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  1. Leave the legend off it too
  2. It was a huge point of contention. But having everyone chime in over each storm was annoying af. People in SNE gloating over a sweet coastal and trolling those to the south caused more banter than our worst thread now. Zwyts(Matt) would troll the hell out of them if they busted. but he was right because the weather they get is so different from ours at times so why should we read 1000 posts from CT Blizz when we have our own area to see how a storm goes.
  3. Dammit. now I really wish there was a way to see what my first post on Eastern was. I think I tried to cancel summer.
  4. I see what you did there, chuckles. Now both you and the people that laughed at this post have made the list. Mainly just @mappy cause these posts calling me old make her laugh a lot.
  5. This is why I'm glad Eastern doesn't exist anymore. I seriously doubt I was much better when I first started.
  6. Yeah but that was different. That’s tornadoes. Where cows fly around. Asking how much for the Dena is so much more lol to me. Hahaha
  7. Would pay to see those posts
  8. I even had it in my member title area too. you'd think i'd remember that.
  9. I thought that was Bethesda?
  10. Y'all bragging about ignore lists. Lucky you. I'm gonna Pull back the curtain a little for some sympathy. Need some today. See a few winters ago Superman 3 fan(Randy) came along and asked a few of us to help out during storms and be "black ops" mods with limited powers(mainly just to hide posts). I can't suspend, warn, delete accounts or do any other official buggery. It was asked we watch thread for crappy posts and hide them. So now for nigh on 10,000 years and millions of posts I have had to KEEP EVERYONE OFF IGNORE so I could read posts and see what gets said to know if and when a post needs to be hidden. It has caused many a day of bleeding eyes. You know what its like to read every. single. Ji. post. ??????????????????? Yeah, I still randomly blurt out "STORM CANCEL" during dinner causing my family to say "dad's lost it again" while I use mashed potatoes to make a diorama of the warm nose that causes sleet most storms. I do this for you. the posters(Bain voice) Actually I do this for Randy but that dude never gets me a bottle of booze. or even cups my bosom. Which is the least he could do. I mainly make memes now which is barely worth keeping me around. Soon i will be sent to the glue factory where I won't be missed. Especially by that pivot point guy. One day I might get a special tag or emblem to say I participated. A guy can dream, right?
  11. Oh nevermind. I see what I did there
  12. Why the hell am I on this list? I don't recall what I said that got me included. I call boshie
  13. You've seen my memes. I'm about 12
  14. 3.5" at DCA is a nice event. nothing to sneeze at so hopefully the models just stay in that range.
  15. I’ll take whatever snow this thing gives us. If none, so be it. If some, great. All we can do is see how the angle of the vorts goes.
  16. Oh my bad. This is a Wendy’s
  17. It can’t stay positive with 3 barrels, not with 3!!
  18. Please turn your head and cough ok, but what about the angle of the vorts? sir, please get dressed and leave
  19. When I saw that I just KNEW a new weenie term was born. We all need to file that one away for future use. It’s PERFECT.
  20. Until we hear from the boss man I’m just rolling with it. I know I’m not helping but meh, it beats doom and gloom
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