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  1. The euro shift west is a tad bit surprising.
  2. GFS seems to be playing catch up to the Euro for this one. If its correct for being the western track I'd be surprised.
  3. Josh is gay. He lives in MS where he can chase canes better than where he used to live.
  4. Still looks like poo. Wouldn’t be surprised it adjusts west when it gets less sheared
  5. Super breezy and really cooling off. No more ac for a few days
  6. discarded cig I bet. Those kids love to smoke.
  7. Love me some Kris Kringle ass air
  8. Its a strong signal pattern wise. The weekend trough and secondary trough early next week lift and there is a ridge in the west and off in the ATL. weakness between allows this one to come north. possible best chance for remnants here so far this season.
  9. Hella muggy out. Windows are fogged up
  10. I think what you saw was due to limited preseason playing time. There was a lot of QB play today that shows the rust.
  11. Went from .32 to .66 here with a little more falling.
  12. Just like winter only .32” here and not looking like much more down here
  13. It’s nice at the beach
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