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  1. Exactly sums it up. Rain is pounding but big deal. You win, another bust
  2. Cold Start this morn. Just hit 32 for the first freeze of season and also have a heavy frost.
  3. I’m at .52” for the month and by the looks of it, that should be my monthly total. Could be a very active wildland Fire season. Station 4 ( Franklins) ran a 10 acre corn / field fire today so things are getting ripe
  4. Sandy was the windiest event I witnessed. I remember several gusts into the 60's and a peak of 71mph which still stands as my highest ever recorded.
  5. I’ve had .24” of rain the last 22 days at the golf course. It’s been hard times but I’ve kept things green
  6. Yeah there’s a 5.16” cocarahs report around the Barlow area. I ended up with 1.53” at gc in Fairfield
  7. Prob the coop site at seven springs resort
  8. I had 49.9” and they rounded me up lol. Been busy at the golf course. Glad we had 0.70” the other night to keep things going. When everyone complains about their yard missing a storm or yard burning out, think of me. Running a golf course is a challenge in many ways but fall will be here soon
  9. It’s a daily report of temperature, precipitation, and a few others items to report in. NWS will come to your house and install all the equipment for you. Typically they like a 7am ob time.