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  1. There's a snow yam blocking it I bet
  2. .85" here. It always seems to pick up in intensity when i have to go take a kid someplace. Weird
  3. I win making weather bets by always taking the under at DCA. Never ever take the over
  4. Odds are always in favor of warm/wet. House wins
  5. Amwx Casino open for business. We gamble every day in winter anyways
  6. Set the computer outside in the rain so it can re-calibrate
  7. Well what do you know. Temp wet bulb’d down to 33 after all. 33.5° and pouring
  8. That guy left the back door open for the dog
  9. Temp got to 38.8 and has just stayed there. I can’t even do 33 and rain anymore. Sad
  10. Temps plummeting so fast but not really. 39.3/23 Only 7.3F to go
  11. It turned to dust quickly and there was a nice white cloud on the main roads
  12. Torching 41/25. All this road spraying gonna get washed away
  13. Yup. Ground water and freshwater sources are getting affected by all this road salt in whatever form it is
  14. Thru my former line of work I know all too well the impacts that any salt or sodium based products are putting on our local watersheds. I understand the need to make roads safe to drive but what seemed like a great idea a few years ago is affecting other things. Anyways, to be back on thread topic it looks like roads even around here might get slick if things hold as shown on models.
  15. I get trying to keep roads safe but this brine stuff is gonna ruin our watershed over time. I’d almost prefer they go back to sanding as it happens
  16. The brine fleet out in force already
  17. The dog always ate mine and we didn’t have a dog
  18. Little bit surprised to see the WAA for closer to I-95. Err on the side of caution I suppose
  19. This. We are fighting climo because we don't have a super cold airmass being left in place as warm air rides over. There will be some ice in what are usually the coldest places. How much places radiate before clouds cap it will determine a lot. E of the fall line knows that warm noses always do well and punch in
  20. Western zones could very well get quite a bit of ice. Still better to lean conservative but t it doesn’t take a lot of ice to cause problems
  21. This happens with 60-70% of the storms the couple days leading up to them. A cold bias shows more then as things get closer and better sampled it adjusts and warms. RGEM is known for this.
  22. I know they are different seasons, silly. One is fall, the other spring. My issue is they both have blue and white triangle/pyramid shape thingies in them so it throws me off sometimes. And I'm cranky. Its chilly and my spleen is saying there might be sleet coming. Krobus might have a potion to help.
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