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  1. nw baltimore wx

    April Banter 2019

    That's a pretty cool park. We stopped in there when we did a three week National Parks tour several years back. I especially like that they still have the Christmas decorations on the lamp posts!
  2. nw baltimore wx

    April Banter 2019

    Hopefully, it'll get busy again with the hockey playoffs starting. And stay busy into June.
  3. nw baltimore wx

    April Banter 2019

    I went with 63.
  4. nw baltimore wx

    2019 Mid-Atlantic Severe Wx - General Discussion

    A few rumbles of thunder, gusty winds, and heavy downpour here, but oddly enough, the LWX radar didn't show anything above my location.
  5. nw baltimore wx

    April Banter 2019

    O's had not won 4 straight on the road since 2014. Last year they had one four game winning streak all year, and back to back series wins only once all year. Both were in mid May. I'm heading to opening day tomorrow, which will be my 27th in a row, but my first as a fan and not a beer vendor.
  6. nw baltimore wx

    April Discobs 2019

    I think DC's average last feeeze is late March.
  7. nw baltimore wx

    March Banter 2019

    How could I have not mentioned the Caps beating the Lightning? It would be nice to have the final game against the Isles not matter.
  8. nw baltimore wx

    March Banter 2019

    I took the lead in my pool with the VA win, but I need Michigan State to beat Duke today. Then I have Michigan State beating VA in the finals. Nice win for the O's yesterday though that 9th inning got a little hairy. It's hard to believe that over the next six months, most of us think we've only got 59 or less of those coming.
  9. nw baltimore wx

    March Banter 2019

    Does anyone want to play the over/under game for Orioles wins this year?
  10. nw baltimore wx

    March Discobs 2019

    I was thinking about it on the way in to work this morning and wondering how big a canopy your tree is. Have you ever considered spraying with water like they do for the orange crops, or even a kerosene heater under the canopy for nights like last night? It might be more important for NEBaltZen, but also thought about his magnolia too.
  11. nw baltimore wx

    March Discobs 2019

    If @PrinceFrederickWx is a cocorahs member, he might be able to top that.
  12. nw baltimore wx

    March Banter 2019

    Thanks for the update. Terrible to hear.
  13. nw baltimore wx

    Early April Winter Storm Discussion(LOL)

    I think an April 1st storm thread was started by the right guy.
  14. nw baltimore wx

    March Banter 2019

    That doesn't sound good. I hope it was something less serious and just attracted a lot of attention.
  15. nw baltimore wx

    +NAO stats

    I'd enjoy the stats this thread might produce, but I can't make heads or tails out of the bolded. Were they + or -? And is this unprecedented or cyclical or something else?