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  1. Agreed. The next few months are great. Longer days and great weather before the heat of summer. Winter is great only when it snows.
  2. Agree. I would love above normal to end of April and then the heat of the summer below normal. Let’s make it happen
  3. 60s starting Tuesday!
  4. 45 and overcast here but I’m hearing 60s next week.
  5. Spot on. If no snow, need sunny and dry until the time flip. Love that it will stay light till after 7.
  6. Longer days, soft breezes, cooking on the grill, eating outside, working in the yard, playing golf, baseball, fishing....doesn’t get much better, can’t wait!
  7. Perfect weather to get outside
  8. Completely agree. I lived in northern Massachusetts and we had 74 inches of snow the winter was phenomenal, the fall incredible ,summer was great but spring took freaking forever! I remember many days in mid to late May they were in the 40s it was just brutal.