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  1. I’ll gladly take 70’s in early October, especially after the disaster just recently in 2019 when we had mid and upper 90’s the first few days of October. https://weatherspark.com/h/d/147101/2019/10/2/Historical-Weather-on-Wednesday-October-2-2019-at-Baltimore-Washington-International-Airport-Maryland-United-States#Figures-Temperature
  2. Don’t forget the fumble at the goal line that went Bmore’s way.
  3. Peak around these parts is usually late October and early November. Should be a nice color season too since trees weren’t stressed this summer.
  4. It’s not hot but it’s still sticky. Hoping dews start dropping this afternoon.
  5. Good to see rain in the forecast for the northwest. Hopefully the rest of the west can make up some of their deficit this fall and winter.
  6. .91” More than I thought. (edit: Reading this makes me realize I just inadvertently may have summoned @ravensrule)
  7. 18z GFS says any summer heat is gone in a few days.
  8. Looks like it might be Bmore area’s turn soon.
  9. We still have five months of fall.
  10. I am actually a little surprised that the scale is Fahrenheit and not Celsius.
  11. If this is a precursor to October, then I will forgive September.
  12. @yoda, I’m curious as to how the phone call turned out,
  13. I’m saying no. Well, I’m hoping, no.
  14. In true wtf fashion for the wft, Fitzpatrick may have injured himself on a damn water slide. Just another to put in the F file next to Frerotte. Only sound and no video in this tweet…
  15. That’s nuts. Was it a wooden wheel?
  16. I hope they don’t pick up Cam.
  17. I like being schooled by @MN Transplant
  18. A buddy and I did the Civil War Metric Century bike ride this morning. Just a beautiful morning, great roads, and well run event.
  19. That happens relatively frequently. @MN Transplantmentioned sun spike, and when I last saw what you’re seeing now, it made sense. But I think it’s a little late for a sun spike, but I don’t know. All I know is that the one on radar now is the same location as others I’ve seen.
  20. A little late, but maybe things are about to get real.
  21. Severe thunderstorm watch for DC metro, west to the Blue Ridge, and north.
  22. If this morning’s forecast had been a winter storm forecast, this place would be unreadable right now.
  23. Like most everyone else here, I’m winter-centric, but gd, I’m so glad summer heat looks to be over and we can enjoy some decent weather. I’d take days like this for the next two months.
  24. You know this, but it’s only a theorem if it’s been proven. That statement is a hypothesis, and I bet some would wager that it isn’t even an educated guess.
  25. Yeah. The first time I tried to view it, I pressed the photo and not the link. Maybe I didn’t need to spy on my mom.
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