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  1. I have natural gas as well. Use the wood stove for cold snaps and always when it’s snow. Nothing better. Let’s just says I’m set for next winter.
  2. My wife would not be happy with anything below 70. We have a wood stove and once your bones are used to the wood heat, everything else is cold.
  3. My take on things is that we have a small group in this forum compared to others so all discussion is bunched into one thread. The MA forum has a banter, long range, current obs, and even a panic room for people to vent how crappy things have been. Overall I think we have a nice balance of posters that add different values and personalities. I wouldn’t be against having a separate banter type thread as nut had expressed before. However I see the counter to this as even this current thread will get cold and you’ll see a 12hrs since last post. If you don’t want a separate banter thread, then the expectation should be “all things go” and deal with whatever is posted.
  4. The lowest max for me has been 29. Hard to believe that’s it. Friday has a chance to beat that.
  5. Maybe MDT sitting at the bottom of the ridges next the cold river has something to do with it
  6. The devil has taken over the weather. In all seriousness, good call @Bubbler86 soon as the sun popped out temp shot up higher than yesterday.
  7. A good guess for the MA region would be cannan valley area of WV. They rely on upslope and clipper style systems and those haven’t existed this season.
  8. 30 on my side currently off a low of 23. Let’s do it
  9. The rain didn’t disappoint. 1.53” so far and more on the way
  10. Plenty of time for change. I like the day 3 / 72 rule for things to iron out. Tomorrow will be a new look and wed another.