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  1. If someone posts it on MA forum I can copy it lol
  2. The GFS has been playing catch up as well. This is trending toward a non event.
  3. Interesting read from state climatologist office. https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/monitoring-content/extremes/scec/reports/20210603-Pennsylvania-24-Hour-Snowfall.pdf 41.0” is recognized as new state 24 hr snowfall record
  4. Here’s WHTM’s take on December. Mr Ed’s looks to stay open for fudge.
  5. That’s Rt 30. Not sure how the state cleared it.
  6. 44 here. Had 0.2” of snow this morn. Hunting friend that lives in Chambersburg said it was 38 this morn and no snow until he got to Mr Ed’s
  7. The prestigious Monterey Golf and Tennis Club
  8. This is accurate. Maps only show the idea but listening to both this eve and they were truly opposite
  9. Every realm of possibility is on the table. No clarity
  10. Fringed, but you still will record some low temps even without snow cover.
  11. As long as I get more than bubbler. He stole way too much of my snow last year
  12. Clear the old and make way for the young hotties
  13. Let me go out on a limb. Above normal temps and below normal snowfall.
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