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  1. it's been showing 37C (98.6F) on mesowest for a few obs now, we probably hit 99.
  2. DCA at 98 now -so close...
  3. 90 in between obs at DCA - tack on another one.
  4. 40F at Summit - top of the Greenland Ice Sheet. JFC
  5. DCA being the cool spot basically this entire heat wave is kinda suspect imo
  6. i mean literally everywhere around it is 100-102
  7. 102/75/116 now - jfc
  8. 101 again here in west end / foggy bottom - heat index has been hanging in the 113-115 range - brutal
  9. where do you get the 1 min obs?
  10. DCA hit 98 at 1pm - we'll see how they go from here.
  11. storm basically died as it moved over the District - dropped me down a few degrees to 87 with some sprinkles, DCA looks like it wasn't really affected - 91 at 10pm.
  12. got to 101 in west end did anyone notice the quick drop to 84 in the 3pm hour (3:45 i believe) at DCA? Is something up with their sensor (they've also been running a couple degrees cooler than most of the PWSs in Arlington and the District just across the river)
  13. sacrus can correct me but isn't LGA's record high min 86? wonder if we break that this weekend DC and Central Park I believe it's 84 - that could be challenged too (not tonight, but maybe tomorrow night).
  14. crazy 1am numbers up and down the acela corridor DCA - 85/77 BWI - 83/73 PHL - 85/76 NYC - 86/75 LGA - 89/73 BOS - 83/75