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  1. just walked back to the Metro from a work dinner downtown (around 730), and it was really bad. Put my mask on.
  2. I lived in Santiago Chile for a winter (when the AQ is just horrific) - and I do recall that when it rained, the air was much clearer for a while afterwards.
  3. DCA dews down into the upper 30s - fire risk has to be increasing around here.
  4. is this smoke causing the dewpoints to be so low? low 40s here - that's pretty low for June
  5. NYC-area airports having serious problems
  6. DCPS (and I'm sure other local school systems) are cancelling all outdoor activities.
  7. Damn - NBC4 showing the long term fire forecast map from Environment Canada. Can't say I've ever seen that before.
  8. looks like DCA will finally hit 90 today
  9. 63/55 in Tenleytown!
  10. yep - the bill is gonna come due for this and it's not gonna be pretty
  11. i was gonna say - this is probably the nicest spring I've ever experienced. It's like we relocated to San Diego for two months.
  12. i assume we're gonna pay for this stretch of weather at some point. Doesn't get much better than this.
  13. i don't ever remember it
  14. DCA at least 84 on the day.
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