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  1. doesn't bother me. i watch football for the football.
  2. We get free maps from others here. i say let it go. Pivotal for free as well
  3. Lava bombs. Thats the post.
  4. H2O

    March 2021 Discobs

    gross March wind is the grossest
  5. They are still lacking players in areas that Wilson would need to be successful. More WRs to help McLaurin, LBs, DBs and OL
  6. I wouldn't be happy with what they would have to give up to get him. Tired of sacrificing the future for teams that only go 8-8
  7. Dulles isn't as rural as it used to be. Far from it now.
  8. Dont worry. i'm sure Snyder will demand a big splashy trade of draft pick. Hello Russell Wilson or someone on the downhill side.
  9. Its a feel good story but Rivera wants his own players and I don't blame him. I doubt any other team takes a chance with Smith.
  10. H2O

    March 2021 Discobs

    front just hit here at work
  11. Lets have a seasonal March for a change. 50s sounds glorious
  12. Zima That was the 90s version of these popular seltzers and hard drinks
  13. My dad would let me take sips of his beer then I was a kid First full on drinking experience was wine coolers(gross as hell when I look back on it), mostly beer during HS. Grain alcohol was popular as well. I've even had moonshine. Peach flavored. Now its gin, rum and good bourbon.