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  1. There is always a warm nose that can limit snow for places east of DC. One of the dangers for good storms is a super wrapped up storm punches in a warm layer that gets to DC and can cause sleet or graupel type snow. i can always see a layer of snow thats different then that happens and cuts down on my totals.
  2. shoes. its the shoes that will put me on tilt. brown shoes, black, boots, slides, flip flops, open toe, closed toe, tic tac toe, high heels, low heels, middle heels. I have like 2 pairs. 90% of the time I wear sneakers. Those **ckers go with everything. Sweat? yes. Jeans? yes. Casual? yes. Suit and tie? yes. Pajamas? yes. If I had to meet the Queen of England guess what I'm wearing? My Sketchers with memory foam
  3. A thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters will write a masterpiece or not
  4. Won my fantasy football week by 2 points. Squeaker.
  5. I rarely see a stink bug anymore. Now if that tiger mosquito could go away I’d be happy temp down to 41.3° this morning. Might dip a tiny bit more but could be the coldest morning so far
  6. I literally just read this as "you cheek out Uranus?"
  7. Autumn colors means no snow. Looks warm
  8. I wonder if its the fields or the shoes. Some fields it looks like the turf is so deep it locks the foot in and then the torque from a player making a move causes knees to get wrecked. But that has to be a function of the shoe as well, one would think. If that helps lock the foot into the turf with no give then there ya go. ACL MCL ripped to shreds.
  9. BWI: 11/5 IAD: 11/3 DCA: 12/1 RIC: 11/15 TB: 82
  10. Temps this morning around 44
  11. Tons of players hurt this week