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  1. The front moved through Watkins Glen this morning with some rain showers, so we stayed in the tent reading and napping. By 10AM, rain stopped, breeze kicked up, and dews dropped. It’s been a glorious day here around Seneca Lake, NY, with a high of 73.
  2. I spent a few summers on a landscaping team, mostly weed whacking. But every once in awhile I’d get lucky and they needed the lesser of the stupid to cut grass so I got behind a gravely on a slide. Great machines.
  3. Sitting on a tractor is not the same as us peasants cutting the grass. Just messing with you.
  4. I think @StormchaserChuck! assumes we know what he means. The folks from the original board probably do. Back then Chuck was doing some “research” and I remember him being very-well respected. Not that he isn’t now in some circles, but for a clown like me, I would welcome some dumbing-down rhetoric in his posts. Particularly when he posts a lot of maps without explanation.
  5. After all my complaining yesterday, I’ll end up flooding today.
  6. Got it. But no power here so we might just be taking to each other in the Upside Down.
  7. Since I’ve already whined my way into a biotch this evening, I’m going to follow up with this one to my neighbors. ”I’m so glad that your house is nice and cool, but I can’t even open my windows because your generator is so f’n loud and annoying.”
  8. I’m just bitter that it hasn’t rained here in three weeks and this radar depiction amounted to crud. I’ll probably flood tomorrow.
  9. Just to follow up but there is a fire at a business in Reisterstown Rd at Milford Mill. I can’t confirm but someone said it was lightning.
  10. I guarantee you got more. Just shafted here.
  11. Also, fire trucks on resisterstown rd and the smell of a building fire. Wondering if something got struck by lightning. I can assure everyone that any rain will not put it out.
  12. No power and whiskey on the porch time. I can’t wait until winter to get my rain.
  13. Huge line approaches, power goes out, and a whopping .06” F$ck summer.
  14. Here’s another very reliable forecast. The purple area was lost in resizing but reads “Much Above Snowfall”
  15. Just .02” overnight but I’ll take anything. Surprisingly, the lawn looks pretty good for the first week of August and no watering. Sorry for taking up space with two photos but I wanted to let the stray we have named Tabby Kitty get his rest so I couldn’t go outside and take a single photo.
  16. Including yesterday’s .40”, just shy of 3” here for July.
  17. I can’t wait to retire so that I can finally admit to myself that the only reason I look forward to summer s because I get 8 weeks off. It truly is the worst season by far.
  18. Good news! It looks like the northern batch is going to slide to the west of me, and the stuff to the south will miss east of me. Brown is my new favorite color.
  19. Because the normal 20 million isn’t enough.
  20. 2.59” for July isn’t very good. And I don’t think I should pin any hopes on that batch in western MD.
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