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  1. Honestly surprised I have 2” already. Time to be greedy and Hope radar keeps filling back in to at least give me snow tv for a while this morning
  2. Can you make a specific ratio for MBY which is just under DC? I seem to have a 3.14159:1 ratio for my snows. Thanks.
  3. Its like Texas hold 'em. Our hole cards are usually 2/5 off suit. The first thread is the first burn card before the flop. The flop is the storm potential. Every every bad run is a burn card and every good run is the turn and the river. Sometimes even with 2/5 off suit we luckbox into a full house or flush. Sometimes with good storms we get a the straight flush.
  4. I'm not in the blue. Fuck this storm. Its like it knows where I live
  5. To me the piece near WI/MN is slower and giving more space. helps spread things out more.
  6. Funny how the GFS snow map looks more like the Ukie with the blob near Fredricksburg
  7. Usually being zone A means top notch as A is the best. You try to get a grade of A on most things. Not a D. This zone A means: awful, atrocious, agonizing, awfuckthis, and areyoukiddingme. But it happens. N&W will get to enjoy and thats fine. Got some snow this week. Watching it fall again for a bit will be nice too. The new thread didn't bring it back for everyone. It still needed a souther, diggier, wetter, more jet streakier pointed at Norfolk to be good for lets say Fredricksburg north. Can't win them all.
  8. I started the one that Storm killed that brought the storm back
  9. I’m just hoping to do better than Georgetown at this point
  10. And it dropped. 9.8°
  11. Need a shift south. Won’t happen cause it never does and what would shove it south would dry it up
  12. 10.4° might drop a tiny bit more before sun comes up
  13. Whats wrong with this? It is right up there with the opening of Saving Private Ryan. Or the surprise ending of The Sixth Sense. Or Darth Vader telling Luke who he was. Just look at the time spent on the graphics. Epic!
  14. The REAL reason you hate that movie is when Superman is drinking and he's got a Johnny Walker red label bottle
  15. It is cinema veritae. A classic in the same way Citizen Kane and Gone With the Wind and Godfather are classics. I’ve often heard how Spielberg used it for inspiration when making movies and we know how good he is
  16. And it was nice knowing you all
  17. Nuclear man>>>>>>General Zod
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