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  1. BWI is below 40 for the first time this season, and IAD should get there before sunrise. I'm not even going to check DCA.
  2. Breaking up quickly now.
  3. Some sarcasm here, but this makes me think this will be the return of ice storms this winter. Could be a lot of damming events.
  4. There are sure to be cramping injuries in both D.C. and Baltimore NFL games tomorrow.
  5. Nearly another inch last night. Total of 1.96" since Tuesday.
  6. Picked up just under an inch since 6AM to bring the storm total to 1.18".
  7. I was hoping for 1.5" but with the way things looked earlier, I'll be very happy with an inch. Especially if more is on the way for Wed/Thurs.
  8. That's awesome. I'm in Ellicott City and only looking at radar estimates and they look pretty weak up my way, but your ob gives me some hope that it may be better than thought.
  9. .20" as of 6AM from the front and now finally getting some steadier Nate rains. And I'm wondering if Jeb is a gambler or a casino worker.
  10. Is that the coffee shop in Thomas? I think it's named Tip Top? On topic, it's raining! Just some brief showers so far but rain nonetheless.
  11. I have mentally set the bar at 1.50" for my backyard just to help alleviate the five week dry spell, and verbatim, the gfs paints that line right along 95 for this area. The euro is only about an inch so I'm figuring on disappointment, but both models say the best action is only 50-75 miles west so maybe we get lucky? I'd love some real remnant action but even if the track is closer to us, my guess is the high ridges out west have the best shot at any legitimate gusts. Overall, like Mattie said a day or two ago, a solid soaker is primary for me.
  12. Whoa! No, I haven't even seen that yet. Might have to go check out the selection up the street at my two stores.
  13. Three weeks ago I was certain this would be a banner year and that the only thing that might mess it up would be too much rain.
  14. I enjoyed the read Showmethesnow. Nice work.
  15. I initially "liked" the post above, but after seeing the like in print, I was afraid people might misunderstand.