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  1. this is what @mappythinks of our different precip we get during winter
  2. Ok so I need @Paleocene to change your avatar. It is too close to @mappy's and is confusing. Now granted I'm and easily confused but one is summer, one is snow. I feel like they are cancelling each other out and that's why we haven't had any snow yet.
  3. The gallons of beet juice brine that will get put down will render this storm impotent.
  4. I'm just gonna wait to chase the severe here when it comes Thursday.
  5. We are begging for something/anything frozen and there are tornadoes in TX this morning
  6. Pepperidge farms remembers running the a/c just a few years ago on Xmas day
  7. I’ll wait for the NAMing to show colder until Wednesday 12z run that will warm nose and wash the beet juice brine away
  8. Some peeks here and there. But too much sun now/today/this afternoon might ruin our ice chances Thursday. So be careful what you wish for.
  9. It actually feels like a winter day today. Windy and kinda cold. This calls for warm egg nog and cold fruitcake
  10. Gonna deb for a sec but end of model runs are always pants tent. What we need is something solid inside of 10 days. The ghost of Snowmas future shows wonderful things. The ghost of Snowmas past are all these analogs saying ghost of future is right. Meanwhile in ghost of present land we are barely hanging on like Tiny Ji. All crippled, losing FB fans and outlook is bleak.
  11. Ah the days before the knew what brining was. And then hoping the teacher couldn't make it in. We didn't get a ton of ice events IIRC. Less concrete and asphalt jungle. This one could be sneaky where western burbs ice some and all those E of the beltway go "yay cold rain"
  12. Ask someone in IT to unplug the network for a few min
  13. If model soundings show a warm nose then believe it. Those verify a ton for I-95 E
  14. I'm sure I can find something. Gimme a little bit
  15. I have the same bush in the yard and noticed the same thing. A few blooms. Pool and swim team will open soon
  16. My Xmas wish is for everyone to stop replying to Ji, quoting Ji and/or Ldumb as well.
  17. Yeah i can’t get hyped about snow chances with this storm as of yet. Can’t ignore the obvious with Tangier to Kent Island type track. Climo and just too much warm air flooding in. Big ass block can only do so much and if there isn’t help with a decent cold air source then mids win
  18. Everyone along 95 looking at the euro
  19. People are stealing my meme’ing job
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