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  1. I was on a walk with a friend tonight at dusk and commented that tonight was a Charlie Brown sunset.
  2. Both the euro and gfs have that deep trough for late next week, though maybe too sharp. But plenty of time to smooth it out and get the timing right on some energy rounding the bend. Or not.
  3. I like that the mid Atlantic forum gets excited about flurries. No sarcasm. That game was so bad that even though I “watched” it, until now I thought MN won!
  4. Legit snow shower. So nice to see in late November.
  5. Just saw a lone flake here! Not in the mirror either.
  6. It will, I think. And it'll definitely be more consistent than my old cooler mash tun. Hitting my mash target temperature yesterday was hit, miss, up, and down, but I think I've got it figured out. I'll get beer out of the batches yesterday, but we'll see how they turn out compared to my old five gallon batches. I'm not worried about it. A sour, and even a neipa can hide a lot of mistakes. The annual Christmas/Holiday Party is December 9 so I'll also be rushing the fermentation and carbonation anyway. Fortunately, most of my friends don't have discerning palettes.
  7. I only considered it because the brewery that I work at sold me the 20 gallon pots at a discount price. Who knew I'd still spend a small fortune? Dave (@losetoa6) came over and hooked up the breaker box and I also got some advice from @CAPE about wiring the box. I built the control panel, but after starting to wire it, I realized I'd burn the house down so a couple of smarter friends (not a difficult trait) helped me out. I'm not expecting the batches that I brewed yesterday to turn out very good because so much time was spent figuring things out, but we'll see. It's got a learning curve to it, but it's pretty cool.
  8. 0.36". Made for an unexpected wet brew day! Banter, but here's the "new" brew system that's finally being used. Ignore the temperature settings. The photos are actually from last week when I was testing things. Finished a sour yesterday that I started on Wednesday, and then brewed a NEIPA in the afternoon and evening.
  9. So many points have been taken off the board this year going for it on 4th and short when they were in Tucker’s range.
  10. To each his own, but I respectfully disagree.
  11. I don't mean "wrong," just a lot of rain!
  12. Nam and hrrr are nuts for the overnight.
  13. I wouldn’t notice if it didn’t keep getting quoted.
  14. New rule this year. Last year, definitely a charge. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ncaa-approves-change-to-determining-block-or-charge-calls-and-other-rule-modifications-for-upcoming-season/
  15. There were a couple of 0.5" snows that month at BWI so I'm betting most of us saw more than what was reported.
  16. For BWI, first 1" or more happened December 14, 1995, 1.0", December 5, 2002, 7.5", and December 5, 2009, 1". You can go to the NowData for DCA if you want. https://www.weather.gov/wrh/Climate?wfo=lwx
  17. Anyone going to the Raven’s game today? I’ll be at Checkerspot at 11. First beer on me!
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