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  1. BWI: 21.2" DCA: 18.4" IAD: 20.1" RIC: 16" Tiebreaker (SBY): 6"
  2. I did not expect my intentionally open ended statement was going to light such a spirited debated on the board lol.
  3. BWI: 11/1 IAD: 10/25 DCA: 11/15 RIC: 10/31 Peak Oct temp at DCA: 82F
  4. True, but at that point in the game people should have been ready to receive those orders and leave. People shouldn't be waiting for a mandatory evac order and then go "welp I guess I should pack!" It was known that Ian was coming for a week. There's a reason why particularly Florida NWS have Plan, Prepare, Act in their watches and warnings and those were issued earlier than local mandatory evac orders.
  5. One: Ratings and Two: People don't react to colors on a screen, they react to actual conditions. James Spann is of this train of thought, people don't react to radar.
  6. As car-centric the country is, at bare minimum if you're tight, I'm sure you could evac slightly inland to a parking garage to get height. Sure it'd be really terrifying to be in a car with the winds but the water will kill you faster in your home rather than being 3-5 stories up in a parking garage in land. And yes, there are always some that physically can't evac (e.g. the elderly) but those that make the conscious decision to not leave but have the means to because "X storm wasn't so bad, so this one won't be either" or "the forecasters were wrong about X storm in my backyard that one time, so they're going to be wrong this time" I have very little empathy for.
  7. And it will be so frustrating to hear "well you didn't warn us hard enough!" when they barely escape with their lives.
  8. I want the option where we get finally get our cake, only to find out it's carrot cake.
  9. Winds ripping, getting power flickers in downtown silver spring.
  10. Tornado Warning VAC047-061-121900- /O.NEW.KLWX.TO.W.0037.220912T1837Z-220912T1900Z/ BULLETIN - EAS ACTIVATION REQUESTED Tornado Warning National Weather Service Baltimore MD/Washington DC 237 PM EDT Mon Sep 12 2022 The National Weather Service in Sterling Virginia has issued a * Tornado Warning for... South central Fauquier County in northern Virginia... Central Culpeper County in northern Virginia... * Until 300 PM EDT. * At 237 PM EDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near Culpeper, moving east at 15 mph. HAZARD...Tornado. SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation. IMPACT...For those in the direct path of a tornado touchdown, flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without shelter. Damage to roofs, siding, and windows may occur. Mobile homes may be damaged or destroyed. Tree damage is likely. * This dangerous storm will be near... Bealeton around 300 PM EDT. Other locations impacted by this tornadic thunderstorm include Brandy Station, Elkwood and Remington. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris. && LAT...LON 3847 7791 3853 7794 3857 7777 3848 7774 TIME...MOT...LOC 1837Z 266DEG 12KT 3851 7789 TORNADO...RADAR INDICATED MAX HAIL SIZE...<.75 IN $$ JMG
  11. Looking more and more like the HRRR is going to win out.
  12. Nice shower. Dropping enough rain to obscure objects about 1.5 miles away in Bethesda.
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