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  1. DCA logged a 90F today - first of many coming up. My daughter's day care did a zoo field trip today - definitely would've preferred the temps from a couple days ago lol.
  2. Euro looks like a furnace over us, jfc.
  3. today was about as good as it gets. low 70s here in upper NW.
  4. 61F - just perfect out.
  5. fizzled as they approached DC yet again
  6. ah.. feels like just yesterday
  7. it was always going to be this way.
  8. 0.81" here, that's over 2" this week and 4" this month. I'll take it.
  9. i remember once flying back to NYC from the UK. We landed at JFK around 11pm and the flight attendant upon landing gave the time and the local temp of 86F / 30C. All the Brits were like "WTF???" I laughed and was like yeah welcome to NYC in July.
  10. DCA hit 81F with the humidity in check - doesn't get much better.
  11. lol don't tell me to proofread when you can't even get basic English capitalization right. The forecast was pretty accurate for the large part of this forum, so your post about forecasters "hyping" the warm temperatures was nonsense - typical of your posts.
  12. next week might be pretty solid with highs in the 70s.
  13. lol well this isn't the "Augusta County" subforum, it's the Mid-Atlantic one, centered on the greater DC-Baltimore metropolitan areas.
  14. Finished with around 1.6" since yesterday - i'll take it.
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