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  1. Hail? I volunteer for the heat, humidity, and nothing.
  2. Just a comment, but the 1,2, 5 and 6 top regular season teams are left in the east but the top two play each other in round two. Dumb, unless you're a Rangers fan.
  3. If the time date works for me and Katie can make the drive to the Ville, I'd be honored to drive her down. Fozz and RR too.
  4. April has been good to the area. 4.58" of rain for the month so far.
  5. That's a lot of veggies! How do you manage the weeds?
  6. I'm finally getting some rain showers here this morning for the first time since April 7th.
  7. Thanks, Katie. Well done! Tell Ian the same regarding the article.
  8. This made me laugh in a good way. I picked up two bottles of 303 and did one shutter last fall. Let everything lie for the winter, but the shutter I did 5 months ago still looks new. I picked up a couple bottles of siding wash today at the box store, and the next cloudy day that I'm off, I'll clean the house and use the 303 to make the shutters look like new. Granted, the one shutter that I used the 303 on last fall is in a shaded area, I'm sold on this stuff. I can't wait to make the house shine again. Does anyone have any tips for application? I'm thinking of using an old shoe polish container because it seems to work best when you wipe on a light coat and immediately wipe it off with a dry rag. I'm trying to avoid over-spray otherwise I'll have to shine the whole house! In other news, I've had some off and on plumbing issues of late and finally bit the bullet and am aving the sewer line replaced tomorrow on my 75+ year old house. I can't help feeling like I'm flushing money down the toilet. Bob, you should take that entrepreneurial son of yours to the nearest ABC rental company, teach him how to work a backhoe and how to tie PVC to a main sewer line. You'll be living large in no time. What a racket.
  9. Don't you have enough to worry about with the Blue Jackets in the first round? And the nhl playoff seeding system is really atrocious. Two of the 1st - 3rd regular season teams in the eastern conference are guaranteed to be eliminated in the first two rounds, while the 4th - 7th is guaranteed a spot in the conference finals. If I was a Ranger's fan, I'd be stoked.
  10. The spring classic bike races are all pretty cool, but Paris-Roubaix is king.
  11. Lol. Except the part where she screams when her ears get pierced.
  12. I think he said it's a vacation home for now. But maybe a retirement move some years down the road.
  13. A beautiful morning to kick off a week off from the "real" job. The lowest temp that I observed here was 33. Bring on the warmth!
  14. Time sensitive, but nuts. http://www.chart.state.md.us/video/video.php?feed=0e0109d100f1003d00471536ea235d0a
  15. I love it up there. And there are very few bad dogs, but there is a plethora of bad owners. I guess I shouldn't complain.