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  1. I’ve had any issues for the last few years. Even with regular pest control visits we get invasions for a short bit and I end up having to put out my own traps and bait. Stupid little picnic ants.
  2. .65” total so far. Heavy drizzle
  3. .10" so far. I've almost doubled my June rain
  4. It be raining!!!!
  5. Wish for rain in one hand, take a dump in the other and see which one fills up first
  6. What a fail line of showers. Looked great back in WVa and now it’s team drought
  7. oh you just wait. We are the Jokic of failure. MVPs
  8. One, just ONE clap of thunder held us up for 30 min. No rain. We didn't finish until 9:15ish. And thank god the other team was small. Otherwise i think I'd still be at the pool timing. My voice is so shot. But we had 3 food trucks in the parking lot and man did they do business during the delay. Fun really begins Saturday with the first A meet.
  9. Total whiff job on rain and storms. Plenty to my north and south. Drought is still undefeated here
  10. You can only go up from here
  11. I’ll take the under
  12. A massive 0.09" here
  13. @vastateofmind @mattie g We had our TTs on Saturday and it went really well. Only swam our team as we have like 150+ swimmers. Its stupid huge. I think we had over 20 heats of free alone. But somehow we got that done in like 45 min and only took 3 hours to get completely done. We even had new S&Ts doing it with plenty of DQs so not like it went smooth. But its a crammed two months. B meets already starting tonight and then the grind sets in. We will have the usual pep rallies and team events and themes for each A meet. Getting enough people to volunteer can still be a chore. I had to pull people from the crowd for second shift timers cause people just don't sign up to help. Well if I gotta stand and time your kid then you can help stand and time your kid and mine. But some people are fun to be around and as long as you make it fun for others you can slog thru the long meets and hot days. And also destroy a diet with all the food you need to cram in during meets to live. Donuts, burgers, pizza. RIP my diabeetus, cholesterol and clothes.
  14. Sun was much brighter and not as hazy here.
  15. I’m a dummy for sticking with it. But just a couple more years and that’s another job I can retire from
  16. Things we suck at: Getting cold Canadian air in to help snow in winter Things we are All Stars at: Getting shitty wildfire smoke in from Canada to create hellworld
  17. TTs will still happen Saturday. Kids will be fine missing a day or two.
  18. can the pollen report show ash as the main culprit?
  19. oh it is. it did awesome this last winter
  20. If smoke was a weather obs it would be SM+++++
  21. Oh and to make mattie g even happier, my pool officially closed today.
  22. Its a global conspiracy to make our kids smarter than us so they can argue at every turn.
  23. Still time left to close schools for snow
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