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  1. biodhokie

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    Yep. RadarScope is worth the $10.
  2. biodhokie

    January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

    Nothing like having to work in a windowless room on a Saturday. I’m fully expecting flakes to be flying by 4 pm and it’s a winter wonderland outside. That said, how does the red line (outdoor portions) fare during snow events?
  3. biodhokie

    January Banter 2019

    Nothing like having to resort to the herpderp model to debbie down a storm, all because you want to get 5 posted.
  4. biodhokie

    January 2019 Discussion and Obs

    Snow/Graupel in Bethesda
  5. biodhokie

    December Banter 2018

    Lol. So that's why my commute sucked this morning.
  6. biodhokie

    November/December Medium/Long Range Disco

    Too late. I have a timer set before I need to contact my primary physician.
  7. biodhokie

    Mid-Atlantic winter 2018-19 snowfall contest

    BWI: 21.3" DCA: 17.8" IAD: 18.1" RIC: 14.5" Tiebreaker (SBY): 30.2"
  8. biodhokie

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    The tropical forum makes my face hurt from facepalming. Q for the mets: how much of a difference can there be from surface obs (side question: are reported winds taken at ground level or at 10m?) vs 10m and in making the sustained winds extrapolation do they use the power law eq estimate to the official sustained winds definition?
  9. biodhokie

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Didn’t have hurricane straps. #cat1
  10. biodhokie

    Michael Banter Thread

  11. biodhokie

    Michael Banter Thread

    Question: Please define for us Maximum Sustained Winds. You keep bringing it up as the cornerstone to your whole argument, I just want to check that we're operating off the same definitions.
  12. biodhokie

    Michael Banter Thread

    Probably napping. Gramps gets cranky when he forgets his oatmeal.
  13. biodhokie

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    What drivel? Micheal was just a weak cat 2 storm.