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  1. mid 50s at 11pm in mid Feb - cool cool cool, totally cool
  2. I saw mentions of March 2001 storm in this thread - it was my understanding that bringing up that cursed storm was a bannable offense?
  3. the unvarnished realism in this subforum is such a pleasant change from the NYC forum
  4. we've switched over to snow in downtown DC!
  5. it's been showing 37C (98.6F) on mesowest for a few obs now, we probably hit 99.
  6. DCA at 98 now -so close...
  7. 90 in between obs at DCA - tack on another one.
  8. 40F at Summit - top of the Greenland Ice Sheet. JFC
  9. DCA being the cool spot basically this entire heat wave is kinda suspect imo
  10. i mean literally everywhere around it is 100-102
  11. 101 again here in west end / foggy bottom - heat index has been hanging in the 113-115 range - brutal
  12. where do you get the 1 min obs?
  13. DCA hit 98 at 1pm - we'll see how they go from here.
  14. storm basically died as it moved over the District - dropped me down a few degrees to 87 with some sprinkles, DCA looks like it wasn't really affected - 91 at 10pm.