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  1. Based on the last two weeks of incessant model posts of things 240+ hours away my thoughts have been this 12/5-12/10: pattern starts changing from mild to seasonal or BN 12/12-12/17: storm chances increase, too early to know precip type 12/20-12/31: pattern stable or RELOAD? If I’m wrong someone let me know. If it wants to snow after the -AO/NAO sets in then great but D+7 models won’t know until mid month
  2. I only want to know if my egg nog will stay cold outside
  3. I had three trees delay dropping all their leaves until last week. Did my last mow and leaf cleanup this morning. Hoping the weeds are finally asleep like the grass is Ive shut down the mowers for the season
  4. The WTFs tied but a tie is good in this case
  5. I was one when at work one day on the Occoquan River. Totally blew me away to see one. They are soooo damn cute
  6. If I start using memes now for the panic and worry that’s already happening I’m gonna burn up all of them before Xmas.
  7. Are you using a flip phone?
  8. Just so I don’t clutter the disco thread, I am NOT going anywhere from Dec 2-27 so it will likely not snow or snow. I wanted you all to know my travel schedule. Thank you.
  9. So wait a sec. Am I older than WxUSAF and even I know how to use this modern tech better? where’s the shame bell lady?
  10. Dang. Thought it was cold out this morning. 24.4
  11. precip forecasts looks wet and brown
  12. Will anyone get that reference or am I showing my age now?
  13. Why are you saying its winter? Winter doesn't start for another
  14. I live and die by every ICON run. And every CMC run. And every Taco Bell run
  15. Yes. Elons version of this is fine
  16. Make sure we get a nice bottle of merlot. 2022 will be a good year for whine
  17. The GFS is the FTX of models
  18. angle of the sky is colder now its Dec.
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