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  1. Awesome. Always good to see your photos, Snowfan!
  2. Lol. I couldn't one of the pop up boxes to close and opted for Redzone
  3. is there any way to stream that Bills game?
  4. Already trying to stoke the inner fears and insecurities of the weak, I see.
  5. Lol. You missed your calling, or is there even a thing called a beer sommelier? But it's not too late for you to do YouTube reviews. Also, our oyster stout home brew was a big hit last night, but sad that it's gone. I'll have to make time to brew next weekend to have some for the frigid January weather.
  6. Let me know when you crack it open and I'll join you with Bourbon County.
  7. Nice, Cape! I'm hoping more on the shore post some pics in here.
  8. 12/ 9 3.5"
  9. I'm playing catch-up this morning reading all the posts from yesterday, but some great posts and pictures. Beautiful storm! 3.5" here.
  10. Perfect night for a Christmas party!!
  11. Snowing nicely. Cardinals and blue jays at the feeder, and the Hawthorne living up to its advertised winter beauty. Oh, and the chairs are protecting the twigs and logs in the fire pit for sacrifice to the snow gods later.
  12. It's awful. Are still bike riding? There are some bike trails around the city that I haven't been on and want to check out sometime. I'd be riding a city bike so speed is not an option!! Enjoy! Days like this is when I really wish that I had kids. (Then I go to work and ugh)
  13. Lol. I was afraid of that.
  14. I like that the obs thread is filled with whining and I can sit in the banter thread and see a red-tag be optimistic.
  15. Well, there's still time to break out the rake or the mower! Just think, you could be the first on your street to use the mower while snow is falling.