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  1. TBH I still wish he had signed with the WTFs and at least given us stability there. He sure isn't the one costing y'all games lately. 52 other players. Ask the D why those AZ WRs were so WFO.
  2. Lots of good games yesterday. That MIN/ARI game.
  3. If he ain’t fumblin he’s throwin INTs
  4. Can crack the windows open this evening
  5. Let today be the last warm day in the 80s until next April.
  6. Just picked up a quick .18 pop up shower
  7. And games like that def give me scars.
  8. The WTFs cast stupify on me all game long. Or was that on the Defense who couldn't stop Jones at all? JFC the D is a mess for what was supposed to be the strong point. Our LBs are wearing the cloak of invisibility and Landon Collin apparates to the wrong place every play.
  9. The rain cooled things off to make it match the humidity. So instead of 85/75 we have 75/75. I like my coffee black and my air super saturated.
  10. Who took that pic of me and posted it? I've let myself go a bit much in retirement.
  11. .85”. It’s a muggy morning
  12. How dare you. That was about as fun as being Nicki Minaj’s cousins friend who has the swollen testicles. I died about 30 times in the last 2 min
  13. Complaining seems to work except in winter unless you have certain initials
  14. Oh it’s raining now. Cow pissing on a flat rock type rain
  15. Just enough to get mud on the car.
  16. Yeah. its been just dancing around me. Loud rumbles and flashes but radar loop keeps saying no soup for me.
  17. Wish we could get a pattern shake up from one of those PAC typhoons like Chanthu
  18. I would love to know when we can see a break in this pattern.
  19. It should!! Youth by association
  20. It’s gross out. The angle of the heat sucks
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