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  1. Can't wait for my snow to hail to rain flip here in the tropics.
  2. Impressive amount of thunder with this
  3. Soaking rains. Got drenched coming back from a kids thing. Chilly too
  4. Thunder with a line of storms about to hit here. Yay summer in Oct!!
  5. I might crack 80 here. Temps keep rising
  6. already sunny so we got that going for us. This one gonna surprise some people
  7. So after a few weeks of blah weather, this week is gonna try to jam in all the wx except snow
  8. Rt 3 is a why. If ever there was a justified reason for autopilot for all cars it’s from there to DC
  9. Mix of sun and clouds here. Decent temps to do stuff around the yard.
  10. I save my alerts for Amped posts
  11. We need to make an announcement thread for all the seasonal posters that only start coming back now. We should do them a favor and tell them winter is over already and they can go back into hibernation.
  12. RIP Winter 2021-22 Here lies a season of weather that never stood a chance Oct 1 2020-Oct 22 2020
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