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  1. So far ahead of you. We need a forum meet up.
  2. Damn. Any chance that they shut down?
  3. I usually read every post even if I've been away from the board for a lengthy time and there are five or six pages unread like this morning. Not today.
  4. 2/1/23 0.1" Season Total: 0.1" I'll go with that until the guy down the road in Pimlico reports three times as much to LWX.
  5. I’m likely wishcasting but it doesn’t seem to me that the frontal boundary has made much progress south. I am hoping that translates to a quick development of precip more north across most of MD in the next couple of hours before the developing low off the coast of VA robs all the moisture.
  6. Nice win for the Terps. I wish they had a better 3 point shooter though.
  7. Play your cards right this evening and I’ll bet you can switch the wine and wife in that statement.
  8. Just saw this picture from the storm down south. Oh, Texas.
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