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  1. That game was incredible. Wow.
  2. Thought McCann got that one.
  3. Bout to go for a run along the river, hopefully we start getting some good gusts. It's storms like these that in Battery Park City in NYC we'd get gusts easily at 60+, especially against the windows of our apartment on the 37th floor.
  4. my DC frens... Winter. Has. Arrived. (In Alaska)
  5. I hate anything called the Eagles.
  6. Hello yes I am wondering if I can apply the unlimited alcohol feature to the TPC Premium Package thank you
  7. ****.
  8. so it hasn't snowed yet. Hmm, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...
  9. I'm bringing all the snow back.
  10. LMAO - we have a frost advisory and it's in the mid 50s at 11pm. Sure.
  11. 2010 v2.0 - book it folks.
  12. Me too!! Maybe we'll even get snow (although I've been fortunate to experience NYC's all time record snowstorm)!
  13. After about 10 years in NYC, I'm back in DC folks.
  14. It would be kinda poetic if Cuba ended up saving Florida.
  15. Ike crossed Cuba twice - this isn't remotely comparable.