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  1. You wouldn't be the first to leave Bmore in a snowstorm.
  2. It wasn’t pretty, but never apologize for a win. 8-3 is amazing considering what this team looked like at the end of preseason.
  3. What paint did you use for the black? I want to do the same to some chairs here.
  4. Bengals rubbing Pittsburgh’s nose in some dookie.
  5. Time sensitive, but wintry scene in Canaan. https://www.canaanresort.com/resort/webcams/
  6. Putting up Christmas decorations, Sunday football on the tv, and snow falling would make me very happy.
  7. That's a way more accurate thermometer than the one at DCA.
  8. I'm sorry to see this end. I was kind of hoping that someone with an early or mid-December guess would surprise their way to a win.
  9. Never underestimate the beltway corn dust.
  10. Up to 34 but may have reached 32 intra-hour.
  11. Your spreadsheet is cool. I didn’t know about datedif.
  12. @WxUSAF would know better than me, but if DCA finally dips to freezing tomorrow morning, I think @wxdude64 would sneak in for the win. If it's not until Wednesday morning, then @mappy wins. And finally, in the unlikely event that the corn dust shield holds up until the weekend or our locked-in clipper early next week, then it's drinks on me.
  13. BWI: 13” DCA: 9” IAD: 16” RIC: 8” Tiebreaker SBY: 17”
  14. Can’t be too early recently. We need all the peace and love we can muster these days.
  15. Just flood it. It’s a quick chore. Lay the hose down in the middle of the area and turn it on for about five minutes. Sit on the patio and drink half a beer admiring your handiwork. Then, go back and check on it and wherever it’s soggy is done. Move the hose to the areas that aren’t soggy and do it again, including the beer. After a couple of times, you’ll figure out how the area is sloping and figure out the best placement of the hose. In the heat of summer, I do this every day, but now you’ll probably only need to do it every three or four days. And don’t be afraid to walk on it when it’s soggy. It helps create good contact for the roots to get into the ground.
  16. It’ll be fine. Like the rest of us, it wants to live. Just keep it wet.
  17. Late hours of the 12z gfs are going to have weenies weenie-ing.
  18. "The big ones are sniffed out early," said everyone.
  19. Incredible is the right description. Amazing.
  20. Hot damn! I’ve got one of these beers waiting for me after work this afternoon. Should be an interesting blend!
  21. I’ve had that dude on ignore for years.
  22. Too bad the most recent cold didn’t time better with daylight savings. Richmond would have probably made it with the extra hour of night.
  23. Oh, good. That means I’ve still got six weeks of grass growing weather.
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