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  1. As Mag stated, with both local radars down we are going to have a hard time seeing anything on radar. I’ve managed a whooping 0.02” from drizzle so far.
  2. @Eskimo Joejust bought this station. Might want to hit him up.
  3. 3 frosts in a row at golf course. That’s impressive as it wasn’t just a fluke event. Possibly one more tomorrow.
  4. With the lack of preseason I believe this will be the year of the injury.
  5. I have Prescott on my fantasy team. Man he went off with almost 50 points
  6. Yeah had a 40 min frost delay at the course. I’m still warming up
  7. Weather World 12 day trends has a wet period around end of month. Could be a good target time.
  8. The course will be a touch colder than the house as part of it sits along the creek bottom. I’ll keep an eye out and it wouldn’t shock me to see a little frost there.