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  1. we've got the record for most days consecutive above 70F right?
  2. nope - stayed at 70! The streak lives on.
  3. we're playing with fire with bath water SSTs in the western Atlantic and in the Bay year after year.
  4. one day our luck will run out
  5. more development around the airport along 29?
  6. thoughts going into August?
  7. 0.99" here - juuuussst missed it
  8. yeah - i generally see most people in masks in my neighborhood. they are required inside in our building so we are pretty close to 100% compliance there.
  9. i'm at over half an inch and that's likely missing a lot of it since it was (and still is) pretty sideways
  10. yeah same here a couple miles south of you
  11. all hell has broken loose here
  12. looks like my PWS downtown briefly hit an 80F dewpoint - we are close enough to the river AND rock creek park so that is not unreasonable.
  13. yikes - DCA is 93/79 rn
  14. you can have it - i want another run at an 80F low.
  15. yeah i feel like you guys have a much better shot today.