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  1. I’m late with the decorative gourd harvest this year, but in spite of the drought and my neglect, it was another good year.
  2. Twenty or so years ago I used to keep track of when peak was in this area to the day. Mind you, my method wasn’t very scientific. “Today looks better than yesterday, so not yet.” “Today looks worse than yesterday, so it was yesterday.” But it was always from October 25 to November 1, so things haven’t changed much in that regard. Also, I think you’re fortunate because some of the older neighborhoods in Columbia have what I think is some of the best color in the area. I used to work in the Oakland Mills area and I’m still down that way often, and it can be pretty vibrant
  3. I noticed driving home from work today that the colors are improving quickly. A lot of reds and oranges starting to pop.
  4. We got into the heavier band and then some. Just surpassed an inch.
  5. A few days ago, today was forecasted to be sunny, so no complaints here.
  6. I’m at .55” so far. Let’s see if that heavier band can get here and get me close to .75.
  7. Looks great, CAPE! Funny story here.i was going to seed yesterday with the black beauty you recommended but I felt I needed a larger bag. So on the way to the beer fest, I stopped in to the hardware store and exchanged for a larger bag and was going to seed when we got home. But we met some friends at the fest and they came over for a night cap. I ended up falling asleep to the game (in the 8th inning!), woke up on the couch at 3am, checked the radar and saw that rain was getting close. Hopefully none of my neighbors saw me seeding at 3:15am this morning.
  8. Scored a couple of tickets to Manor Hills fall beer fest. What a weekend!
  9. She does it all the time. I think it’s the heat more than the flame.
  10. We are transitioning into the best time of the year.
  11. The Dogtonerfest is a solid beer when you’re having more than one. like Schaffer
  12. I did. He said this recipe is “killing it.” My guess is that this is way cheaper and more people drink it. No plans to bring the other one back.
  13. Duh. Yes, it’s the porter. But KI next Thursday may work out. @mattie g ugh. I’d probably need beer to go to that.