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  1. Hey, I like the work they do. Think they will work for bare minimum? I might have a couple bones I can throw their way. If its just a skeleton crew of those 3 I can afford it.
  2. Yes, sir. There was some piece of debris keeping the tipping part from being able to see-saw back and forth.
  3. 1.52" impressive for not thinking this would affect MBY that much. It poured all along I-95 which made the drive from Williamsburg shitty
  4. Kinda mad. My rain sensor in my VP2 didn't work properly yesterday. Have no idea how much rain I got. If its broken looks like I have an Xmas gift item from a secret santa here. Anyone? Hint hint
  5. The Bidwells of ARI used to be and, some might say, still are the worst owners in the NFL but Snyder has done all he can to screw this team up so badly. Allen is a disaster of a GM
  6. Bye, Jay. We hardly knew ye
  7. Its never going to cool.
  8. Good thing they had Stras to come out and carry the team. He was awesome and I would have let him start over Max. That 8th tho. HBP, broken bat, walk, routine single with error.
  9. We have been stuck in this asshole bermuda high pattern all summer shunting stuff OTS or under.
  10. My entries for all 4: Never This is based on current fall pattern that says summer will continue forever.
  11. And I would love to have just 1/8th of what they are getting
  12. Very nice morning with temps. Fall is awesome when it finally cools off