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  1. I had 2.59” so pretty close to MDT. Another eye popper is the state low temp for Jan was 8 in Crawford County but we did manage to get a 68 for highest temp in Washington county.
  2. @MAG5035 To magnify your point on how much the laurels have struggled snowwise, Hidden Valley recorded 7.52” of precip for the month of January and Laurel Summit had 26.2” of snow for the month. These are both the highest recorded numbers in the state for January(state climatologist) With that much qpf available only yielding 26.2” of snow in that area, it’s truly been a struggle.
  3. I was trying lol. I don’t know the area very well but the exit off 30 is spelled Hallam and when I turn onto shoe house rd I noticed I was in Hellam twp.
  4. I made Hallam a snow town. It had no choice but to follow me.
  5. East of Gettysburg the snow really dropped off. Hanover was a coating. Dover had around 2” eyeballing. And no golfing tomorrow!!
  6. Still 3” on the ground. Just finished all my plowing. Time for a beer
  7. 4.7” snow. Over to sleet now. Off to Dover to make my run.
  8. When I talked to NWS they said 5” seemed likely this way
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