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    Culpeper, Va
  1. March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Flurries in Culpeper.
  2. 41 near Culpeper? Looks like me buying dedicated snow tires in September and a snowblower on Monday was a great call. I could probably do enough work with the snowblower to pay for itself. Started snowing here in Culpeper about 11:15.
  3. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Route 29 in Culpeper.
  4. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Hopefully this works. Culpeper right now. http://imgur.com/XVCYrFP
  5. Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Currently what it looks like in Culpeper. It is ripping! ETA Sorry, picture doesn't want to upload.
  6. February 16th-17th Obs & Nowcasting

    Snowing in downtown Culpeper.
  7. Winter 2014-2015 Photo Thread

    Thanks! The current cover photo for NWS LWX's Facebook page is also mine. It was Culpeper, December 2013.
  8. Winter 2014-2015 Photo Thread

    Thank you. It's a 6.5 second exposure at f/16. I use a tripod and I use radio triggers to trigger the shutter. That way I don't have camera shake from touching the shutter button.
  9. Winter 2014-2015 Photo Thread

    Culpeper, Va. 1/6/15
  10. December 9-10 Rainstorm with Ice N/W Obs

    Freezing rain on decks and cars in Culpeper. Roads seem fine.
  11. Feb 12-13 Finale Observations Part 3

    Pouring in the town of Culpeper.
  12. Jan 21 Obs thread II

    Disappointed in the lack of snow in Culpeper. Street is still black.
  13. Biggest Storm of 2014 Nowcast/Obs/Disco

    Just a quick shot I took tonight at The Depot in Culpeper, Va.
  14. Raining here in Culpeper. I doubt I wake up to power in the morning.