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  1. Understanding you are using statistical probabilities based on assumptions it will be a Nina but so much can change over the next several months not sure it’s worth discussing. Except for the fact it gets on Mersky’s nerves.
  2. Unless it is going to snow- there is nothing positive about it being cold this time of year. Bring on spring
  3. It's nowhere close to the median- just doing a bit better than the last few years
  4. If it doesn't snow then we want an early spring
  5. Definition of insanity. But tomorrow will be different.......
  6. March can deliver but I have no interest in a cold April
  7. Hope springs eternal Hope is not a strategy
  8. March can definitely deliver! We did very well March 18
  9. Northern DE averages 6 inches in Jan- 20 for the winter. You have had above normal snowfall 6 of the past 7 winters. Who cares if it didn't happen in January? No rule it has to happen that way. There is no historically bad run
  10. Pattern will flip in March- be patient. Storms and rumors of storms.
  11. If not this one then February could get very interesting with storms and rumors of storms.
  12. Ravens were a fraud- they can’t you from behind.
  13. Nothing worse than a warm winter followed by a cold spring.
  14. Pattern will change but it will take several more weeks
  15. Now that Lamar choked in the playoffs again everyone can focus their attention on being disappointed by the weather.
  16. True but if it’s not going to snow- get out there and enjoy the warm weather. Better than being cold and dry.
  17. Might need to be patient for the next several weeks....
  18. Try and appreciate each season. Each is unique in its own way.