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  1. 41 near Culpeper? Looks like me buying dedicated snow tires in September and a snowblower on Monday was a great call. I could probably do enough work with the snowblower to pay for itself. Started snowing here in Culpeper about 11:15.
  2. Hopefully this works. Culpeper right now.
  3. Currently what it looks like in Culpeper. It is ripping! ETA Sorry, picture doesn't want to upload.
  4. Thanks! The current cover photo for NWS LWX's Facebook page is also mine. It was Culpeper, December 2013.
  5. Thank you. It's a 6.5 second exposure at f/16. I use a tripod and I use radio triggers to trigger the shutter. That way I don't have camera shake from touching the shutter button.
  6. Freezing rain on decks and cars in Culpeper. Roads seem fine.