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  1. Kenny Loggins warned us about the danger zone
  2. But weather gonna do what weather gonna do so if it rips and naked swirl tightens up then kudos to those going actual cane
  3. Its still naked swirly to an extent. I may eat my words but it just doesn't have the time to cover up, get more convection on the SW/S/SE flanks to really bomb out and get to a 1
  4. I wanna chase this so bad. But got one kid doing XC and kids have homecoming stuff all weekend. Wanna see how low the bay gets on the east side from those NE winds
  5. Farmers insurance <insert music here>
  6. That NE wind fetch with center to be along or W of the bay gonna shove a LOT of water on that side.
  7. And I'm gonna ask. Did you fell a tree with it? Shove a boulder down the hill? Mess up a truck playing bumper tractor?
  8. Guy I know out in Warrenton has one but as he got older the desire for indoor plumbing won. Is it a diesel? Stuff from back then was BUILT. Like they did stuff with cast iron and giant welds. There wasn't minimal engineering to get the most with the least like stuff today. I bet every part on that thing minus the spark plug weighs 25lbs. Just be careful getting all the accessories you can run off the drive shaft. lol
  9. Those tractor pics reminds me of some old Allis Chalmers stuff a neighbor had at the beach place my fam has. Got to ride on it a bunch of times. And my dad got his first job at an Allis Chalmers plant. memories
  10. My kid will have a cross country race near leesburgville on Saturday. That will be fun
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