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  1. I think I'm more happy they didn't even bother to sugar beet spray the roads
  2. We cool. I drink Miller Lites more than anything cause I'm white trash deep down
  3. I think we owe katodog a huge apology
  4. I've enjoyed a less costly heating bill this winter.
  5. Aren't you full of good news
  6. Gotta let Howell have a shot. He wasn't a bad QB in college. The change of OC won't help but get one in now and let him take the reps as QB1. What they absolutely DONT need to do is waste money on a FA QB when you could use it to get loads of help on the OL and beef up the DBs/SSs on D. You don't need a Mahomes as QB if your OL keeps the jersey clean all game. I used a TON of abbreviations in this post. I hope its OK. We need snow ASAP and PDQ. Otherwise some will go AWOL and MIA. I'll just go have BBQ and take LSD to cope. IPAs can help. We could always do AOL AIM and talk about out PTSD
  7. Ivan Drago(SER) is just giving Apollo Creed(winter) continuous CTE right now and y’all are Rocky hesitating to throw the towel. We all know what happened to Apollo
  8. Kid stepped outside and said there was a little bit of sleet falling. I called VDOT to tell them to start putting the brine down
  9. We should only start threads for storms when the precip actually starts
  10. weeds are the lake cutters of SD. Can mess up the best farms
  11. Let me pass along some words of wisdom. Just take a break from weather for a bit. Log off. Go do something healthy for a while and if it makes you want to find a therapist or someone to help you understand your thoughts and feelings then don't be afraid to. No one wants to ban you. you have apologized. The issue can now go away. Just find some means to not let this place and or lack of snow and weather get to you so much. And if you need to take a break then by all means. go get your head right and be in a better position to participate here. We all want you to enjoy things without any stress.
  12. I'm sorry. Enjoy your ban. You had a good run. Leaves you more time to drink tho!!
  13. Hmmmmmm RIC>Greece for obvi reasons. Shorter drive(I-95 does suck tho). The number of stores selling sweater vests is unparalleled. All greece has are ruins.
  14. With this community the amount of poop that would be generated would kill me. But then again that would remove another player from the game so it could work in your favor.
  15. When the time is right, my friend
  16. Nope. I was a shitplant worker so I'm only good at the "after"
  17. I once extrapolated the NAM and that ended my attempts to help weather disco. It still haunts me. Pretty safe to say we all have acted like assholes at times(for me its a permanent affliction) but its more about learning to make an effort to be better. And that you know where the admin lives so if needed you can stalk him(this is a joke, people)
  18. I'm a beta so I don't even know how to fix a porch or anything. I'd be the first one eaten. Or voted off after being eaten because I'm too chewy. Old meat can be tough.
  19. I know my place in this community. I don't know shit, make an rare and occasional on point post, lurk now more than post, wait for times to speak up when something wrong happens. And if some laugh along the way then bonus. Others could learn to do the same
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