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  1. For me, no. It was the same. Sitting in Houston and already delayed to BWI. I guess I haven’t yet had my last Shiner Bock.
  2. I loved my recent trip to Iceland but I’m not sure I’d risk their weather for an eclipse.
  3. Might be a big Texas sunset upcoming.
  4. Granted, I’m easy to please, but Texas makes some decent corn whiskey.
  5. Did you use a tracker or post edit? I was afraid to set my tracker up to Polaris overnight with the chance of rain.
  6. Thanks. Once I get home and get them downloaded I’ll post the originals.
  7. Seeing the eclipse and lucking into totality was amazing, but the best part of this trip was seeing friends we don’t often see, and frankly, even better, meeting and engaging with the locals. Super small town and so much history. This picture is of two locals and a friend of mine’s wife that’s basically in charge of the sun. These guys talked to us for an hour and the guy on the left was born in this town and 76 years old.
  8. If we get a tornado in Rocksprings on top of the eclipse I’m going to go all @ravensrule in here.
  9. We got lucky! Incredible!!! Photo is a photo from the back of my camera. Good luck all!
  10. Same. I’m only hoping for a glimpse of totality, so it’s going to come down to a lucky break.
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