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  1. No prob. Mother Nature will get me back come winter Crossing my fingers for something to hit the next couple of days before the next round of heat or I believe this area is heading toward the next level up on the drought monitor.
  2. The nice thing about models is next cycle it will have a new look and next run after that will be a different look.
  3. Last month Johnstown came in with the least cumulative precipitation in the state (0.96”) which shows how dry it’s been your way. I had 1.17” which wasn’t too far behind but with higher temps, may have been a higher impact
  4. I’ve been watching. Would much rather have it back build to the course and give me a break from watering.
  5. After sitting at 77 at 7a this morn I was figuring for upper 90s. So far I’ve hit 93 for a high. Back in 2012 I remember an 80 degree 7a temp then reached 102 for the day which is my highest temp I’ve recorded here since starting in 2008
  6. Looking back I’ve had 1.90” of rain since May 10th. 1.17” officially for June unless I add something the next couple days. I can’t recall the yard this burned out so early in the year