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  1. Its all good. If it wasn't for @mappy nobody would have known so thanks to her for saying it. Appreciate any HBdays!
  2. Hit 92.1 today
  3. Out of our area but severe for the cell down near Appomatox. So there is some potential
  4. We had a nice storm come through last night. Lots of T&L. Shorter chase too. Good luck today!
  5. 87F and only 12:30
  6. my daughters have been so fascinated with them. They have even picked them up and let them crawl on their hands/arms. its so cool.
  7. Be careful and don't go full Jonas
  8. day 2 coming today. We won't make it. Nice knowing you all
  9. Time to sweat off my winter blubber
  10. So brood 2. Ok. My oldest daughter is just fascinated by them right now. i am too in a way. Can't wait to get home and see where they all are today. And as much as i've seen people eat bugs and say they are tasty, i just can't bring myself to do it. Unless they are hidden in the food so well I wouldn't be able to tell.
  11. My backyard is crawling with cicadas. I have more now than when the usual 17 yr brood X pops. i've seen that these are stragglers from either that one or another brood that has somehow worked its way up here.
  12. Very cool start to the day after a beautiful Mother's Day.
  13. 1.12" for the day. Big soaker
  14. games 7s have broken my heart more than I ever care to have happen in a lifetime