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  1. Also what was Tony Pann's beloved RPM call for snow?
  2. I cant not see HDRPS as the Herp Derp model every time it's posted. It's become a tick that even gets said aloud.
  3. BWI: 11/2 DCA: 11/18 IAD: 10/31 RIC: 11/12
  4. Well according to the Matthew thread, he's been watching hurricanes for 40 years so that's right about the "get off my lawn" phase of life.
  5. If @mappy is okay with it, im okay with it. If shes not okay with it, she can nuke us from orbit.
  6. Thank you for letting me know that google maps is fake news. I'll have to make sure those planes that fly over my house are just spreading harmless chemtrails then instead of taking pictures.
  7. Because everyone becomes either an extreme EJ in calling bust or a super weenie and every storm is now compared to Sandy because some of the NE folks just can't help themselves.
  8. I feel like EJ at this point. Im expecting snoozefest imby. I'm sure someone is going to get to cash in.
  9. Welp. Behind this it seems like the HRRR/NAM was correct. Some people got some excitement but others have to live vicariously.
  10. Better yet, tell people who live under sea level who rely on pumps and levees to stay dry to shelter in place for a potential 10-20 inches of rain.
  11. If it's not a biblical rain day, it's a bust. /s