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  1. I’m not sure if it’s hail, flower petals, or just big raindrops on the Cambridge traffic cam, but they are getting slammed. eta. Pixel dust.
  2. Watching the storm making its way to Cambridge. https://chart.maryland.gov/video/video.php?feed=1400b84100a300ab0050fa36c4235c0a
  3. A double. Should have started with something lighter to warm up.
  4. Not true. I tweaked my shoulder lifting a beer at my early lunch.
  5. lol. HoCo just went with a three hour early dismissal.
  6. Certainly not going to be ideal conditions but I’ll bet some of us get some good glimpses of the lunar eclipse tonight.
  7. If anyone is coming the the MD Craft Brew Fest in Frederick, stop by the Nepenthe tent!
  8. Maryland did well last week. Maybe the Memorial Day cane in the Gulf will get caught up in a front to help out VA.
  9. When the Caps made their run to the Stanley Cup, there was a point in every series where I thought, “Welp, that was the game that will kill this series,” and yet every time, the next game the Caps responded. Hoping we see the same tomorrow night.
  10. Coldest Mother’s Day or coldest May 8th? Or maybe both?
  11. The mules of the early 20th century would never have allowed this to happen.
  12. Out in Frederick and turning into a decent early April day.
  13. Reminds me of a winter long ago where Matt was frustrated with the MJO and said something about it doing laps around the cul-de-sac (aka circle of death). Obviously not doing it justice here, but he’s had some great quotes over the years.
  14. Pens looking okay. Rangers are tough. edit: it’s a loooonnnngggg way off, and even a longer shot, but I’d love to see the Caps and Pens in the conference final.
  15. Over 2.5” and I’ve unplugged the sump pump. It’s been fighting a gallant battle but I think it’s trying to beat the water table. It’s unplugged and the water has settled about six inches from the top of the well so I’ll leave it unplugged and check it periodically until bedtime. Then I’ll plug it back it in!
  16. Congratulations to @nj2va for ending the streak and starting a new one! Now you have to go to game 4!
  17. A few of us were scheduled to do the Six Pillars Century bike ride in Cambridge today. Last year was dry but with 40 mph sustained winds. Thankfully, this year they offered a “defer to next year” option, so I’m sitting high and dry in front of a fire listening to the sump pump kick on every 15 seconds. Crappy weather but making the best of it with an afternoon Caps game and a garage of beer, pool, and darts.
  18. A cool, wet May and June could set the stage for some stifling humidity in July and August.
  19. Already 1.10” here for the day.
  20. The streak has to break. I like his odds.
  21. I'll take the over for my yard.
  22. Just got the 7-10 split here from that line.
  23. That’s a good win. Hope Wilson is ok for Thursday.
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