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  1. May Banter

    Oh and @psuhoffman congrats on the new bundle of joy! Mine are growing up so its easy to forget how little babies are.
  2. May Banter

    20 years. Thats a long wait. Ovie deserved to go and watching the joy on his face was awesome.
  3. May Discobs Thread

    .65” from the storms. 5.64” May total
  4. 4.99 for the month. Seems sucky compared to most given the totals others have posted for this event
  5. 3.23” for the month
  6. at least things are starting off with more sun today than same time yesterday.
  7. That was fun. Saw the storm coming and went out with both my daughters to watch the storm come in. Sweet shelf as it came in. Kids had a blast
  8. https://twitter.com/H2Omaker71/status/996166893332566018
  9. This posts needs a NSFW tag
  10. May Banter

    Remember that CBJ needed OT in both to get wins so its not like they outplayed the Caps. I just want all the chatter of being up 2-0 in conf finals has a 39-2 record of winning the series. The Caps were 9-1 against the Pens and they finally won. The Detroit Lions were winless for over a season and their first win was against the Skins. The RB has never fumbled, fumbles next play. i never believe anything until its done. Caps need 2 more wins. That is all that matters. Hell, the next game matters more than anything.
  11. May Discobs Thread

    i think there is junk clogging my VP2. Poured last night around 10 and had pea sized hail. Rain gauge didn't budge. Gutters need cleaning too. Shiit was loud. Good storm given the cool temps with the front just to my south.
  12. May Discobs Thread

    .30 since midnight