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  1. Lol. Dumpsters overturned
  2. I’m at 37.5”. Just read CTP’s morning disco and they’re really hitting the possible wind event on Sunday hard. 50kt winds are closing in on high wind warning criteria. Focus then shifts toward the potential of strong winds Sunday PM, as trailing cold front sweeps through the area, allowing strong winds associated with Grt Lks storm to mix to ground level. This scenario of a powerful low passing north of Pa fits the pattern we see with our strongest winds across central Pa and a quick look at model 850mb winds suggest >50kt gusts are possible. Have introduced the possibility of strong winds in the HWO.
  3. My high yesterday was only 29. Temp has dropped to 26 with a fog setting in
  4. Yes indeed. The observer there is around 1400ft so they always seem to do well
  5. That thing is a tank. It will get through anything. I’ve plowed a foot a wet snow and it’s cuts it like butter
  6. You’ve never seen Transformers?
  7. Here’s a pic of me plowing at work. This was a great event down this way.
  8. M6.2” light sleet snow mix 27
  9. Upper Strasburg reports 8.0”
  10. Exactly. 6+ is a lock for us. Still s+ here
  11. 1.8” last hour. Up to 4.4”
  12. Back edge around Cumberland MD puts it 75 miles away. I’d say 1.5 hours for western lsv guys
  13. About same here. I’ll check at 11 to see what my hourly was
  14. I’d like to see the radar backfill a little bit to the west. We may run out of moisture before the column
  15. Looks like the second heavy batch is where line is now. It may end up as snow up our way.