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  1. BWI: 22.3" DCA: 19.1" IAD: 16.5" RIC: 13.4: SBY: 12"
  2. DCA: 11/7 IAD: 11/5 BWI: 11/7 RIC: 11/12 Tiebreaker: 1.53"
  3. Starting to see rotation in the dumfries cell
  4. DTSS had hail in in storm,, marble to golf. Was one hell of a storm.
  5. Well that was unexpected, pea sized hail for a few minutes and rumbles of thunder.
  6. Quarter size fatties dropping in Rockville. Biggest flakes I've seen in a long time
  7. Blacksburg has always been like that. Everyone else getting snow? Blacksburg's getting rain.
  8. BWI: 6.50" DCA: 3.05 IAD: 4.75" RIC: 0 Tiebreaker (SBY): 7.87"
  9. Welp, hilariously enough kept power throughout the worst of the storm, after it had passed.
  10. Getting a LOT of CG hitting trees in my neighborhood.
  11. I can already hear the thunder and the show isnt going to be here for awhile.
  12. So only an orange day today. I love how accurate that system really is.
  13. Hearing constant rumbling thunder, but I'm looking longingly at the storms that split me north and south.
  14. Super muggy outside, just like a DC summer should be.
  15. Got all of 0.65" last night. My lawn feelings about it:
  16. yep and it mainly boils down to we have rudimentary knowledge of the virus and what it does (which is growing on an exponential level damn near daily) and people are trying to Dunning-Kruger their way into opening things up because they're impatient. On top of that as you said, if wearing masked hadn't become politicized then again like you said would make opening schools less of a risk.
  17. I will expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised when I get my pity 1" on March 31 2021
  18. Lots of thunder, no money. I swear wherever I move, the storms will bubble around me. Sucks for those near Rockville proper.
  19. Heavy rain, good thump of wind on the front end not a lot of lightning in the storm. Just as I type this a nice crack of thunder.
  20. Nothing but wet in Rockville. Loved getting an impromptu Jebwalk walking to the metro station this morning.
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