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  1. (Btw, only a true weenie will weenie a flutterby pic. And prob eat ketchup whilst doing so. Disgusting.)
  2. Not a good year for the monarchs imby, but dayum, I’m p proud of this.
  3. Yo, congrats! Managed to snag this pic on my porch the day after I moved my daughter into JMU a few years ago. Funny thing is, I never leave that door open. Still not sure how that ‘fly got in. Made me cry, lol. Best of luck, have a great time!
  4. Heh. I still have a few in spots. Interesting how they differ in size when compared to the annuals. And I really should remove the dead one from my porch, but p sure s/he is not bothering anyone at the moment.
  5. The struggle is real. I’ll miss you my friends.
  6. That was absolutely disgusting. Good to go until Oct now! It’s muggy out. Real muggy.
  7. My bad, guys. I’ll get on that. It’s cloudy out.
  8. Thank goodness I skipped your dinner invite tonight. Ketchup glaze? Those words shouldn’t go together, my friend. I want to cry.
  9. Drink better shìt, ya moron. Gotta make the margins. Not that there is anything wrong with ML. Now ketchup on the other hand…
  10. And those of us in the industry seriously thank you for camping at our tables and your 15% tip. Pretax. And minus bev service. Bless your soul.
  11. Flora and fauna. Mostly. Youngest has a 12/11 bd. Riding the same boat. He's retired now, gl! Has nothing better to do than watch his phone for the best matchups. Hell, he even invited me over for dinner tonight. To eat at 3 pm. Old people.
  12. A few weeks ago, I started tracking a Halloween decoration I couldn’t procure last year. Even after multiple attempts by myself and others in the DMV. Because, well, umm, everyone needs a decayed posable skeleton…
  13. Not a good year for the cats imby this year. Only have one in chrys so far. Hoping for an uptick, but meanwhile enjoying my hummers. Thanks to all who helped me with advice a few pages back!
  14. Bought one a couple years ago. Hella accurate. Very happy with it.
  15. Spot on. He’s at Golden Corral eating an early bird special right now so all good.
  16. He’s prob drinking prune juice rn. Gotta cut the old guy some slack.
  17. Check out S’well. As today is national hydration day, I can highly recommend. Great products and good company.
  18. Lil’ guy or girl emerging on my porch tonight. Absolutely fascinating. I too am gonna miss ‘em. My windows are down until then. And thank you all, what a fun thread.
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