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  1. No brine yet in Calvert. I hope it stays that way because I don't yet know how to wash all that off my car. Get under it with a hose while on ramps?
  2. Time to check "climo" off the list. I've been living here for almost 20yrs, pretty sure I know my own climo. Go bother somebody else.
  3. Wtf? We haven't had snow to cover the grass since 2018.
  4. It's not that kind of system that just comes north Don't be a crybaby. Heaven forbid the southern members actually see flakes.
  5. I'm going on my first vacation since before COVID and leaving Saturday. Would make perfect sense that the first snow in 4yrs falls on the time when I'm gone.
  6. We are usually good for at least 12" per year around here. Pretty shitty but not a total shutout. We're closing in on 4yrs without a significant snow event down here now.
  7. What was last year? That was the absolute shittiest winter of my entire life. We need to avoid that from now on. BTW, homing in on property in Garret county or Grant county for the log cabin. Just waiting on my wife's annual bonus before I get serious.
  8. About the time that soil temps cool down enough to support accumulation the sun angle is higher and rising fast. We fail no matter what. It's over.
  9. Jackpot right over my house. Oh yeah, this one is locked to verify
  10. Grass seed? I'm seeing more like tomato and pepper weather.
  11. Is someone going to start the weather platitudes bingo card? Jumping in early with 1. Rain in Southern Maryland 2. Someone mentions "climo"
  12. I'm starting to run out of youthful years, if it's ever going to snow again I need it to be soon or else I'll be too old to enjoy it.
  13. Yeah, it's definitely over. At this point you can count me out.
  14. Maybe it's confirmation bias but it seems like there is ALWAYS a MA snowstorm in the ~240hr range on the models. Is there some sort of technical reason for this? Like some sort of amplification or feedback that is inherently built into the models? Anybody have a clue?
  15. JB is the first to forecast that any month of the year is going to be cold and snowy. I hope he's right this time. Is he calling this one Winter Storm Brandon?
  16. Man I just read on CWG that Doug Hill died. He lived right near me and I met him at a few charity events and we even talked weather a couple times. Was my favorite DC met. He was 71.
  17. Was that run from before or after the JB stratwarm tweet?
  18. The hallmark storm has brought me very low cloud decks. It's dangerous out there, (solar) power is out for thousands in the area.
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