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  1. But increased heights further north, yes?
  2. He's been on the "son of snowmageddon" kick for a couple weeks now. JB sniffs the big ones out early.
  3. My backyard amphibian pond hasn't frozen over even once and I still have the waterfall pump going. And even worse, the hanging petunia baskets on my front porch are already regrowing. The only time that ever happened before was....last year.
  4. JB is as much a weather weenie as anybody on this site. There's the official WB winter forecast, but inevitably JB starts getting wrapped up in the possibilities of some big storm potential if this high does that and that low does this and...eventually it all boils to the MJO for him. He sort of forgets about the WB official forecast. Eventually the JMA or Euro will destroy his dreams (sound familiar?) and he'll capitulate to warmth in a blathering video (expect Rocky references). If he does this early enough in the winter then we can expect snow following the capitulation. If he waits too long to capitulate then hope is lost.
  5. I'll take any M'er F'ing blue if they giv'n it away.
  6. Weatherbug complete capitulation for next week's storm. 50F and rain. So much for those tea leaves.
  7. Nothing's worked at all for the past two years to the day so I'm sure it'll be gone by morning. But it's on weatherbug so I'm getting the feeling this time is different.
  8. That southern look is just where I want it right now.
  9. For the record, weatherbug sniffed that out first. I'm really liking a threat withing d10. Might have to mount the blade on the Muck Truck.