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  1. We had one house near us do some sort of flashing, blinking Xmas display with every color imaginable and no thought to how the lights were arranged. It was like looking at an EDM concert
  2. I have a wall cloud tramp stamp
  3. Gotta love Dallas doing dumb things. That 4th down in the first half and that fake punt. But that tackle by McLaurin to save a TD was the game changer
  4. Happy thanksgiving! Gonna be different but please enjoy the holiday the best y’all can
  5. We need snow. Or a conference when this shit gets better
  6. Just letting things air out underneath that reaper cloak?
  7. Fx Co schools had their system hacked into back in Oct. They seem to be targeting schools now due to the huge numbers of distance learning. Thankfully I didn't get notified that any of my data was taken but alarming nonetheless
  8. At least its a better story than shooting Marvin in the face. This is why I'm glad my partying days are over. Never had to worry about some weird shit added to my drink. Who would roofie my sorry ass?
  9. Credit to mappy. She was like Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction and got it cleaned up before anyone went guns of the navarrone or superfly TNT
  10. If you want to use weather to describe things it was like people discussing the 84hr NAM when it was only out to 12. Too many were trying to say what was going to happen without all the data or letting the run happen. Personal bias of “too warm”, “looks tasty” etc crept in and clouded the discussion. So the decision was to go storm mode and get back to actual weather. If those that left got upset by that then they lost sight of what this message board is supposed to be for. But no one was run off.
  11. There is and was a reason we have kept the Covid stuff to a minimum. RR is right that this is a weather board. Here in this subforum we have tried and want to focus on wx, not other things. Letting that other stuff bleed into here only makes things testy. Why some left won’t be known but to a few. They would be welcomed back to add their thoughts on weather related matters and stuff that doesn’t divide. Like ketchup on spaghettios. If they don’t want to post anymore then so be it and we move on. But the focus of why we are here is to learn about the weather and share in that experience.
  12. 2020 is the winter with no STORM MODE
  13. FXW176 doing the sad face carpet bomb