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  1. Flurries here. Some spots on the balcony covered. A surprise, but a welcome one!
  2. Roads, sidewalks, and rooftops have been completely covered here. Light snow 28 degrees
  3. BWI: 18.4” DCA: 14.9” IAD: 23.7” RIC: 6.1” Tiebreaker (SBY): 4.8”
  4. Great weather outside; high 50s and a light breeze. Feels odd for it to be happening in late February though.
  5. They were basing that off DCA temps
  6. Couldn’t find my ruler so I had to get creative lol. Final tally here. Snow stopped about 15 mins ago.
  7. Wonderful event so far!! Measured 1.7” as of 16:00.