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  1. This is the best I can remember Lamar playing. Not trying to do too much and great accuracy with the pass.
  2. BWI: Oct 28 IAD: Oct 28 DCA: Nov 18 RIC: Oct 28 BWI departure +1.2
  3. Dreary night. Just got home from the Annapolis area and heavy drizzle to light rain everywhere. Good night for the O’s to be off.
  4. I think that’s typical, and it’s probably not as bad overall this year with the rule that pitchers have to face three batters unless they end an inning. Someone more knowledgeable than me might have more to say, but I think the biggest problem for the O’s is that most, if not all of their pitchers are in uncharted area. They’ve never pitched this many innings. They’ve almost all over performed at some point this season but as @Chris78 said, they are taxed. Hopefully they can win the division and get a week of rest. Otherwise, I don’t think they’ll go very deep into the playoffs. Regardless, it has been a fantastic year, but it would be disappointing to get this close to the division title and not be able to take advantage of the advantages that come with that.
  5. I thought this break was modeled yesterday. If they’re right, should start again early afternoon, another break, then decent rains this evening and overnight. Wait and see I guess. But plenty to do in the meantime.
  6. We likely caught a break playing that four game series against the Rays as they were finishing up their own 17 straight game stretch. The difference though is their pitching depth. They are better equipped for that kind of schedule. I wish that the O’s had addressed the pitching a little more at the trade deadline. Flaherty hasn’t been good, but maybe he can offer us some long relief today. Means can’t, or shouldn’t go more than 80 pitches. And hopefully we get a quality start from Gibson tomorrow.
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