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  1. It would be kinda poetic if Cuba ended up saving Florida.
  2. Ike crossed Cuba twice - this isn't remotely comparable.
  3. That is honestly some of the most fascinating behavior of these storms. It's like it can sense the land (and consequent lack of energy from which to draw) and is like, nope.
  4. There are a couple blobs right now, but 29-30 is pretty widespread. Widespread 30+ probably a few hours from now.
  5. Is it me or does it look like it's starting to respond to the 30C+ SSTs over which it is starting to move?
  6. As soon as Irma gets to the Turks and Caicos, she will enter an extended area of 30C+ SSTs. Watch out.
  7. And that census map is 17 years old, even more dense now.
  8. I think the depth of the warm waters closer to the Bahamas is pretty significant.
  9. not good
  10. If it stays far enough off shore once it gets past PBI, it could stay over 28-30C water nearly the entire way. jfc
  11. ****.
  12. This thing isn't even being phased by ERCs. Unreal.
  13. The infrared shots of this storm now are f'ing insane.
  14. 60+% of the entire population seems like a ton - man I hope that is wrong.
  15. Irma (portuguese for "sister" if y'all didn't know) will soon be entering a large area of 30C+ (86F+) degree water. Look out.