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  1. I hit 15 then right before sunrise shot to 22 while still remaining calm and clear.
  2. I had -10 for a low with an 11” snow depth. Crazy thinking back
  3. I’ve actually considered getting my cdl if I moved on from the course course industry.
  4. Don’t remind me. I have new ownership this season so it should be interesting. They’ve bought me some new equipment already so that part is good.
  5. The airport sits next to the river at 310ft so that hurts on marginal events. That has to been on the lower end of the elevation scale for the lsv area.
  6. You could use liquid equivalent to get a snow ratio or use the closet trusted spotter report or other coop site and use that data. For example, the coop site in Biglerville will often use my snow numbers for weekend events because the site is ran by the penn state ag dept which have off sat and sun.
  7. Snow is the most important thing in life and you have to do everything humanly possible to measure every flake. #noexcuses Serious answer, luckily with my work I get to measure every storm. I have one of most flexible winter schedules but when summer hits I may work 90 to 100 days straight with no days off. (Golf course superintendent)
  8. CTP said that the measurements are done by an independent observer and unless it’s obvious they let the amount ride. Sorry
  9. First time all season. I called in my updated amount to CTP and thanked them for the mention in the discussion. I mentioned to change the s to a $ sign and sure enough Dangelo snuck it in. System slightly overachieved for portions of the Lower Susq, specifically Adams County where our observer in Ca$htown cashed in at 5" new. 3 to 4 inch totals have been common elsewhere.
  10. Little shout out from CTP System may be overachieving for portions of the Lower Susq, specifically Adams County where our observer in Cashtown cashed in at 3" new, with still 1-2 more hours of heavy snow go to.