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  1. Wow. Cool stuff!
  2. Awesome. Wish I could buy you both a cold one!
  3. I had a long two day drive to and from Boston the past two days, so unfortunately we won't be making it.
  4. I didn't know how bad a fail this was until I saw this. How did we screw this up?!?
  5. What time should we get there? Have a great party!
  6. .44" here for the remnants/front tally. 1.65" for June.
  7. Damn. Lucking out again here. Nice look to the radar heading inbound.
  8. We ended up getting .11" last evening with a double rainbow bonus. Puts the monthly tally at 1.08". It's disappointing reading the trends in the tropical thread, but somehow, someway, I still believe we will get a good soaker before we finish the month. Also, happy summer!! I'll take mornings like this right up until September, please.
  9. Just picked a surprise quick .10"
  10. Hmmmm... It's a hike from here, but my gf and I enjoy road trips, so it might work for me. She'd be joining us but that's a plus.
  11. .77" here. Glad the farms on the eastern shore got dumped on, but feel for those that got shafted. And what a perfect June morning!
  12. About .75" so far with more showers incoming. It would be nice to eek out an inch from this.
  13. 8:30 AM? No, thank you.
  14. If you think that a smell will help control bugs, then try this stuff. It's loaded with garlic. I spilled some in my truck and now the only thing that plays on my radio is Billy Joel's, "Italian Restaurant." eta: Oops. I guess a link would help. You can get it at any hardware/garden store. http://www.bonide.com/products/garden-naturals/view/2360/repels-all-granules
  15. The hrrr and nam blew their loads on Friday and Saturday. I just finished watering so it's going to happen.