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  1. I swear a friend of mine just texted as he’s coming home from Pittsburgh and the traffic is insane out that way too.
  2. Home didn’t see as much as the city but I did manage .11” of unexpected rain. You don’t know how apropos your comment is at this moment.
  3. Hour 390 on the 6z gfs might give the northwest crew their first digital freeze.
  4. @mattie g ETA Oh, you deleted one. I thought you were going to run off a series of man-hugs.
  5. Looks and feels like a beach sunrise.
  6. Garage door open, shooting some pool, throwing darts, drinking beer while watching the Ravens. Great fall day.
  7. In late August and early September, given all of their injuries, I never thought the Ravens would be on the verge of 5-1.
  8. Yes, that’s me! I got a lucky pop up shower on the 5th compared to nearby stations.
  9. I just finished aerating and seeding so it can rain now. .48” for October.
  10. Is this the day we can finally start autumn?
  11. Send the photo to yourself on your phone and opt for a smaller image. Then copy and paste.
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