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  1. Wow. Thank you. Love this place.
  2. Check your pm. It’s still dark out.
  3. Depending on what you’re growing and/or what stage your plant is in, might want to up your humidity to around 60%. Transpiration ftw. It’s dark out.
  4. Heavy Rain in your P&C is the kiss of death. Welcome to the club.
  5. Last few Afds and guidance were kinda meh re Mon. Seems to be kinda an overnight event with a few localized boomers. Like this season imby. (Yuck, just made a wx post…)
  6. Ok, now this is cool. They’ve gone camo on me:
  7. Think this is year 8+ as ‘Grill Master/Chairperson/Whatever I’m Currently Called’ and for the first time, had a burger questioned because it was supposedly underdone. If you want a hockey puck, I can cook a hockey puck…
  8. Oh, but, yes you will. We know the drill around here.
  9. Longest I’ve held so far is four days, with the first ‘fly of the year. To hold ‘em longer, you can do the sugar water with a cotton ball in a bottle cap, or even Gatorade if you want them to grow up big and athletic. Personally never done either, they know when to go. Released #25 Sun.
  10. Cool! About a third of mine chrys facing NNE. Haven’t quite figured out their pattern yet. Except that one will always saddle in the most inopportune place… Released #15 a moment ago.
  11. Might be able to eke out a measurement if it keeps up. By April.
  12. Nope. But p damn cool.
  13. You are being far too kind.
  14. Ya know, we should prob catch a wx group game together as a kinda meet up. We aren’t getting any younger. Especially Andy. It’s hella fun. (And the self serve beer thingy is worth the price of admission. Although I’m afraid to check my credit card statement now.)
  15. Seriously reconsidering our date @H2O.
  16. And surely you’ve learned just a little bit more about wx compared to less than a year ago? You should probably step away from your keyboard and post less. Much less. Maybe go outside and enjoy the actual weather?
  17. Heh, put my feeders out during that warm stretch too @mattie g. Only to pull them back in when we dropped in the 20s. No sightings yet, but back out they go. And Amazon was kind enough to deliver a Peterson Hummingbird Field Guide today.
  18. Easy there fella. That’s like saying our places of residence share the same climo…
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