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  1. I feel bad that I wasn't able to make it. Between my kids swim meet, getting over a stomach bug and the a/c breaking in my car it was just too much to ask if there is another but in MD I'll try again to go
  2. we get the best tropical remnants ever
  3. planning to go as long as there will be people there.
  4. Some wind and some rain. Not over but nothing severe
  5. Just read that this is a meh event due to that meddling gust front. See you for hurricane season
  6. At least it is somewhat less cloudy than we are accustomed to
  7. would def like to finally see some precip. Been a little dry
  8. 96.1 today.
  9. a few days with me and surveying might make you love the office again.
  10. Come work with me for a few hours. You'll feel hot. I 100% guarantee it.
  11. 93.2 for the high. Was brutal out on the soccer field. Got better later with a green apple sno cone and the pool
  12. Still thinking this will be the year that the tropics will save us
  13. Temp at 83.2 at 9am-ish will be out on a soccer field most of the day. Should be fun
  14. 87.9 was my high. Still burning