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  1. 80/74. And it’s not even 9am
  2. As long as they still run the CRAS I’ll be happy
  3. They allowed you to run the bases with a Walker? That must have taken hours!
  4. That might help you finally hit one into the outfield. All these dribbler hits to the shortstop.
  5. Almost .30” from the showers. That’s decent for a frontal passage
  6. Everyone wish @mappya very happy birthday today!! She turns 85 today but is amazingly spry and full of energy. Especially for sleet. She loves sleet. Happy Birthday!! Hope you get storms and 85 lightning strikes!!
  7. Hit my area hard. The winds were unreal and lost power for 6 hours due to downed trees. just one of the most intense wind driven storms I've seen.
  8. Jeez. .75” since midnight 1.90” since yesterday
  9. Def a dead zone DC N along I-95 to Balt and up I-83
  10. Not gonna win the “what the most exciting thing you’ve ever done” contest with that guy
  11. Go go GFS. Been dry a bit lately
  12. Oh that process sucked for when we got our house. The wait felt like an eternity.
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