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  1. and just like that we're in the upper 60s. lol.
  2. yep - some nice wind with this one.
  3. damn it's still 80F here downtown. 78 at DCA. That's crazy for 11pm in frickin April.
  4. now that the wind has died down, we are holding steady at around 46/47. There will not be a freeze here in urban parts of the DC metro.
  5. we're in the concrete jungle man - it was easily 85-86 before the clouds came in.
  6. Hit 89.6 here downtown (my station runs a tad bit warm). Definitely felt hot, tho.
  7. just amazing weather rn. low 70s, not humid, light wind.
  8. 83.3 here - prob a tiny bit of river influence.
  9. lol - DCA hit 84.
  10. 60F today!!!!!!! LFG!!!!
  11. tropical climates like ours don't get snow in March.
  12. First 60F of the year for DCA!
  13. unlike fantasy snow that shows up in the long range, those temps are inevitable.