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  1. Why do we do wind so well around here? We rarely ever had this type of wind in michigan and it seems like it's always friggin windy around here. I hate it.
  2. That's what a derecho looks like in early March.
  3. Put this winter out of its misery, 60 degree temps please.
  4. Today goes down as one of the crappiest weather days of all time. 34F with moderate to heavy rain, low cloud cover and stiff wind on the bay. About sums up the entire winter.
  5. I'm stuck at home, not able to get up the driveway hill. Too icy.
  6. I did get to use the Muck Truck to plow my driveway this morning. .
  7. Down in southern calvert it's just rain. Radar actually looks more like I'd expect from a spring storm.
  8. Yeah we flipped over as well, basically as soon as I made that post and now it's mostly just rain. What a crap storm. As another poster so eloquently pointed out I must be clairvoyant because I wrote this off well before it happened lmao.
  9. Lol all snow here right now. Had sleet for a few minutes around 5am but then back to light snow. Light coating on the ground. Glad I didn't get invested for this event.
  10. Not sure, the QPF is lower and this smells like the inevitable drying trend as the storm nears in.
  11. Gimme a break, I ain't falling for this sh$t again. That snow split is going to move right over us again, take it to the bank.