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  1. Local news coverage on storm is aweful. GAL has like 3 layers of different sound HTM has skiing and never broke into coverage
  2. I've recorded a few gusts over 50mph.
  3. Just hit 64 degrees.
  4. As CTP's morn disco highlights, the south central mountains underperformed with this one (esp along the rt 30 corridor). My 1.5" is well under warning criteria. Oh well, the crappy winter continues. Congrats to the rest of the forum that had a decent event.
  5. Just switched
  6. Warnings should be dropped down here. Still all rain and back edge is approaching. 1-2" tops.
  7. Still rain here. Temp has dropped 4 degrees last hour to 35
  8. How does rest of the area make out?
  9. No doubt. At one point earlier this eve there was a 19 temp difference 6 miles apart in Adams County ( Cashtown to Fairfield)
  10. Second that
  11. Nut, it seems that you've become somewhat of a celebrity in the MA forum today. They are brutal. I'm a rocks throw away from MD but I stay away.
  12. My experience is elevation plays a big role on accumulation down this way. Areas around south mountain that switch earlier stand the best chance of seeing the higher snow totals.
  13. Congrats on the snow. Radar looks good for while yet. There's quite the cutoff with this event.
  14. A quick 0.6" of snow in 20 min from a snow squall. Roads are white. Temp dropped to 26f
  15. Heavy Sleet when band came through. Enough to cover ground and whiten roads. Temp33