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  1. Mulch is done, but with the sun fully down, the grass and roads under the trees are doing their best. Won’t be long.
  2. Pouring fatties now so hard that you can hear them hit the ground.
  3. Is this radar accurate? I’ve never seen anything like it. Rain developing on a line over land. It looks like a lake effect radar without the water. And in the wrong direction.
  4. Not getting the lead there was odd.
  5. I’m wondering if that big slug of rain keeps moving west and makes it to the 95 corridor this evening.
  6. Holy crap. What a kick!!! I feel bad for Lutz but happy for the Vike fans here.
  7. About 1.40” here so far. I’m really enjoying this weather. Rainy, windy, and raw, and we’ve got the fireplace going.
  8. That’s awful. I hope that he recovers quickly.
  9. Holly Hill Apartments has officially renamed themselves Holy Hill.
  10. Charlie Brown Halloween sunsets in here tonight!
  11. I’m not looking for anything severe but I’d like more than a half inch of rain.
  12. BWI: 10/31 IAD: 10/31 DCA: 11/21 RIC: 10/31 Peak Oct temp at DCA: 84F
  13. I put this in our main hurricane tracking thread, but I'll drop it here too. Naples pier taking a beating. https://www.earthcam.com/usa/florida/naples/?cam=naplespier edit: And just like that, the camera is offline.
  14. Time sensitive, but Naples pier getting rocked. https://www.earthcam.com/usa/florida/naples/?cam=naplespier
  15. That’s why I am wondering about the hwrf. It’s also a western track. Personally, I would be more concerned if I lived in the panhandle rather than along the west coast of Florida.
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