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  1. I thought I'd chime in though my knowledge is limited on what you're asking for the most part. I know back in the day, MSU's online program was kind of looked down on, not sure if that's still the case as online college has generally become a bit more mainstream. The program did lean toward the TV Met side of the field, I'd guess it hasn't changed. In general, from what I've read, just having a BS these days isn't guaranteed a job in the field, even with excellent grades and some experience. There are way more applicants than jobs. Jobs in the NWS are very competitive. Even if you were to get a BS then find an entry-level job, I'd guess you'd be taking a pay cut. For reference, I got my BS in 2000 and was offered an entry-level job at a private forecasting company in Houston for $26K, then accepted one in Iowa for $34K, which I thought was great You'd have much better chances with a MS, but you'd also benefit from some experience like an internship, which I'm not sure you'd have time for between classes and your 9-5 job. In any case, good luck.
  2. Flakes falling in Reston...very light.
  3. My house is right underneath the 1. Could be worse I guess, I could live in Ashburn.
  4. I've been looking but don't see the "12Z runs will be telling" obligatory posts this morning? Everything else is here.
  5. 12Z NAM just kicked off. If you all would stop talking so much s**t about it, maybe it'll bring the R-S back to the SE.
  6. I'm not even safe out in Reston with the 06Z NAM. 6 hours of sleet/rain, yuck. GFS/Euro solution though and I'm all snow.
  7. It's been saying basically the same thing since last Thursday with only minor variation.
  8. Weather enthusiasts and weenies wouldn't understand, but most of the people serving the public in the NWS take their jobs seriously and actually care about and take pride in their work. Plus they love what they do (the weather), so all that put together gives them a connection to their work that most people don't have with their jobs. So when you come here and read so much nonsense and even face ridicule, it's not hard to get offended. Having said that, I wasn't rubbed the wrong way by Randy's post but am not shocked that someone in that line of work could be.
  9. Almost in its wheelhouse!
  10. Same posts, different year!
  11. Yup. But not the parallel.
  12. We've started requesting GOES-16 mesoscale sectors during the post-launch test and did one over Hawaii to piggyback the RSO request. Given that G-16 is over about 90W it gave a really cool view of convection over the islands. Enjoy. Posted from a colleague's blog. https://satelliteliaisonblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/meso-sector-over-hawaii/
  13. Airlines are sensitive to this type of stuff, missing a couple cycles of the GFS would probably have them ready to ground their planes.