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  1. r/s line too close. warm air too close. only 4" snow on a 8+ day storm. I'm out.
  2. Thats why it is pure folly at this point to even watch things day 3+. Too much chaos.
  3. Show your kid how adults handle bday party ghosting by slashing this mom's tires.
  4. Plate tectonics will have shifted the apps to that spot.
  5. See I grew up with the original Star Trek. My mom was a trekkie. Huge fan. She recorded every episode and multiple times from different TV stations because they ran different versions. When TNG came out we bought into that one too. The best TNG one IMO was when Barkley(The guy from the A-Team) got implanted with super knowledge so he could bring the Enterprise to the alien race what had tons of info. Wish that was real TBH. We need some super technology. Even the newest re-boot of Star Trek is pretty good and a fan of that movie series. But Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Bones from the 60s will always have a place due to mom and going to so many conventions in the 80s. Thats what makes Galaxy Quest so great. I've been to those things. I've seen how people are.
  6. Thats why I don't ever cancel winter. Never Give Up!! Never Surrender!!!
  7. The animal is now inside out.......and it exploded.
  8. Oh I'm sure she has. She's def Mighty Ducks generation.