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  1. 2 r’s 2 n’s Orrtanna Spent 28 years living there. I’d always call in my spotter reports growing up to find it misspelled on the lsr and pns
  2. Looking at satellite trends, I think we see much more coverage this way compared to yesterday. also Sterling is running 60 % pops along their Mason Dixon counties where as State College is only carrying 30 % pops for their first tier
  3. Same happened to me. One lonely cell. Over 1” of rain and a gust over 40. Power is out.
  4. Wgal had Gettysburg at 100 today. Atop a 2 story building in the square.
  5. Just a sps now. Franklin scanner quiet so far
  6. Last update blew the storm up above you. Warning coming
  7. 92 for me. Outflow boundary pushed through and knocked me down to 79. No rain yet
  8. It’s a bad day to be a nooner. I tried to zoom in
  9. What was this model. Also could you provide hourly hrrr updates. Thanks in advance
  10. These hay making days are the worst for turf grass moisture. I’m rooting for a cloudy day tomorrow with rain in the eve and overnight before the heat hits
  11. GFS had a nice hit as well. Euro had a jack by you and gave I95 the big totals
  12. Sterling all over the event. State College not so much. morning discos
  13. Only 77 over here. You must be getting some of that extra Pillow radiation
  14. Might not even get the 96 record. Bust
  15. Yeah the back building looks nice. I need that
  16. I gave one of the neighbors of the course a rain gauge so in events like this I have a reading. He’s on standby now
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