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  1. They rounded me up. I’m stuck at 49.9” lol.
  2. Many textbook tornado signatures ongoing in Michigan and Alabama. Look at this hook
  3. Nope lol. Think the wood stove might be done for the season. I did hit 70
  4. 57 on my side. Crazy contrast
  5. South Mountain def was the divider today. My high was 43, now I’ve dropped to 39. There’s still a little snow remaining
  6. Just hit 43 which is my high for the day. #Torching
  7. Pretty much. We aren’t that far away from each other as the crow flies.
  8. True story. We had Blowing snow as well for 3 days. Enough for the twp. to get the loader out to open road. Snow still has a powdery texture to it like January fluff. Not bad
  9. 0.3” is all I need so let’s do it
  10. You have the edge with your elevation. I just want my fiddy.
  11. With me, retaining snowpack is almost as important as snow itself. This next 5 day period might be the best all winter for that. Plus someone might go below 0 if they maximize the snowcover and radiational cooling. My final was 5.9” from .57” liquid
  12. Final was 5.9” avg snow depth is 7-8” not much compaction definition of roads caved