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  1. Heading out to Meadow mountain to camp for the weekend and every night at 3000ft is supposed to get to freezing. We even got some TA KO2 tires on the G wagon in preps for winter. I'm ready.
  2. IronTy

    Winter 2022-23

    Peed my pants a little reading that.
  3. Yeah we may have gotten 6"+ here but it happened over six days so no sign of flooding. Not to mention the ground was really dry beforehand. Perfect for recharging soil moisture heading into winter. I'm just waiting for the inevitable cutoff ULL that happens with six days of straight snow and -20DFNs come January....lock it in.
  4. This mist just won't quit. I did see some lighter skies for about 20min and the temp has warmed to a balmy 57F so at least there's progress.
  5. MAKE IT STOP!!! I gotta be over 7" now. Guess I need to get a bigger rain gauge.
  6. My rain gauge overflows at 5" and it overflowed at some point today. Pretty steady rain out there right now.
  7. 4.2" here. Really cold and windy this morning. Lots of leaves ripped off the trees.
  8. I'll take my 40" of snow and be happy. Maybe even 50" if you do it kuchera.
  9. Almost 4" as of now. Still breezy and misting so we might get that far by tomorrow morning. Thank God for heat pumps.
  10. Just surpassed 3.5" here so far for storm totals and raining pretty heavy right now.
  11. Probably but we're not getting anywhere near 40mph gusts. Maybe 15-20 gusts if I'm being generous. Basically just an overcast breezy day here now.
  12. Nice evening here, it actually warmed 3F while we were eating dinner in North Beach. I'd say this storm was pretty much a total bust, barely even a breeze out now. I'll take the 2.5" of rain for sure though. No complaints here.
  13. Oooo man I can't wait. Fire up the wood stove!!!
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