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  1. So much for 2-4" of additional snow, sadly. Got very little during the rest of the afternoon, with whatever fell mostly melting. However, since about 6 pm, we got another 1/2" or so, much of it in the last 2 hours with some occasionally moderate snow. 2.5" total now. Not quite 5-8", but it still looks nice and makes great snowballs! Could be another 1/2" or so is my guess, looking at the radar.
  2. As of 3:30 pm, still have just 2" OTG, as it's been snowing fairly lightly the last hour and my guess is the snowfall rate was matched by the melting rate for an accumulation rate of zero. Anyone who thinks this storm looks healthy is delusional: a few hours ago, 2/3 of CNJ/NNJ was under 20 DBZ+ rates, while maybe 1/10th of that area is under that kind of rate. We may still get pivoting and more snow, but the last few hours have underperformed for most. On the bright side, at 3:30 pm, while the NWS-Philly dropped the warnings for most of eastern PA, they kept them for Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, Morris, Sussex, W. Monmouth and Middlesex for 2-4" of additional snow. They also kept advisories for the tier of counties south of those counties for 1-2" more snow, but dropped all advisories for Philly Metro.
  3. Thanks, that's nice of you to say - good luck in your final work years too. Didn't realize that MSW was your area and yeah, leaving after 30+ years is a pretty big change (akin to a friendly divorce lol). Fortunately, it was on my terms and they want me to come back part-time (~10 hrs/wk) for 6-12 months to consult at a nice rate, which I'll likely do, as I think it'll be a nice transition and a little extra income won't suck. Lots of bonds, too, as you said: most obviously, I managed groups of 10-25 for the last 20 years and probably 70% of our department was in my group at one time or another, and in addition, there have been the weather notes, the DJ-ing (I've been DJ-ing our annual BBQ and holiday parties for over 20 years and will still do those in retirement at least this year), and the Rutgers football games (our crew of 14 includes 3 guys from work and their wives and with Schiano coming back there's actually hope for the future).
  4. BL is the boundary layer, essentially the atmospheric conditions at the boundary between the air and the ground.
  5. Snowfall intensity the last hour has been light to moderate, so only got 1/2" in the last hourd with 2" OTG as of 2:30 pm. Temp ia at 33F (been bouncing between 32 and 33F, just warm enough for some melting). The 18Z HRRR only has another 2" for most of CNJ/NNJ so I'm thinking most folks in warning areas aren't going to make it to the 5-8" range predicted for many of us if the model is correct. I'm at 2" now and 2 more would be 4", which I'd be happy with - of course the HRRR is nowhere near being correct all the time. Radar really looking ragged though vs. an hour or two ago. Let's hope this thing cranks back up.
  6. Snowing moderately and 1.5" OTG as of 1:30 pm at 32F. Roads are slushy, but not too bad, as long as one goes slowly, as I just made a food store run (an excuse to get out, lol); 287 and Route 1 are just mostly wet with a little slush so far, but will likely get worse by 3-4 pm, assuming the snow continues and as the sun goes down.
  7. I started my winter weather emails at Merck in the late 90s and then I became head of one of our major synthetic chemical pilot plants in 2000 and part of that job is being on the Site Emergency Mgmt team, given the tons of flammable solvents and chemicals we have on site and use in that building; then in 2008 I was put in charge of process safety for the site, so continued my involvement with the OEM team. My weather notes started going to the OEM guys, in the early 2000s, especially since we were all involved in snow removal (our operators are involved in that as part of the contract) and they grew over the years, such that we set up a service to have them sent to about 500 subscribers in the company as of now. I just do winter weather and tropical weather and it's mostly for fun, but people seem to like them. So many people wanted me to continue with them after retirement that we have one of the admins taking my content from an email I send her and posting it for employees.
  8. Looks like this is where the band has set up. Could be 6" or more in these locations and travel is going to be rough. Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Mount Holly NJ 1134 AM EST Mon Dec 2 2019 NJZ001-007>010-012-PAZ055-062-021745- Morris-Hunterdon-Sussex-Somerset-Middlesex-Warren-Monroe-Northampton- 1134 AM EST Mon Dec 2 2019 ...AN AREA OF HEAVIER SNOW AFFECTING NORTHEASTERN HUNTERDON... MORRIS...SUSSEX...WARREN...SOMERSET...MIDDLESEX...NORTHEASTERN MONROE AND NORTHEASTERN NORTHAMPTON COUNTIES... At 1132 AM EST, an area of heavier snow continues to slowly move across much of northern New Jersey. Snowfall rates up to an inch per hour will result in an increase in accumulations on untreated surfaces and also significantly reduce the visibility. Remember, bridges and overpasses tend to be colder and therefore be more slippery. Conditions can deteriorate rapidly in winter weather situations. Be prepared that untreated roads will quickly become slush to snow covered during heavier bursts of snow. Slow down and allow extra time when traveling. Locations impacted include... New Brunswick, Perth Amboy, Morristown, Somerville, Port Jervis, Newton, Montague, Mount Pocono, Somerset, Edison, Old Bridge, East Brunswick, Bridgewater, South Brunswick, Sayreville, North Brunswick, Carteret, Dover, Madison and Hopatcong.
  9. It's been said by many before, including me, but if you work in the area and are at work now and can head home, I'd highly advise it, since snow at this rate will accumulate even on major highways and we all know what happened on 11/15/18 in a similar situation. I just advised the emergency management Merck folks in Rahway, who I used to work with (I retired last week after 30+ years) to consider sending people home early: my weather notes continue to be sent to about 400-500 people there, even post-retirement, which is kind of cool.
  10. Snowing close to heavily now here at 32F with 1/2" on the ground as of noon. Gorgeous out there folks - go take a Jebwalk Accumulating well on all surfaces now, which is easy at this rate and with the low sun angle.
  11. Started snowing lightly here around 10:30 am at 33F and had a dusting as of 11:00 am. Snowing moderately here now with 1/4" OTG as of 11:30 am - it took awhile to overcome the melting, especially with the very wet ground, but now snow is accumulating on all surfaces including paved ones; in addition, temps have dropped from 33F to 32F.
  12. Thought summaries of the NWS Philly/NYC forecasts and the relevant snowfall maps might be helpful. Significant bust potential exists on the low side for NWS-Philly and on the high side for the NWS-NYC, IMO. This is really going to be a nowcasting event, i.e., watching the radars and the sky. Where do I sign up for the 4-7" forecast for me? So let's get to what the NWS-Phillly is saying. Warnings are now up for 5-8" of snow for Bucks, the Lehigh Valley, Mercer, Hunterdon, and Somerset, A warning is up for 4-7" for Middlesex Warnings are up for 6-10" for the Poconos, Sussex/Warren/Morris. Advisories are now up for 2-5" for Montco, W. Chester, Berks, W. Monmouth, Ocean, and Burlington Advisories are up for 1-4" for E. Chester, Delaware, Philly, Gloucester, Camden, and E. Monmouth. And what the NWS-NYC is saying. Warnings are up for 5-7" of snow up for W. Union, and W. Essex Warnings are up for 5-10" of snow for Passaic, N. Bergen, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, N. Westchester, and N. Fairfield Advisories are up for 2-4" for eastern Union, eastern Essex, southern Bergen, Hudson, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, S. Westchester and N. Nassau (and 4-6" for interior CT/3-5" for coastal CT).
  13. Not true. As of this 2014 thread, the 6/18Z scores were slightly worse than 12/0Z, but much better than the 6-hr previous model run, which is mostly a function of being 6 hours closer to the event, which will almost always result in a more accurate forecast, given numerical modeling of chaotic systems, like the weather, where forecast errors always get worse the further out in time one goes. I also recall reading more recently that the 6/18Z gap had narrowed further, but couldn't find that in a quick search.
  14. 6Z Euro was a major improvement vs. 0Z Euro for CNJ and NYC metro/LI...
  15. Measurable snow on the Euro Op is largely confined to areas NW of Sussex/Warren and N of 84, with significant snows only inland of Williamsport to Albany to Bangor, ME. So, GFS/CMC are decent, but the Euro is a miss for the 95 corridor - I'd take the reverse any day of the week, lol.