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  1. Fantastic morning. Cool start and warming up. But no parent should have to go to a kids 9am game
  2. Queen is cool. Can never go wrong with Fat Bottom Girls
  3. i hate that damn song. Most overplayed Eagles crap on classic rock radio
  4. @WxWatcher007 I'm really impressed with the diving board set up at the pool of this fine resort. I also like the happy hour GFS bar for the 18z runs.
  5. Yes, his leg was bent like that
  6. only for the gruesome injuries
  7. Every day it doesn't the mob will grow in size. I have 6 cauldrons of boiling oil at the ready. The stockpile of torches and pitchforks is impressive.
  8. Was a good game and Wall is MVP caliber. Didn't like how close it was near the end but thats typical DC sports.
  9. @pazzo83 is back in the hood. If we get snow i will thank him. If we don't I will blame him. So you best perform
  10. Colder this morning. Wife said it got down to 38.1 yesterday before sunrise and it was already that when I left for work today.
  11. was 41.4F this morning when I left for work. Chilly day to be on a boat
  12. From what i heard is that it was def offensive PI but what made it unusual is that the ball was thrown towards Garcon instead of the player that was the benefit of the pick play. The SF RB was wide open if the QB threw it there and that would have been easier to see the OPI. Its one of those doesn't always get called but happens quite a lot type plays. Did it save the skins ass? Yup. but if the earlier fumble wasn't allowed it might not have been the most critical play on Garcon. Letting SF score on a long TD was worse IMO. That can't happen.
  13. Injuries can and will happen but how they happen is important. That hit on Rodgers was totally unnecessary. how that wasn't a flag is beyond me with all the other flags that do get thrown. The instant replays were iffy. Jets got jobbed and the Skins had a phantom fumble that helped SF get back into the game.
  14. i used to know football. Not anymore. If the NFL wanted parity they got it.
  15. I've had more drizzle this morning that the 3 days they said it was going to drizzle. So much for cutting grass