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  1. It’s official. I’m a weenie!
  2. Someone needs to explain to me how a Patriots loss ensures us home field advantage. I get that a KC loss would do it because they beat us this year, but how do the patriots have any say in it? Up by two games with two to play, and we beat them. Why are they in the conversation?
  3. Yeah, 8am is early. I was thinking with the 12z model runs!
  4. I don’t discriminate. The 12 and 0z’s are a good time to drink too.
  5. I just happily discovered that there is a baby shower on December 28th that I’m not invited to. Am Wx meet up to sample Lamar’s shake and bake?
  6. I look at snow maps for fun but I also look at the snow depth change maps. They’re more grounded though still wrong.
  7. If that was really Lamar, you wouldn’t be able to see the hops.
  8. Yeah, I don’t get that. He doesn’t need to play until January.
  9. Sit Lamar for the rest of the game.
  10. 3 penalties and 1 yard 4 inches.
  11. I before e except after c. Or in neighbor and weigh.
  12. Howard dropped those weather phone digits in here a few days ago, so I have been calling that pretty regularly to hear his raspy, calming voice. I’m hoping he’ll do something for the holidays like he did for Halloween a decade or so back.
  13. If not, pull into the next gas station and ask, “Where the **** am I?” That looks like a real user-friendly site.
  14. 0.4" here. Looked like more looking out the window before it was light out, but a solid snowy December scene.