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  1. Patience. February will make us shiver....
  2. Understood and why there is a panic room thread.
  3. Going to be a March to remember! Storms and rumors of storms.
  4. True. But Ji is in the group where it’s much better.
  5. And it’s still better than last year!
  6. Almost every discussion has focused on the period near mid month forward of being one that could provide several opportunities. Ignoring the cliff jumpers who expected a blizzard already, is there anything that has surfaced recently that gives you reason to question whether the pattern still looks favorable for us down the road? To me that’s more important than agonizing over model runs for this weekends snow/ no snow event.
  7. Correct. Still ahead of Eagles if Texans lose.
  8. Atlanta is locked in at 3. Bengals are ahead of you. Best you can do is 5- IF Texans beat Tenn. otherwise you are 6 with a loss.
  9. Need to be patient for just a few more weeks. Could be window in mid January if everything lines up perfectly!