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  1. .26” here. I must have caught the tail end of the storm north of here. More importantly, I had leftover sugar pumpkins so giving a fresh pumpkin pie a try. It’s a good year for experimenting. With the grey skies and Perry Como crooning Christmas carols, it feels pretty festive.
  2. I think we should all have a drink. My girlfriend has been talking fantasy football to me for five straight minutes and I don’t think I could get more numb. She’s still going... I’m mixing it up and going dirty martini. See what I did there?
  3. I need a wtf button. This is nuts.
  4. I clearly missed some antics in here. Mappy, H2O, and WxUSAF might have tidied up, but there’s still some blood splatters on the wall.
  5. Don’t make me get in my white van. Totally joking above, but that was a cruddy thing that happened to your family, especially your son.
  6. Win the NFC East and still have a possible top ten draft pick.
  7. Looking at the remaining schedules of both teams, the WFT may have a better shot at the playoffs than the Ravens.
  8. Jackson slow again on the deep pass.
  9. Yeah, those are my top two, too.
  10. I need to work on my reputation here.
  11. Oh, and @jonjon too. I’ll bet that there are a lot of secret brewers on here. At least secret drinkers. It’s been a long 2020. Everyone’s found a vice.
  12. It’s pretty amazing how many Christmas decorations I’ve seen in the neighborhood already. I think everyone is resigning themselves to being home bound, so why not make it feel homey. I’m also all for it. I was looking today at getting led C9 lights for my old house. There’s a site online that has the led’s that the reviews say look realistic. I just need a leg lamp in the front window.
  13. @mattie g and @Scraff are a must. I’ll stay quiet in the corner taking notes.