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  1. I’ll expand. Bills player Johnson said after the game that tape showed Jackson doing the same thing a lot. So he baited Jackson expecting him to do the thing he saw on tape. The problem with RPOs and that type of offense is that a lot of the passes are one read only. When they fake the run to pass it’s usually a slant throw to a WR or a seam pass to a TE after the LBs suck up for the run. What Jackson would need to get better at is if that first read is no good then to see what else develops before taking off running. Some of Jackson’s struggles does have to do with lack of good WRs and TEs that were hurt a lot. Need weapons to throw. It’s not all Jackson but I see some similarities to RG3 who didn’t do well standing in the pocket and reading things. Some routes take more than 3 sec to run. Can’t have a scrambly, want to run 50% of the time QB instead of letting corner routes or crossers not develop. Maybe Roman is part of it too.
  2. Yup. But tonight I’m a Bills fan
  3. Ravens need a new punter
  4. Ravens need a new kicker
  5. Dude. Just exercise. That’s what I do. Did 30 min of stupid hard cardio today. Now I can have beer
  6. There is no team with that name. The team we root for made the playoffs and played well. Lots to look forward to. GO BUFFALO!!!!
  7. and i just realized thats a total RR post.
  8. Not cold enough to stick to the pole so i take that challenge. And it didn't' stick so you owe me
  9. So my map from Dec is still valid for the places that always shit snow.
  10. i was trying to not sound like Ji. But you are right. Its a dumpster fire in a sewage plant thats lost power and everyone in the whole city just ate at Taco Bell and are flushing at the same time.
  11. Jan was supposed to be good. So far its been meh. Don't think Feb will be any easier to figure out and using any trend is not the best method.
  12. It will snow somewhere. Buffalo supposed to get 2-4" Snow football.
  13. I challenge you to give me your money. I double dog dare you. I'll PM you my address. Thanks!!!
  14. Its cloudy again. East Coast NPZ will be happy.
  15. Imagine the disappointment on waking up to see 4 pages in the LR thread and finding out half were Guy Fieri Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives breakfast sandwich reviews.
  16. Good first win. Clean up some things and could be a good year. #ALLCAPS
  17. Worked outside today and didn't even need a jacket. If we can't have winter then at least don't have it be cold and windy and shitty.
  18. def hand in there. Use both hands if needed
  19. Spring gettin closer. Just sayin
  20. There are really only 3 season anymore. Spring is Dec-April except one month called March where it gets jacket weather chilly. Summer is May-Sept. Fall is Oct and Nov.
  21. Damaged goods. But Snyder is a dummy and would try to get him or Ben. Bring back Case Keenum!!!!!
  22. If Ben leaves PIT watch the WTFs try to sign him
  23. You must be this smart to ride
  24. LR is now so bad that the thread is gonna move to zillow recommendations