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  1. The way everything dies as it approaches makes me wonder if the radar just isn’t accurate in the western areas.
  2. Yeah, I haven’t done great either with around .25”, but better than nothing for sure.
  3. Round one wasn’t much but at least the ground is wet.
  4. Admittedly, the drought isn’t nearly as bad here as other areas, but I’m under an inch for July so I’d be happy with a deluge. And it looks like the radar is starting to blossom to the south, so I wouldn’t abandon all hope for the afternoon in your area just yet.
  5. There may be a train forming and I might be in the tracks.
  6. Apparently BWI hit 100 inter hour. It’s listed as the max in the 6 hour observation. Four days in a row? New record?
  7. Same here. A big old, fat Trace. My cat didn’t even come in.
  8. Windy and thunder. I really might get bunny-hopped by this line.
  9. Curious to see how the storms now in MoCo end up missing me.
  10. I don’t think that I can live here in the summer any longer. My porch thermometers are at 100 and 102.
  11. https://www.weather.gov/wrh/Climate?wfo=lwx Select Now Data, then reporting station (Washington Reagan), then Daily data for a month, and finally select the month.
  12. Dissolved over my house. Barely a trace.
  13. Obs thread in mid winter form.
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