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  1. Angel food cake>>>>>>carrot cake
  2. I'm talking precip. track is a lock mostly. Intensity might still be the biggest Q
  3. Feels like this one just is still so uncertain as far as actual impacts that its hard to really trust any one model. Especially when they differ by so much.
  4. I always knew a lot of you were weird. Carrot cake is the Superman 4 of cakes
  5. that mic will last longer now before shorting out
  6. Totally calm in that live vid
  7. Like winter except the one on the right verifies for my hood
  8. From what I've seen for days is that this would be a historic flooding and storm for that area. Not sure where people get their news from but I am certain it isn't on the NWS for not warning. they have been screaming for days. TWC has. If people failed to listen due to biases then that's on them
  9. Why don't you care about strip malls?
  10. Insurance company lives matter
  11. The beaches were closed during sandy cause it was worse. Not for Ian. FL beaches are never closed
  12. Coming this winter to Netflix Camera 9: Stay Woke and online
  13. I hope we get new members with Iansurvivor names
  14. I can only see two dice with 5 facing up
  15. We need a streaming camera discussion thread. Lets show some real concern for these soldiers of the internet
  16. That sounds more like a Yankee Candle scent
  17. Monuments need to be built. All hail Reed
  18. Y’all hating on the guy that made Stas Stas
  19. Hits me right in the feels
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