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  1. I vote blizz93. He’ll take us to the glory land
  2. Lick lick lick. I was gonna write jacks of 18”
  3. Any idea how much for Cashtown 6-12” with isolated 18” amounts ?
  4. I like the news station that’s calling for the most snow. Just like the models.
  5. WHTM had theirs earlier. Average snow 30-40” with cold early and warm later. Also increased risk of mixed events
  6. 100% correct. For larger snows, keep snow board at the top of existing snow pack to avoid a “stadium effect” and inflation of accumulated snow. Let me add, I’m not doubting the big numbers posted. Just wanted to post the correct way to measure.
  7. 9.0 vs 0.8 No comparison for me. Congrats to those who cashed in.
  8. Yes thanks to all the trackers and believers for bringing this one home.
  9. I bet. You can get to 1800ft by high rock before the guarded area starts
  10. Need to get west to find higher totals. I’m heading that way later.
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