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  1. Nice chow @C.A.P.E.. Props for not wrecking it with ketchup... And gorgeous pic @PrinceFrederickWx. P sure that’s a female, good on you for planting some pollinators.
  2. Main milkweed garden @BlizzardNole Fifteen cats eating on the back porch, one in J, and the three chrysalis that are prob gonna emerge by this weekend. Hoping for a Gen 3 female to drop a few more eggs.
  3. Gonna need a green box here just east of IAD soon.
  4. Unfortunately, haven’t seen, found, or heard one yet. And I’ve been looking. Prob too much. Your garden is gorgeous. Thinking about adding a potted wild cherry and maybe a spicebush here in the fall. Want to diversify a bit and up my chances to catch a few other critters. Have three monarch chrysalis on my back porch right now. Will try and remember to send a pic of my main milkweed garden I planted earlier this summer. The three cats I had were ahead of my regular schedule. Pentas ftw.
  5. Fairy certain you have a vested interest in my water consumption. I’ll stick with the butterflies for now. Bees are cool, no prob with ‘em. But if I find the predator that’s eating my future cats he/she is toast.
  6. Very cool. Oldest child was intrigued when she saw me planting dill, parsley, and fennel. Along with the rue. Wanted to know if I was growing an herb garden. Told her yes, but not for us.
  7. Huh, hope that heals quickly. Chasing swallowtails with the Rue or using it as a herb?
  8. Just picked up a quick tenth as a band from Florence moved in from the SW. P cool.
  9. Yup, that last batch was redic.
  10. For realz. D0 coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
  11. If you can find it, try to pick up a bottle of High West Bourye. Good stuff.
  12. Nice pic WV, thanks for sharing that. You too, EW. Your forecasts are spot on.
  13. Lol. True dat, Yoda. Love being able to disengage and play in the yard every April/May. Tues looks kinda interesting.
  14. I was, lol. Good to see ya. Decent rain from this lil' storm. And what sounded like some weak ducting at the end. B+
  15. Cool story. Wrong thread.
  16. Ketchup is disgusting. Carry on.
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