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  1. Admittedly i didn't read the board much if at all saturday but there should be lots of dead bodies up in here after this weekend. Copious amounts of lye needed to keep the stench down.
  2. 12/9: 2.0"
  3. try being a Skins fan AND living SE of DC.
  4. Going with 2". Found a couple spots with more and a couple with less. As much as I think I had more and it compacted I'll be conservative
  5. Dusting on grass in some spots. Just light snow and I’m fine with that
  6. This might be my only post in here today cause some of y'all are ridiculous. I'm not spending my weekend babysitting people who freak out over snow. right now I have flakes falling. It's not sticking as temps are near 34/35 im gonna enjoy whatever falls. Period.
  7. Temp down to 37.2. DP up tho to 30
  8. PD3 is not one to say much about anything. Thanks tho!
  9. I had to stop and get a booze gift for a white elephant party. Found a Knob Creek 2 bottle pack and I don’t want to give it up but in the meantime I’m drinking Sierra Nevada celebration ale
  10. Friendly advice. I know what I’m doing, you don’t. I never said said he couldn’t be excited. Just temper that excitement while posting and I am the post police. You need a refresher?
  11. Hey, Cobalt. Slow your roll. I know you are excited but breathe a little in between posts
  12. Don’t blame the ocean. It’s location is better than ours
  13. If it doesn’t fill in soon it might be over
  14. My high temp was 41.3 at just after 1pm. Down to 39.3 and falling DP 23 which is great to see
  15. Per friend in Spotsy, snowing there