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  1. Creeks and ponds were dried up going into this. Even with the rain today, the creek running through the course barely had any increase
  2. My fantasy team is hurting. Dallas better get it in gear. I have Prescott, Copper ,and Lamb all on my team.
  3. I’m in. Can’t build it right over me or I’d be in a dead spot. Too bad wgal doesn’t have their Doppler Radar still online. It would suck living out west where there’s so many radar gaps.
  4. As Mag stated, with both local radars down we are going to have a hard time seeing anything on radar. I’ve managed a whooping 0.02” from drizzle so far.
  5. @Eskimo Joejust bought this station. Might want to hit him up.
  6. 3 frosts in a row at golf course. That’s impressive as it wasn’t just a fluke event. Possibly one more tomorrow.
  7. With the lack of preseason I believe this will be the year of the injury.
  8. I have Prescott on my fantasy team. Man he went off with almost 50 points
  9. Yeah had a 40 min frost delay at the course. I’m still warming up