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  1. Nah, i was at CVS here in VA. Tomorrow morning is the appointment so I'll have most of the day to see how it goes. It really didn't hit me until about 24 hours later tho. Saturday will be the real test.
  2. I had some effects from my first dose of Moderna and my second shot is tomorrow. Not letting that scare me tho. I want this and will deal with whatever comes my way.
  3. Not sure why Eller dropped gloves. I see no Ranger wants any bit of Z.
  4. I have the same amount of wrinkles
  5. Should have said bailed hay. As in tall grass. The stuff that grows between my weeds. And Sam Jackson away
  6. Had a downpour roll over the house around 3. Not sure how much fell but 20 min later the sun came out and got breezy. Grass dried enough and bailed bay before it got butthole tall
  7. Who on the Rangers has the guts? Mika? lol
  8. I know the answer but out of kindness I'll say its the shot.
  9. There is no way I’d laugh. I’d be dancing too. WOOOOOO!!! Happy for you!
  10. At least he didn't mention sandworms. Now thats old