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  1. Just give me one small shift south and I can be happy with 3"
  2. We managed to get to OT but we chose to get the ball first and we know how that works out
  3. FOLKS....the GFS is on its own
  4. It’s def not fun to have. But I’m glad I checked to be sure as I don’t want my family to get it. Or I hope they don’t. Will do everything they say to and just try to enjoy 5 days isolation. At least I’m not missing any snow!! Har har
  5. After 4 years my luck finally ran out. Got Covid. Feel like ass
  6. This place can be such a f**king drag at times
  7. Lions are punching SF in the mouth right now
  8. When they traded for Chase Young
  9. How could you throw that?
  10. You know it’s bad when not one snow map has been posted
  11. HOAs love gnome parties. I hear your is called burning gnome.
  12. Occoquan will be able to hold sharks soon
  13. Snow gone, salt washing away
  14. Its that goddamn cloud angle again. I've been stuck at 2.5" as well. Getting some fatties right now but would need this to keep going to offset compaction. Its nice to see it snow so I'm happy as hell. 2.5" already beat what i expected out of this storm
  15. FINALLY!! A decent snow to take the 4x4 out in since I got it in 2021. Main roads seem ok. Slushy. Side ones are more fun. Some plowed, some not. The ones not plowed are fun. Mostly did 2x4 and traction control works wonders. But for some roads that had hills I threw in 4x4 and let that thing eat. Goddamn I love having a truck.
  16. Needle flakes here now. What does that mean for dendrite growth?
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