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  1. Was a very nice morning to watch NVSL allstars and then spend 2 hours mowing weeds and hay this afternoon
  2. I’m more curious about what the euro shows for this coming week. stalled front just along the coast per discos. Waves and waves of showers each day?
  3. Y’all hating on Tandy
  4. If you had checked your horoscope for today it would have told you this was going to happen Cancer: you will have an exciting start to your day. Lots of heart racing and things pulling you in different directions. Never give up, never surrender. Throw caution to the wind and throw carcasses into the trash as you kick ass, take names and need oxygen. Today will improve with puppy kisses with a slight animal taste. Gemini provideS lots of laughs today
  5. I’m not. This stuff now probably took most of the juice out of the atmosphere
  6. Hope this is just on radar and not OTG. Just as long as she is safe is all that matters
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