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  1. One thing I just realized is that a lot of people aint winning the snowfall prediction contest thanks to this one.
  2. Buses got stuck on Georgia Ave next to colesville here in SS. So there's that.
  3. BWI: 22.3" DCA: 19.1" IAD: 16.5" RIC: 13.4: SBY: 12"
  4. DCA: 11/7 IAD: 11/5 BWI: 11/7 RIC: 11/12 Tiebreaker: 1.53"
  5. Starting to see rotation in the dumfries cell
  6. DTSS had hail in in storm,, marble to golf. Was one hell of a storm.
  7. Well that was unexpected, pea sized hail for a few minutes and rumbles of thunder.
  8. Quarter size fatties dropping in Rockville. Biggest flakes I've seen in a long time
  9. Blacksburg has always been like that. Everyone else getting snow? Blacksburg's getting rain.
  10. BWI: 6.50" DCA: 3.05 IAD: 4.75" RIC: 0 Tiebreaker (SBY): 7.87"
  11. Welp, hilariously enough kept power throughout the worst of the storm, after it had passed.
  12. Getting a LOT of CG hitting trees in my neighborhood.
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