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  1. My semolina flour experiment in our pizza was okay, but we like ny style the best so I’ll try to find some of that GM stuff.Thanks!
  2. Yeah, the 2038 brood will come from eggs laid on existing trees. Not surprising that there aren't any near the house.
  3. Picked up nearly .75” the last couple of days, but the clouds are breaking up quickly now up here. It should be a great Sunday Funday.
  4. I just read an article about a guy that developed a website for finding vaccination appointments nationally. I think appointments are plentiful in our area these days but this is a great tool for finding an appointment near you and for a specific vaccine or dose. It’s also just pretty darn cool. https://www.vaccinespotter.org/
  5. Home made sauce. Rolling out the dough. Lining the pizza pan. Precooking for a crispy crust.and adding the sauce. First pizza out of the oven!
  6. I just got a text from a buddy of mine that drove up to the Pittsburgh area this weekend to visit family. He figured what the heck, went into a walk-in clinic and got a J&J shot just like that. He's psyched. His appointment down here wasn't for another week.
  7. There’s a reason I use ignore. Glad to hear that you got to Dogfish!
  8. This thread and @wxtrix inspired me to make some homemade pizza dough for tonight (and extra for the week).Trying something different and went with a 1:2 mix of semolina and all-purpose flour. I need to run to the store to get a few things for the sauce and toppings, but my gf is cooking up bacon from Treuth’s butcher shop in Oella that’ll definitely be included.
  9. I got my second Pfizer shot at 4PM on a Friday and was feeling pretty crappy by noon Saturday. I had a fever and chills all afternoon with a headache, but felt fine by Sunday. Pretty crazy how fast the whole process happens.
  10. Good luck! Don’t forget to get the shot in your non-drinking arm.
  11. Man, that looks tasty. I’ll bet it’s out of this world dipped in some seasoned olive oil.
  12. You just reminded me that Nepenthe in Hampden just released a new west coast ipa. I haven’t had it yet, but with all the hazys out there these days, it’s nice to have a west coast choice. Their last one was really good. I’m a little partial to their products because I work there (well, will again as they slowly reopen), but they make good stuff.
  13. I agree with the Black Flag recommendation. Their beers are pretty good. I like Crooked Crab too, though I wish both had better outdoor locations. Covid has me hooked on living outdoors so I hope it’s a trend that continues even after we come out of this.
  14. Whiskey is the official alcohol of covid vaccinations.
  15. The drought thread will be unreadable when the pendulum swings back.
  16. I got as sick as I’ve been in 10 years after the second Pfizer shot. I don’t think all the whiskey I drank helped, but it was that day where the line at Six Flags was 4 miles long. I left work around noon, drove to Six Flags, waited for three hours to get the shot, and drove home. Five hours in the car will make you want whiskey.
  17. No discount on the seats but 25% off in the team store on site.
  18. I’ve been running all over the place today and just went upstairs here and it was pretty warm on the second level. Won’t be too long before the AC is on full time. Even if it isn’t that hot, I’m gonna want to keep the windows closed because of the rattle and buzz of the soon cicadas! Also, the pollen was rough today!
  19. I was spoiled working for 25 years at the Yard. My sections for the last 20 of those seasons were normally sections 2 - 24. Fun times but I’m looking forward to being a spectator this year.
  20. But you have to go to Pikesville. Ugh. Who’d ever live there?
  21. These days it seems like so many need their 15 minutes of fame regardless of the consideration of others.
  22. This guy spent a couple of days in jail for this stunt on the Bay Bridge last fall.
  23. I’d have given you notice had I known we were coming this way.