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  1. Wow, what a tight gradient of snow. I ended up with less than half an inch. Congrats to all that scored with this one.
  2. Low of 15.
  3. Over 2.5" of rain in Cashtown. Nice band setting up down here.
  4. I had first frost delay at golf course this morning with low of 33 in Fairfield Adams County
  5. 3.12" Cashtown 3.48" Fairfield
  6. 3.20" in Fairfield when I left work around 9:15.
  7. Hi Mappy, Looks like your map comes at little further north than last year so I'll update my total. Cashtown, PA 39.86844, -77.35800 22.1" Thanks for doing this!
  8. 0.38" qpf with 1.0" of snow.
  9. Well, it all comes down to QC at the airport. I don't want to get too deep into this because it's not my battle to fight.
  10. It was a bogus report. I talked to NWS this morn and that came up along with the KMDT report. I think 15" is the highest total in Centre County now.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1396541950396888&id=202338219817273&set=a.202646946453067.66991.202338219817273&source=54&refid=13 above is a snow map from the storm. Looks good down my way
  12. There's been a light steady snow here that keeps the current winter feel going. I'm sure this will add to the blowing snow later
  13. Your map verified out this way. I had 12.2" at 10:30. Lots of blowing snow
  14. You might be the jackpot! My next 6hr board clear is at 9am so I'll update. I'm getting close to the foot mark.