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  1. Still up in the Timberline area and fishing this evening was again good. Lots of fun catch and release bass, but no trophies. Here’s the best one of the evening caught on a rubber frog by my nephew.
  2. I don’t know for sure but I think splitting them might help too.
  3. Our hydrangea is doing well too! I took this pic on Sunday.
  4. You should ask him how he feels about the Mahomes contract and the impacts on the Ravens when Jackson’s contract comes up for renewal. Perfect icebreaker.
  5. Just talked to someone at the house while we’re away and I’m glad I’m not there. The radar is killing me. i could use some rain but when I’m not there, I don’t see the damage, so I’m good. Here’s another photo from the ridge overlooking the valley today, just when the rain started.
  6. First, I don’t till (though I suspect most don’t), and I also pile all the fall leaves in the yard on the garden, and I mean it’s piled. It’s about two to three feet of dry leaves that compacts to about a soggy inch by spring. Then, even before I plant, I bag my lawn clippings as mulch. I usually get to August before the lawn clippings are too scarce to keep down any weeds, but by then everything is so overgrown that it’s pretty shaded. Thanks for noticing!
  7. No worries. We will see you tomorrow. I’m in the area for a few days. We did an awesome 8 mile hike through the Sods today and managed to just dodge a thunderstorm all day. Also picked up a few pizzas at Sirianos again. Man, their pies are good, especially after a hike. And then managed to do some bass fishing this evening with my nephew, and wow, the ponds up here are bass plentiful! Every lure that I’ve never caught fish with is working! Great times! Sunset looking East last night.
  8. @jonjon I remember you saying that you might have Sunday hours at the brewery. You’re not open today by chance, are you?
  9. It’s going to be a good week for the gardens around here. Ours is looking good. This is the main garden but all the other stuff is doing well also.
  10. I just finished watering and am hearing my first of the year now too. Actually, several.
  11. I’d think some would be interested to know if it is substantially lower than on July 5th after all the sulphur. Though I think they’ve shown that fireworks don’t make it rain.
  12. Minimizing the grass area is right in line with my thinking. He’s got some large trees on the property that shade a pretty much a large dirt area. I was going to suggest mulching a pretty large area and putting it in some azaleas and other plants that tolerate shade, and maybe a swing set or something for his two young daughters. There is a smaller lower area that gets plenty of sun and does seem to have better soil because what is there does at least grow. He will definitely put in some type of fire pit. As we get closer to September I’ll post a few pictures and ask for more suggestions. By the way, when I lived in Arizona for a short time, I loved the look of the hardscapes. You should go all NPZ and plant cactus.
  13. Moving this over here, but a friend of mine is moving back from England after a three year placement and bought a house in Severna Park. He’s been delayed because of the virus so I’ve been cutting his “lawn” the past couple of months, and it’s a wreck. The soil there seems really sandy and dry. I’d have no idea what grass to recommend when we aerate and seed this fall.