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  1. To echo @mappy, just let maestro be. We don’t need to pile on. We hope he can be ok and do what he can to find happiness
  2. Watching the game with @FXW176 and he says that olive dish looks delicious. also they have self serve beer!!!! You just scan your house deed and pay $$$ and you can grab 50 beers
  3. Ok then it was drunk Pam
  4. I'm thinking cheese whiz
  5. I crafted it from a recipe from Willy.
  6. I've engaged in engorging when I ignore my diet
  7. squished, plowed, moist, push I'm thinking cupcakes and white frosting But we just won't know how this will go unless there is consistency the next couple days.
  8. Plows and squished. These technical terms are why we are the best
  9. Just rain here. But it’s really cold rain. I can tell.
  10. Sleet done for now. Winter over
  11. I think I'm more happy they didn't even bother to sugar beet spray the roads
  12. We cool. I drink Miller Lites more than anything cause I'm white trash deep down
  13. I think we owe katodog a huge apology
  14. I've enjoyed a less costly heating bill this winter.
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