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  1. Black Flag is worth a trip. No outdoor area or great taproom but their beers are really good. eta that the taproom is fine. I just meant that it’s pretty generic. The beers are why you go.
  2. Wow!! I wanted to say something but, well, you all get it.
  3. Cushwa is up among my favorite beers these days. Dense Fog is solid.
  4. Relieved to see .34" in the gauge this morning.
  5. That cell just passing @Mrs.J’s area looking healthy.
  6. Good for you. I’m heading up tomorrow for the business person’s special.
  7. I’m just really surprised to see this one (and I think I saw a pair) taking up residence on this dinky little pond. He was busy and doing well. All I got was a sunburn. Here’s another still from a video that I took. Not good quality or anything, but I’m still surprised.
  8. At 6 bucks a month, I’d run it all the time.
  9. I’m fishing at Jackson Pond near Howard High in Columbia and there’s an osprey that apparently has a nest near here. He’s doing much better than I am.
  10. Mine are bad too. I did a bike ride yesterday and when I finished, I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. My breathing sounded like a squeaky hamster wheel.
  11. That’s called Christmas.
  12. Yeah, I'm thinking about putting my maters out next weekend but will wait to see what the long term forecast looks like before I do.
  13. I’m fishing on Wednesday. I might try some for bait if I can find any around here.