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  1. There was a horrible wreck near me last night that I got stuck in. It appears a car didn’t yield to a fire truck out on a call. Def see a lot of that where cars just don’t move out of the way or stop to allow EMTs to pass
  2. It makes you jaded pretty quickly. You value the ones that help and give death stares to those you know COULD help but don’t.
  3. I’ve been trying to get my daughter to learn this as she starts driving. Mirrors can’t always give the full picture and prevent two people merging into the same lane at the same time. You have to look.
  4. I haven’t had to take a DOT traffic flagging and safety class for a while but I can def tell you that the truck parked where it is is the first line of defense against a vehicle slamming into a work zone. They are supposed to be deployed a distance away so that upon impact it doesn’t get pushed into the work zone. Not sure what the required distance is between crash truck and work zone. OSHA and other rules set that. As far as lane closures, that might almost depend on work and time of day and the permit. There are rules for when work zones along highways can be set up during certain times of the day. Lane closure might not have been permitted. We can’t see the signs set out indicating what kind of work is being done and if there were arrow boards and so on. So that video doesn’t give all the info for how well the crew set up that work area and if they followed proper protocols. This could be where the safety crew set up as needed and this was just a rare type of accident that no amount of prep could have stopped. Blame needs to be put squarely on the two drivers for how things played out. Speed, lack of awareness of the work zone, failing to maintain safe distance, improper lane change and any other factors
  5. The yellow line closing didn't help the VA people from not using their cars. Hopefully repairs like what they have done will ensure better reliability
  6. I wish metro wasn't as much of a cluster eff. Would make for a much more viable means for many and get rid of the need for people to drive into the city.
  7. There was a news story they did right after that crash and they said DC has about 88 MILLION in unpaid tickets. Thats right. 88 Million.
  8. When I joined our pool we didn't even have a website that was easy to find or updated. We've only recently embraced social media as a mean to advertise and had zero marketing when I was on the board. Now there is a more concerted effort to get the name out. And in a lot of ways the success of the swim team was the best advertising we had. But with that came problems. Again, people expected our pool to be this awesome place based on moving up to higher divisions. So the ones only joining for swim team would leave when it didn't meet those expectations. And we have what i call rental families. they only join because of the swim team and don't make much effort to be part of the pool community. Never help on set up/clean up, barely attend social functions, etc. They only use the pool for swim team. So its been a struggle to build a solid group who just enjoy the pool for what it is.
  9. I def thought it could have been impaired driver or distracted. I've seen it a ton just from all the years of working along roads. But as explained, terrible things can happen from accidents and this is just one of those really bad ones. Once cars lose control then anything can happen. And its sad 6 people died.
  10. I could tell you stories about your first part. It can be bad because there are a lot of crappy parents out there. What I've found in all my years is that the struggle to keep and attract members stems from the too high of expectations new members have of what a pool offers. We have heard time and time again how people expect a country club type level pool for what they feel they pay for. They need all the amenities and it needs to be fancy and gorgeous. Well, there are pools that offer that but expect to pay $1000s to just join and then pay over $800 every year. Most small pools like mine try to balance out keeping costs low to attract people and doing what we can to make the pool appealing. The prob is we are an old pool. And what do people want in a pool? Is it the pool or you need a great toilet to shit in? I go to swim, not complain about the parking lot looking rough. If I have a place to set my cooler with beer I'm not supposed to have and chill with my kids then I'm happy.
  11. This is why I’m glad I’m retired. This is stuff I was exposed to. Careless drivers and despite plenty of cokes and light and precautions you get this. Unless it was a medical emergency my bet is drunk driver or texting
  12. I'm thinking of building a windmill to generate some juice. Should make a ton of money. 35F and still windy and petty
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