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  1. big ol nothingburger in lower Manhattan
  2. So far LGA and EWR are basically keeping pace with DCA, which is forecast to hit 100. LGA: 93 EWR: 94 DCA: 94
  3. It's still 88F here. WTF.
  4. There was a report of a 87F dewpoint in Dover, DE but some have suggested it could be a QC issue.
  5. Sandy Hook hit 79 yesterday - and around ACY there are some low 80s. http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=jctn4
  6. area SSTs are already approaching 80F, which is kind of insane.
  7. At 10pm PDT in Needles, CA it was still 110F.
  8. Furnace Creek is at 126 as of 4pm PDT. Probably approaching their max, I've seen some of the PWSs around there hit near 130.
  9. Looks like Needles, CA broke their all time high (125). Latest two 5 min obs have them at 126.
  10. Makes sense. They're at 121F now at 2pm PDT. Yesterday's max of 124F occurred between 4 & 5pm (one would guess, both had readings of 124), so they've got a ways to go. Needles, CA (KEED) is already at 122F.
  11. You have to wonder what kind of airmass led to the 134F in Death Valley some 114 years ago, or if there were some QC issues with that measurement.
  12. Actually it seems that most of the all time highs in that area occur in June - I guess because of the July/Aug monsoon.
  13. 5F away from their ALL TIME HIGH. It's June.
  14. Furnace Creek does have the global record high min of 107 and the global record high 24hr avg temp of like 118F. Insane place.