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  1. I swear it happened once when I was younger still living in Michigan. It was there til like July. When I moved to the MA I was excited because we seemed to never have that problem, then came the recent times....
  2. Look out your window. That's crappy.
  3. This is supposedly a pic of Calvert county from the Monday storm, taken looking out from St Mary's county.
  4. I saved a dozen or so hailstones in my freezer. Send me a couple Gs to help repair my car dents and cracks in my home siding and I'll throw them at your windows as hard as I can. It's a win-win for both of us.
  5. As one who was stuck in the car being bombed by teacup sized hail with nowhere to hide I'd say consider yourself very lucky that Monday was a miss. My car is covered in dents and the trees were shredded. Who wants that?
  6. Huntingtown, Calvert Co.
  7. Get a load of these, bouncing off my car at 50mph.
  8. Holy shit I'm stuck in my car with ****ing huge hail. One piece was easily the size of a small apple. Luckily I drove my shitty car.
  9. I just removed all my moth pupae from cold storage last weekend. Time to get busy. Regalis should start eclosing in 3wks.
  10. We had a run of years in the mid 2010s which really hot and drought summers. In fact it caused me to tear out most of my lawn and reforest. Now the biggest threat is snapping branches due to heavy rain, not drought. That and 15" paste bombs in January. But if the drought years ever come back I'll be ready with my native plantings.
  11. It's almost true! But I'll be the first one back here bellyaching about my plants once we have a other drought year.
  12. Solid storms coming through. I approve.
  13. How does it rain so much here in every season but winter? Since 2018 it's been so wet every warm season. If we could translate it to some snow that would be cool but no, it's just rainy every spring/summer. Really sick of it. Makes years like 2012 seem like some sort of mythical unicorn.
  14. What a shitty day. Must be a weekend, seems like that's the pattern we always get. Good during the week and shitty during the weekend.
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