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  1. Posting superman 4 gifs hasn’t helped with raises tho if I was honest
  2. I’ve been doing this for years and the most I’ve been payed is getting trolled with my middle name
  3. The big finish usually happens a few hours after Taco Bell and to be on topic March will be rocking
  4. this be us mods all winter because people ruin the LR threads
  5. I wish I had timeout powers
  6. It took 1.5” of euro snow to give me .25”. That’s why I need to have 30” model snow to get 5”
  7. Woke up to SNOW on the ground!!!! Trash can topper and only on the grass/trees. measured .25” and some sleet falling BEST WINTER EVER!!
  8. Long fucking overdue. Mt Rose Hill has failed me until this very moment. This is my time to shine
  9. This could be a pretty looking snow on the trees type deal
  10. I take umbrage with the yogurt getting bottom drawer treatment
  11. drizzle and 37.1/35 not enough angle of the dark to help
  12. Feels like every storm that juices up to make us all giddy and reality says nope. I’ll take any surprises tho
  13. Nope. The Ellinwood gray scale of pity is for us beltway folk
  14. Its fine. can still add vodka and ice to make it cold
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