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  1. So Trump, Obama and the Pope walk into a bar........
  2. I would love to see a list of people jumping, then coming back, then jumping again. Those people need extra scorn and ridicule. i give props to those who die and stay dead.
  3. if they are good then the rest of those rumors are true. If not, I deny them 100%
  4. I'm no 2 pump chump.
  5. One thing this winter has done is cut down on how long it takes to get caught up every morning. 5 min tops just about every day.
  6. still chasing rainbows in the LR thread
  7. I've seen on and off snow/rain all morning in Mclean. lol best winter
  8. i know a good lawyer. Call the Hurtline.
  9. You all fail to realize that the way through tough times is gin and juice.
  10. i think it is safe to say that our spring will be colder than our winter
  11. multiple outages delaying Fx Co Schools 2 hours. My downspout fell. Send in the National Guard. Its chaos.
  12. Sorry to hear, wxwatch. May better things come soon
  13. quite possibly the worst song ever. And this was before Rebecca Black
  14. you all keep looking at models. gluttons