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  1. Lots of trees down in my hood this morning. 20 min drive and saw 4-5 houses damaged, branches all the vet the place and tons to f leaves and sticks. One of the worst wind storms in many years.
  2. .54” from two rounds of storms
  3. That was a hell of a storm here. Popped up just south of me and had legit 40-50mph gusts. Power went out for a min and sirens all over now
  4. They do Gatorade IVs? I would drink more water and Gatorade than a camel would and still be thirsty
  5. Let me put it this way. I used to DREAD working in heat like this. I couldn't ever put back in what dripped out. Its hot.
  6. play the sound https://www.soundboard.com/sb/sound/216897
  7. Frigid compared to 96.6 IMBY
  8. 95/79 a/c is werkin today
  9. I can wash my truck again to help
  10. The truck wash worked. It made it rain. Not a lot here but better than nothing
  11. I had my truck washed yesterday thanks to some road kill guts getting sprayed on it coming back from the beach. That should make it rain. I hope
  12. The pension is the main reason I stayed where I did for 30 years. I know its not offered much or at all these days. I'm VERY thankful
  13. also. I know most of you won't have this experience for a long while yet but when the pension deposit goes in a couple days early its
  14. but drinks. You will get to hit that. And go 5 for 5 for drinks
  15. Bummer. I am sad and also happy for you. Sad you lost, happy you get to drink
  16. Someone in Indiana won. I hate them. How dare they
  17. I did. Like not getting storms today it’s safe to say I’ll still be poor when I wake up tomorrow
  18. You know what happened, right?
  19. It won’t rain here at home now either. Just got back from the eastern shore. I should have stayed down there and let the storms come to me
  20. Wildcat is or now was fun. Good coaster but rough. Reminded me of the Grizzly at KD. That one crushed my back the last time I rode it. Agree that Hershey has some really fun rides. I’d put Busch first tho. KD has some fun ones and my first coaster which was the back then named Rebel Yell. Lowest on my list would be Six Flags. Just not a fan of that place
  21. Looking like home will get slammed while I’m here at the beach. Guess that’s what it takes to get rain. Gotta leave town
  22. Only one kid of mine swam but dropped time in both her events. Not all star but big enough to show that some side work and lessons with an older swimmer paid off. Worked first half shift which was fine by me. Done before it got hot and could watch other kids we are friends with. Overall we have 8 kids going to all stars. Had a couple locked to go and a couple surprises. It will be a big group for us. We usually have 3-5 max. One kid is top seed so that’s good exposure for the pool. Congrats to you and your swimmers that made it in!
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