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  1. You’re being way to reasonable.
  2. Mask and bundle up and sit outside!
  3. I don’t think it’s fair to judge a quarterback that has little passing support. A banged up offensive line and 175 lb wide receiver that avoids contact (and should because he’s made of glass) isn’t a strong supporting cast. Without him, they are not even in the playoffs.
  4. I don’t think he’s a great quarterback, but Lamar is mostly guilty of simply trying to do too much. But if he didn’t, I’m not sure the Ravens would be in the divisional playoffs.
  5. For a guy that hasn’t had much support other than a backfield, he’s led the team to two seasons that are more than acceptable.
  6. 7 minute drive ends in -7 points. Not good.
  7. The wind may have gotten that last long pass too. Thankfully. Lets see if things change when they flip the field.
  8. Man, that’s a pretty car. It looks fake, almost like a model.
  9. That is going to be a great addition to an already charming town. Congratulations on the new business!
  10. Sounds awesome! Are they renovating in Davis? Along the river near the bridge and park?
  11. Will you be selling your breads at the brewery once the new business is up and running?
  12. Beautiful sunrise and very frosty.
  13. Big answer. Nice to have the two goal lead on the road.
  14. As others have said if we are we to get something, it probably won’t show up in the long range. More likely mid range.
  15. I’m torn wanting to see an NFL game with some snow and hoping the field isn’t sloppy for Lamar Saturday night. Only a 40%.chance of snow showers so maybe I can have both.
  16. That was a 495-centric storm. Didn't get much up here with lousy rates.
  17. I deleted it to avoid annoying others, but I like the quote!
  18. Lol. That was awful!! Excellent read.
  19. Pretty funny watching the coaches making sure the players get off the field without a confrontation.
  20. This next set of downs would be a good time for the @CAPE turnover.
  21. That was not the play to do on your own goal line.
  22. I wouldn’t want to try to bring down Ricard. I’d be a flea on his hip.