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  1. They don't make a measurement when the precip changes? They're supposed to... If snow and rain are mixed and there is snow that accumulates, report the precipitation (melted) in the gauge as your daily precipitation, and report the maximum accumulation of the new snow as Snowfall. If the snow is likely to melt before the official observation time, it is best to measure the depth of the new snow as soon as possible after the snow ends before it has a chance to melt. Be sure to include that you had mixed precipitation in your comments.
  2. Started mixing around 12:45 with rain, so I measured and got 1.75"; since then it's been mostly rain (not sleet, as the dual pol indicates it might be) with some flakes mixed in. That might be it for us, unless it's an intensity issue, but that's all bonus snow. Still 33F.
  3. As of 12:30 pm we're up to 1.5" and it's pouring snow at 33F. Gorgeous. Hoping the rain holds off, but the radar looks close for sleet, I assume.
  4. As of 11:55 am we have 3/4" on colder surfaces and a slushy accumulation on paved surfaces with moderate to almost heavy snowfall rates; street in front of the house now has slush on it yet. Temp down to 33F now and if it stays there, we could be in for a few inches of snow. This one appears to be overperforming almost everywhere.
  5. Well that escalated quickly - moderate snow now and 35F (wet bulb is 32F).
  6. Light snow started in Metuchen around 10:45 am; it dropped from 38 to 36F in the last 20 minutes and has more room to drop with a dp of 26F. Any snow today is bonus snow, IMO.
  7. Has anyone seen snowfall maps from the NWS, either the offices or those regional maps we sometimes see? I find it very frustrating that they're not shown prominently somewhere on each office's homepages (or at least on their winter weather pages) or FB pages. Didn't see them on that Eastern Region page either. @wdrag maybe?
  8. This is also one of those rare events (at least around here) where the "best" surface to measure on is the previous snow, since it was hard packed and a ruler wouldn't go through it, plus, since it's frozen, it's at 32F, max, by definition (it can be colder, but not warmer), so snow will accumulate on it immediately (as long as the snowfall rate exceeds the melting rate from the ambient conditions). The snow works especially well on a day like today, where the wind is light, so it doesn't really matter much where one measures.
  9. Well we had 1/4" about2 hours ago and then one last band just now. Holy crap, I stayed outside for almost all of this last band, as it was just stunningly gorgeous - not to get maudlin about it, but at my age you never know when it'll be your last storm, lol. Not the heaviest snow I've ever seen, visibility/intensity-wise, but some of the most beautiful, feathery, cotton-candiest dendrites I've ever seen, with most 1/2-3/4" across and some even up to 1" across and they nestled so pefectly together on top of the snow and whitened up every surface including all the trees (and paved surfaces, so be careful, although it only took 5 minutes to broom it away). We got another 1/2" over about 30 minutes, bringing my total today to 1.75" and my storm total to 5.75". A perfect ending to a great storm - and yes, this is the last of it for CNJ and should be over down the shore in the next 30-45 minutes and it might be even more snow down there, i.e., I could see some picking up 3/4" from this band. Seasonal total now up to 41.75".
  10. Snow is essentially over for now and "only" got 1.0" (thought I might get more), which brings us to 5" for the "event" (I think yesterday and today are being counted together). I wonder if the midday almost-late-Feb indirect sun is doing a bit of work on the falling snow, even at 30F. I would expect this 1" to be gone by the end of the afternoon if we get no more snow.
  11. That was a quick 3/4" in about 40-45 minutes (about 1" per hour rates), although it's now just snowing lightly; however the radar shows another band coming in which isn't as big or as heavy looking as this past one, but should be enough to get us to an inch. Could be treacherous on top of the ice, since people won't see the ice now when walking or driving and this fluff won't stop you from sliding - I know, I almost just fell.
  12. Snowing nicely now! Moderate snowfall with nice big dendrites! Should easily get at least an inch from this, judging by the radar.
  13. People need to be careful out there. I just woke up from a nap and missed the freezing rain (ZR). We have a decent glaze (guessing 0.05-0.10") on everything and it's slippery on any untreated surface. Luckily I had put salt down where I had shoveled.
  14. So, we got almost all sleet since this post around 1:00 pm, when I cleared the board (it had been 6 hours), and we got another 1/2" of sleet over the last 1.5 hours, so that makes 4.0" of snow/sleet, which includes about 1" of sleet, which is equivalent to about 3.3" of snow (if one uses a conservative 3" sleet to 1" liquid to 10" snow (some use 2.5:1), 1" sleet is equivalent to about 3.3" of snow). So I have a "snow equivalent" of 6.3", which I'm pretty happy with. I usually shovel in shots, but I was out today, so I did it all at once and it absolutely felt like ~6" of snow. Would've been much prettier to have had all snow, but plenty of models were showing sleet up through the 95 corridor, so can't complain. Would be nice to get another inch or two tonight/tomorrow morning. We'll see.
  15. Did some "forensics" and closely inspected the snow "column" and I have about 3" of snow underneath about 1/2" of the mixed rimed snow/sleet (was definitely looking like pure sleet in there and others have said we had sleet while I was gone). If that layer is ~3:1 like most sleet, then 1/2" of it is about 1.6" of 10:1 snow, meaning I would have had about 4.6" of snow if it had been all regular snow, which makes more sense. Right now it keeps going back and forth between pure sleet (I checked it closely and it's sleet) and giant aggregates of snowflakes - if we could get an hour of these aggregates, we'd accumulate pretty quickly, but I have no clue what we're going to get for the next 1-2 hours whlie we're still getting decent precip. I did predict "3.5" of snow, then 1" of sleet (3" snow equivalent) on Thursday, then 1.5" of snow on Friday over a long period" yesterday for my house, which could end up being close.