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  1. 78hr NAM is worlds more accurate than 84hr NAM. 6 hours more accurate
  2. Looks cold out. Good thing I’m inside
  3. Sorry to hear, Bob. May he now Rest In Peace
  4. South bullseye. Now I’m nervous
  5. I've asked. Heck, I've offered things that you wouldn't want to know about to get more spechul privies. *crickets* I think he doesn't like white people who are funnier than him. and taller. Which means he hates 95% of us.
  6. I just heard that ol chesnut of a holiday song called “Walking in a Tropical Swampyland” good times
  7. Ice for Atlanta and rain for PA? I'm out
  8. Dude. You think I am ready to punt yet? Are you new here? Long haul, baby.
  9. "We can't fail 3 winters in a row! Can we?"
  10. Don't mind me. i'm just being a lovable smarty pants. Just ask everyone here.
  11. 187ft thank you. If my kid can identify the rain/snow line walking home from school then I'm moving 3 houses up from that.
  12. Road that treacherous? Not sure you should be taking pics of the top of your car if it flipped. Call 911 first. snow pics can wait.
  13. Even your snow sticks better. Look how it can cling to the side of the wood on the deck railing!!!!!
  14. So if i go by the EJ/Ji rule, not seeing any snow last night or this morning means its the worst winter ever and that i should even bother anymore so bring on spring. Do I have that right?