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  1. Try and appreciate each season. Each is unique in its own way.
  2. I am okay with warm not hot. But would love to spend the summer in Maine.
  3. Yes, looking forward to a long spring and then a summer that doesn't go above 80!
  4. Flipped to snow quickly. Moderate snow.
  5. Agree. Too much panic. Let’s see what happens late today.
  6. close to 4 inches- this has been a nice event.
  7. moderate snow- closing in on 3 inches
  8. Still snowing here in Northeast MD. 2 inches.
  9. Excellent- we could really use the rain...
  10. it will be close but may have one more shift north
  11. Then there are times when it is raining at the beach and you are getting crushed
  12. Is this video or his columns? He is pounding his chest now- indicating the upcoming cold will cause economic hardship