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  1. Heh, ty. Profile pic is a woolly bear cat I found while clearing the garden late fall of ‘09.
  2. About the same now. Just older. Much older.
  3. I would ask him, but it’s now waaay past his bed time.
  4. P & C forecast is based off whole county/zone at the moment. Or my phone has been hacked. I dunno.
  5. Just ban ‘em if they don’t include a legend @mappy. P pls and thank you.
  6. Without a doubt. Was supposed to leave that Sun for my final semester of undergrad in NC. Being a wx nerd, left NOVA on Sat trying to beat the storm. Didn’t even make it to RIC before I turned around, 95 was a mess. Even then. Back in NOVA that night, stopped by the bar my brother was working at to let him know we were about to get shellacked. Then proceeded to the ABC store to buy a bottle of Citron and Aftershock for storm prep. Disgusting. Snowed in for a solid week. Dad was in Egypt and Mom was trapped at the hospital. Sister started a fire in the basement and I got to use a fire extinguisher for the first time. As a reward, she got to go to Disney World with my parents a few weeks later because they didn’t trust her home alone. Still bitter about that… Watched the mailman get stuck in our cul-de-sac. Watched the tow truck get stuck trying to tow the mailman. And then watched the flatbed take them both away. But not the asshat neighbor who took my parking spot after I spent two days digging my car out. Still bitter about that too… Good times for sure, thanks for posting!
  7. Whoa, that’s a cool site. I should internet more. Ty!
  8. Why would you do this… Happy New Year, y’all!
  9. Good to see ya brotha, hope you and yours are doing well.
  10. Ketchup red? You have issues.
  11. Just think of them as little, living wx stations. But dress the opposite as they do. Applies to every season. And it’s much less stressful that way. (It’s really nice out.)
  12. Dude, it’s like you heard the conversation Watergrandpa and I had yday. Eerie.
  13. (Btw, only a true weenie will weenie a flutterby pic. And prob eat ketchup whilst doing so. Disgusting.)
  14. Not a good year for the monarchs imby, but dayum, I’m p proud of this.
  15. Yo, congrats! Managed to snag this pic on my porch the day after I moved my daughter into JMU a few years ago. Funny thing is, I never leave that door open. Still not sure how that ‘fly got in. Made me cry, lol. Best of luck, have a great time!
  16. Heh. I still have a few in spots. Interesting how they differ in size when compared to the annuals. And I really should remove the dead one from my porch, but p sure s/he is not bothering anyone at the moment.
  17. The struggle is real. I’ll miss you my friends.
  18. That was absolutely disgusting. Good to go until Oct now! It’s muggy out. Real muggy.
  19. My bad, guys. I’ll get on that. It’s cloudy out.
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