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  1. I know my DC. Venmo me my winnings
  2. My PWS just hit 90.0°. This counts
  3. y'all best deliver or I'm going to be sad and angry and hold you accountable.
  4. stupid wind. Still have a shot. Its only 2pm
  5. Yup. Getting more sunny by the min. 1pm call looking good.
  6. Dude. clouds will burn off by 1pm, DCA will sneak in a bogus 90 on a NW wind inter-hour obs. Thats the standard DC day. Oh and thrown in some quick CAPE to bust the cap and a SPC meso with a 30% watch
  7. I'm hoping my precip is right. One thing I wonder is with how heavy the rain was that it missed some. It poured as you know. And that thunder was the loudest of some time. Given the two misses during the day I wasn't expecting anything overnight so it was a bit of a surprise for the first one and then again for the second. One was a pure west to east mover and the other was a north to south. A bit unusual IMO. Wondering what boundary set it off. But welcome rain for sure.
  8. It was painful to see two rounds miss me to my east during the day and hear all the T&L. Then ma nature throws a bone overnight. 2.12" and first measurable in two weeks.
  9. After missing out on storms all afternoon and evening I got two rounds last night. First one at 12am, second 2:30. JFC did it pour. 2.12" from both. Rolling thunder for hours. Great storms but need them during the day.
  10. Caught this last night before coming back from the eastern shore.
  11. You should ask him to deliver
  12. If no wind you get eaten up at night. Wind shifted today and flies got nuts too
  13. No. I’m way down deep on the DelMarVa. South of Chincoteague
  14. Happy 4th! Be safe if spending time with friends and family. Gonna be some fun fireworks tonight. Hope to have some vids later