    We. Are. Louder...
  14. FXW176

    Aug Banter Thread

    It's winter. In very late August. Cool.
  15. FXW176

    Pre-storm Banter Thread

    Mark's maps are the real deal. Props!