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  1. This forum sucks at snow, but damn if we don’t have beer, food, and fun down pat.
  2. Banter but how’s solar working out for you? Thought about it here.
  3. Nebraska did the Terps a solid last night by beating Rutgers. If MD can win out this weekend, they’d be in the top half of the Big Ten standings going into the conference tourney. Dreaming even more, Wisconsin has two tough games left this week and MD could even leapfrog them.
  4. That chili looks like it would pair well with one of @CAPE’s stouts.
  5. Deviled Eggs, egg salad. Also good in dark chocolate.
  6. No. Just making room in the fridge.
  7. Drinking the last of the 1st Meal from RAR that @CAPE gave me.
  8. I just had a crab cake sandwich from Box Hill (don’t want to quote all of @Stormfly’s last post) and though I like them a lot, the bun is too large. It takes away from the crab cake. I like G & M’s crab cake a lot, but the Olive Branch that used to be used to be here and moved up 140 a ways is really good too. Tim Buk Too in Hanover used to be good too, but I haven’t been there in awhile. I need a good recipe from @Mrs.J for all the crabbing we do.
  9. And some girl named Winter is wiping a drink from her face.
  10. It’s not necessary but it would be huge to leapfrog Rutgers in the standings and not have to play Michigan in the second game of the Big Ten tourney too, though I would trade an early loss there for an extra weekend in the big dance.
  11. Gotta keep it going. Two very winnable games to end the regular season.
  12. I was at Key about a month ago. Good stuff.
  13. We spent yesterday afternoon up at Independent Brewery in Bel Air. I can’t wait for things to get back to normal so they can use the Funk House for its original intention, making funky sours. Great afternoon though and we are really glad we got outdoors for the 8 hours it hasn’t been raining.
  14. No doubt I’d have plowed into that cinder block wall. It was ice rinks for me, though I did get Rollerblades the moment they came out.