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  1. 92/81 at home now. Eff this. It be nasty
  2. tons of clearing about to get here
  3. CMC is on crack right now. While the GFS might be underplaying the tropics some what the Canadian shows just seems way out there. 3 TSs all within 500 miles of each other? lol
  4. Hunch tells me that this year any TC we get will be home brew from the gulf.
  5. Rather have a model that doesn't fart out fantasy TCs all over the place(eyes on you CMC). I'm sure they aren't done tweaking the GFS now and in the future so hope it ends up being best model NA soon
  6. yeah, there is some stupid heavy rain showers coming through right now. If it keeps up i can see FFWs going up for same areas that had it a couple weeks ago
  7. nut job alert
  8. things to keep old posters out are p much like this here at Amwx
  9. the first day back to work after a vacation is the worst
  10. You didn't come by to cut it. 12 pack of beer stays with me now
  11. Back from the beach. Got in last night when it was storming. Was fun driving across the bay bridge with all the lightning. VP2 said over 1" fell. My grass is ridiculously high for August
  12. Isabele, Irene, Derecho, Lee, western Fx Co tornado in the late 80s
  13. Gloria. Been hooked on canes since Gloria. But I know that we don't get many canes to hit. TS remnants are fun tho.
  14. The panic room will be empty this year. A CAT5 threat that hits Rhode Island instead of us due to a trof that is too far east will get rid of all the early complainers.