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  1. February Banter Thread

    Where we sing kids songs like Wheels on the Bus. Wait, that might cause more fighting. nevermind. But I'm down with a memorial type gtg to pour one out for this miserable winter and then break bread with everyone so we can all get along and be friends.
  2. February Banter Thread

    We have a "whats your fave <2" snow event?" I think we need to make a "whats your fave 80F+ in Feb day?"
  3. February Discobs Thread

    77.7 so far for my high temp
  4. February Banter Thread

    No argument from me there and that does help. This winter has been very taxing beyond the lack of snow on the ground. I can't keep making the same maudlin posts over and over asking people to behave better because I'm not a mod(officially) and no one listens anyways. So its been a more backing off and letting things ride type attitude from me. I dunno. I know we all won't get along but dammit its disheartening to see all this stuff. Real life beats me up enough. This place shouldn't as well.
  5. February Banter Thread

  6. Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    Add another 0.4” to my 3.8 so 4.2” total this has got to put me close to the lead for the area for lowest snow total over two years
  7. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Had .5” before rain won out around 5pm.
  8. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    It is ripping. Street is getting slushy. Ellinwood needed to add me into his color pallet
  9. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    SN and coming down nicely. Grass is getting white and driveway losing. Temps dropped bigly. 33F now
  10. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    Stopped looking. It’s going to do what it gonna do. I do have a dusting on mulch so I win this storm
  11. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    More snow than not now but instamelt when it lands.
  12. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    There are things falling but not my temps. Weird
  13. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    If I report a trace doesn’t that get me into the Ellinwood grey?
  14. PD3.5 Lite Obs and Nowcasting

    How hard the pellets are hitting my car concerns me. I should have carnauba’d yesterday