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  1. I prefer RevWarMdecoy wet blanket over Heisey. He's more succinct and has better yarns from back in the day.
  2. Anyone that makes a thread more than 3 days out will forever get this
  3. That being said the GFS is run by blind squirrels who sometimes find that nut. Let’s hope this is one of them
  4. Ummmm CMC scores better than the GFS. It’s been posted how the Canadian isn’t the suckfest it used to be.
  5. I’d feel better if 850s are down near Bermuda when the low passes but I know that it meteorologically inconceivable impossible
  6. Fuck tucking. This ain’t Buffalo Bill. Just snow and give everyone something
  7. I've found that when i look at a bands entire career, some of their best music usually is in their first couple albums. Its when they are raw and coming out with a unique sound. Look at bands like Korn and Deftones and so many more. They have a DGAF attitude and its raw and crude and much more in your face. Conversely, something I love trying to do is find raw outtake songs by other well known bands. Led Zeppelin is really cool to do this too. They laid down so many versions of songs before refining things and getting the final version. Those are some of the most raw versions of famous songs and show the brilliance they had. It just gives new perspective to familiar sounds.
  8. you could always tell who was using 27 vs 83 cause there was an immediate 30 ft shift at the minimum. Good times!!
  9. Thats because MD is so tiny it doesn't need 2 like VA. Get a bigger state to be like the big boy states.
  10. At least most of the stuff you work with HAD coordinates. Old plats and deeds I worked on only gave descriptions like: From the stump by old man Miller's barn go northerly 100 rods to the rock. then go northeasterly 50 chains to the cedar post next to Ichabod Crane's headstone, thence southerly 85 cubits to the middle of the crick in Johnston's potato field, then westerly 400 paces to the point of beginning. If I even had NAD27 I cried tears of happiness.
  11. If it was the Commanders defense he’s have 4’ of water
  12. A lot of entities still use 29. Just as some use NAD27 for state plane and not 83. But those will be obsolete soon too. Nerds and their GPS keep refining the earth geoid.
  13. How dare you hate on NAVD29!!!!! I set so many benchmarks off monumentation that was NAD29!!!
  14. Yeah, winds are getting nuts here now.
  15. Sorry but my fave place down that way is Bumpass Temp 55.5 and climbing
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