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  1. My youngins will be spending time indoors starting sometime tomorrow ‘till Sunday afternoon. And then they will go off to their forever homes later in the week. I’m so proud. (And glad to get ‘em off my deck. Finally.)
  2. My man. Props. Princess Bride might be one of the best movies ever made btw.
  3. Ty @Eskimo Joe! Thought the same. Moisture isn’t a prob as I track that shit but soil temp lows def got me. Apprec the confirm!
  4. This is what I’m currently chasing btw. Some of those plants in that misaligned pic in my last post will hopefully grow up to look like this.
  5. I’m not too happy with my results to date. Think I seeded too early and the lows of late have messed with some of them. Early next week, fingers crossed.
  6. That’s awesome re delivery. And you are most welcome! If you or yours are down here in NOVA anytime soon, I have/will have seedlings of most of the plants I hunt butterflies with. Waiting on a few more seed deliveries before I start another mass germination. More than happy to hook ya up. Because everyone I know has a 2’x4’x5’ grow tent in their dining room. With LED lights. And USB fans. I’ve legit lost it...
  7. Seeds have been ordered. Apprec the tip. Ty brotha. Luv this hobby.
  8. Ty @nw baltimore wx. Pipevine Swallowtail in that pic of yours. Absolutely beaut, nicely done. (If I’m wrong, will give up a human child of mine. Or the dog. All are eating me out of house and home these days...)
  9. Lol. Prob. The swallowtails from last year are finally starting to eclose. Six months on the back porch and I got this one today.
  10. Pls put Murray in goal. He’s been spectacular his last few. Kthxbye.
  11. Expecting perfection Leaves a lot to ignore When the past is the present And the future's no more When every tomorrow Is the same as before
  12. Jinx. (His 101st goal, wow.)
  13. Your fascination with the Caps warms my heart on this chilly Oct Eve @yoda. ❤️
  14. Too kind. Expose a cat to an IGR for a really horrific result. Worse than the tachs imo.
  15. Mappy! Been awhile, hope you and yours are doing well! My prob four fav plants in the butterfly garden are the swamp milkweed (Asclepias Incarnata), Pentas, Lantana, and Celosia. Only the milkweed is an perennial of the four, but doubles as a nectar and host plant for the monarchs. (And for some random critter I haven’t been able to id yet.) The others are annual nectar plants with the Pentas attracting the most butterflies, the Lantana a great all around pollinator attractor, and the Celosia being the bee magnet. Results may vary... The pic of that swallowtail cat came from the dill, rue, fennel, and parsley containers I have in the b garden. New addition this year and have never raised those cats before. Now I’m caring for a dozen. P cool. Are you looking to provide a habitat or raise a few? Regardless, it’s waaay fun.
  16. (snip) @PrinceFrederickWx V nice. Here is one of my favs from this year. iPhone quality. Yours rule.
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