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  1. There's that, there's the snow measurements. KNYC is arguably one of the more prominent and referenced obs sites in the country, so it's pathetic how little attention is given to make sure it's accurate and representative.
  2. Can't that be dealt with? Central Park temps are definitely not representative of Manhattan anymore. We barely dipped below 80 overnight (78) and we are literally on the Hudson River, where water temps are maybe in the upper 60s to around 70 now.
  3. Winter 02-03 baby!! BOOK IT!
  4. That is completely insane. Has anyone noticed the torches we've had so far this year have tended to just blow apart records? I mean - this one literally tied May's all-time high for LGA.
  5. We'll probably stay above 80 overnight, but tomorrow night is probably when tomorrow's low will be set. Still, a low of 75 in mid May is impressive for the park.
  6. On the contrary, if it's showing heat, I'd run with it.
  7. LGA still at 83 at 2am - could they stay above 80? Central Park at 79 Both are some of the warmest locations at this hour anywhere on the east coast. Summertime!
  8. Same - happens all the time.
  9. FIRST 90 IN THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 88 last two obs in the Park.
  11. In the city it's warmed up dramatically in the past 30-40 minutes. I felt it walking back from lunch. Edit - looks like the ob got corrected to 61. It definitely feels warmer downtown.
  12. All of a sudden it's in the 70s. Strange.
  13. I think the warm front might have just moved through.