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  1. That's awesome! Thanks for finding this. I lived on Bennington Dr at the intersection of Belton Dr. The MacGregor's lived just up the street from us. Our house was undamaged but two houses away had severe damage.
  2. Road trips rule.
  3. We are still on our road trip from LA and made a stop last night in Gold Beach, OR, before meeting friends tonight in Lincoln City for the weekend and the eclipse. We had cell service overnight and I was glad to get caught up on everyone else's plans for Monday's show. Wishing everyone clear skies and good beer! That reminds me, Mattie G and Cape need to make a trip to Russian River Brewing! There are a ton of breweries out here but that was a really good one. Still have a couple of Pliny the Elder to work on. Last night's sunset from Gold Beach.
  4. Crazy times, for sure. By the way, I had forgotten that I took this quick shot overlooking the campground as we were leaving. Our site was within the fire when I took this ten minutes after making our mad dash out.
  5. We did the High Peaks Trail in Pinnacles and were definitely keeping an eye out for critters. Got really lucky and saw a condor that was just hanging out in a tree over the trail. The big highlight of the trip was just a couple of hours ago when we were camping in Sonoma Lake and were awoken by car horns and yelling to get up and get out because of a wildfire. I'm pretty sure everyone in the camp got out safely though some lost their gear because the fire overtook the campground. It was a frantic 20 minutes and we left the area to the firemen and an orange glow. We are exhausted and just checked into a motel. Finally, so sad to hear about what's going on in Charlottesville. I'm sure I'm weirded out by the fire tonight, but everything feels a little surreal right now. Hoping to wake up to a better world.
  6. Doing some awesome hikes and hitting up some great breweries out here in CA. Saw the Os in Oakland tonight, and although it's a pretty blah stadium, the fans are gracious and inviting, and we had a great time. Could use some rain out here though...
  7. I remember both of these events. Ad a side note, my best non-weather event in Kettering was when Ronnie Bryant and I were walking through the cornfield from your house to the underground fort that we had built with your brother in the middle of the same field, and we saw him running at us with eyes the size of saucers screaming, "Copperhead!!!" Man. Good times!
  8. Only .44" here yesterday.
  9. I remember the 1970 one also. My neighbor and I were outside playing and my mom scared the heck out of us with her warnings of what would happen if we looked at the sun that day. Fearing for blood from my eyes, I played with my Tonka trucks in the garden without ever looking anywhere but the ground. My older brothers on the other hand, also got the warning, but they were just old enough to ignore her. They said it was great. They still have their eyesight so maybe they lied to me about "seeing" it.
  10. That's awful.
  11. About a week ago I was lamenting that it just doesn't thunderstorm the past few years like it (seems) to do in the past. But this week has been pretty great in spite of my backyard not getting into a lot of the action. We were in Severna Park this evening on a friend's screen porch and it was so enjoyable listening to the rain and thunder, and watching the lightning while enjoying a wee dram of 10 yo Pappy Van Winkle. Good stuff. Not life changing, but certainly grateful my buddy was willing to share. Glad for those that have gotten into the storms these past few days.
  12. Welcome back! You meant Ji-O, right?
  13. Some decent activity blossoming around Bmore.
  14. I will be on the Oregon coast. Should be fun.
  15. Totally rigged. Seriously, nice sweep!