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  1. I can't even get snow
  2. Dumb weather. You had a good looking blob coming at you and figured it would soak things. Bummer it didn’t.
  3. It’s pretty muggy and warm this morning. 76°
  4. No rain at all. Dead zone for precip despite storms all around
  5. Price is right loser horn. Bring it. Go ahead. You don’t have the guts. Giants gonna suck. Ketchup rules!
  6. Triple dog dare you. Now go get your shine box
  7. You don't deserve any for hating on old bay vodka and ketchup
  8. Thought it was hair implants and boob job. But glad to hear!!!
  9. That might have been the same one that got us. It was just to my SW when it bubbled up and for a 15-20 min storm it was ridiculously strong with winds.
  10. Hey, @leesburg 04 good luck with the surgery!!
  11. They should just give everyone the day off. 3 day weekend!!
  12. Lots of trees down in my hood this morning. 20 min drive and saw 4-5 houses damaged, branches all the vet the place and tons to f leaves and sticks. One of the worst wind storms in many years.
  13. .54” from two rounds of storms
  14. That was a hell of a storm here. Popped up just south of me and had legit 40-50mph gusts. Power went out for a min and sirens all over now
  15. They do Gatorade IVs? I would drink more water and Gatorade than a camel would and still be thirsty
  16. Let me put it this way. I used to DREAD working in heat like this. I couldn't ever put back in what dripped out. Its hot.
  17. play the sound https://www.soundboard.com/sb/sound/216897
  18. Frigid compared to 96.6 IMBY
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