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  1. It’s done out of love. And that I’m a complete asshole
  2. How it never won an Oscar is beyond me
  3. If he says “Superman 3” or “nuclear man” then we are truly fucked
  4. I'm sure some will disagree and say temps before don't matter, but IMO the warmish temps we had(I had) the few days prior to this storm affected accums. If it had been 30s leading up to this then I think roads/grass would have caved sooner. But I got to 49F before the squall front Sunday. To me and my experience, the ground and pavement was toasty. Not a complaint but more a observation that the snow could have been better for some if you take prior conditions before this storm into account. 29F current so things will stay icy for a while.
  5. Thanks for making it happen after I almost murdered the threat. So when can I start the next thread for Friday?
  6. Just measured 3.5” Im sure there’s been compaction but sticking with what I got. my goal was 2”, my hope was 4”. Got the middle. I’ll take it. It was so fun to walk in it and everything looks awesome
  7. Can I get that frontgen to move southgen?
  8. Give them a break. They moved from Georgetown where it only rains
  9. Feel better!! Snow has to help!
  10. C'ville to Fred to WSH is the pipeline I need
  11. Can you make is sag south a tiny bit?
  12. Jebwalk done. Roads covered, trees covered 2.5" Want 3" Just need a few more hours of rates like this
  13. Phone blowing up with lots of car wrecks. Guess the roads caved here in Fx Co which must be next to Georgetown.
  14. 2" snow Coming down really nicely right now. Or as the NW crew say "ripping snow!!"
  15. Was that a temp issue snow? Like temps in 30s all day?
  16. I’m in the light greens. I want to stay in the greens. Need more greens.
  17. Now that darkness my old friend has arrived, roads have finally started to give up the fight. Like the Commanders defense
  18. Radar is better IMBY. Waiting for temps to drop now that the blazing sun is gone. Road cave watch issued
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