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  1. Ok fellow MAers. Its that time of year that all snow totals get posted and updated as I know mappy usually likes to do her snow map around this time of year. I know it will be painful for many of us to tally up the anemic, paltry, horrendous, godawful, shi**y, no motherf**king good, useless snow totals but if we want to see what it all looked like for this winter we need totals.
  2. I'm usually good for most anytime except when I have my weekly Stonecutters meeting. DC and Va preferable but will go to MD if consensus says
  3. @WxWatcher007 I'm glad that you were able to find happiness given the loss of a job that then turned into some soul searching via snow chasing and then finding another gig soon after. Many of us have faced similar and different challenges that test us so i'm glad you have been able to deal with them in such a positive way. good things happen to good people. My story begins after the war when I joined the peace corps. We were assigned to an isolated tribe called the mulombos. They had never seen white people before. This is the documentary of that trip
  4. This is mattieG when schools delay This is mattieG when they close 2 days after a storm
  5. Is it the same disappointment when you log on to omegle hoping for 20yr olds and getting fat, bald 40 yr old dudes?
  6. Ahhhhh, the real banter thread is back
  7. planning to go out and shovel in a bit. This should be fun. Will be like a 7-11 pina colada slurpee machine blew up all over my yard.
  8. so to all the people who "came back" for this storm, how are you feeling now?
  9. I told everyone in my office to cut the high end forecasts in half or just go with the low end and start there. Reputation will be dinged but not stomped on.
  10. Time to stop looking at the H3R and watch what the radar is doing. Seriously.
  11. Temps have risen all morning for me. now above freezing. All I'm getting is -zr right now so surprised at the snow reports nearby. 2.2" of cement. Report sent to LWX
  12. Love this storm. I never stay sleet the whole time gonna suck to shovel but the march extra sun angle will help
  13. 28.9F. Had sleet all night long. Looks like total cement out there will measure in a bit. 2-3" is a good guess for now