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  1. Lots of thunder, no money. I swear wherever I move, the storms will bubble around me. Sucks for those near Rockville proper.
  2. Heavy rain, good thump of wind on the front end not a lot of lightning in the storm. Just as I type this a nice crack of thunder.
  3. Nothing but wet in Rockville. Loved getting an impromptu Jebwalk walking to the metro station this morning.
  4. no. That thread doesn't get started until Jan 22nd because any earlier then we may as well just have this thread on repeat.
  5. Pretty much this. No matter what we get cold again. I'm tired of it feeling and smelling of spring, it's January and needs to be cold.
  6. Starting to accumulate on grass here in Rockville, tuned over to all snow.
  7. Also what was Tony Pann's beloved RPM call for snow?
  8. I cant not see HDRPS as the Herp Derp model every time it's posted. It's become a tick that even gets said aloud.
  9. BWI: 11/2 DCA: 11/18 IAD: 10/31 RIC: 11/12
  10. Well according to the Matthew thread, he's been watching hurricanes for 40 years so that's right about the "get off my lawn" phase of life.
  11. If @mappy is okay with it, im okay with it. If shes not okay with it, she can nuke us from orbit.
  12. Thank you for letting me know that google maps is fake news. I'll have to make sure those planes that fly over my house are just spreading harmless chemtrails then instead of taking pictures.
  13. Because everyone becomes either an extreme EJ in calling bust or a super weenie and every storm is now compared to Sandy because some of the NE folks just can't help themselves.