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  1. The forecast track for Beta would be terrible for the Texas coast. Obvious, I know, but I just wanted to type “Beta.“
  2. Indeed. And it’s been tough for her recently. But, damn, 87 and seven months would have been better.
  3. I brew a really good clone of that. I love the original, but if I brew the clone this year, I’ll make a trip down to share. Also, left the garage to come down to say hello to old friends at Sliders.
  4. Sitting up overlooking Deep Creek Lake might win.
  5. Good for you. There’s always whiskey.
  6. I’m in Cozy’s Brewery (aka the garage and my classroom) with the doors open, shooting darts and drinking a Revelation Conan the Juiceman from @CAPE and @JakkelWx land. An excellent Friday, for sure.
  7. Cold front through here. Gusty winds and gray skies. Feels like fall!
  8. The cool weather and gray skies have duped me into a Heavy Seas Greater Pumpkin bourbon barrel aged.
  9. Someone check my work here. We need global warming to make for a longer and more intense fire season. We need a longer and more intense fire season to produce a lot of smoke. We need a lot of smoke to offset global warming. How am I doing so far?
  10. You need to talk to @Eskimo Joe
  11. Peter Laviolette was hired by the Caps? I hadn’t heard that until now.
  12. Seriously though, that’s pretty cool. I’ve also been enjoying the slow conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter this year that culminates in December (I think).