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  1. A quick count makes today the 44th 90+ day for me, so their algorithm was very close. And more good news is that the monthly forecast for September has my hood making it to 81 on the first, and not a single 80 or above day after that. Book it!
  2. Pretty scary, but the Halloween candy displays are up in the Ellicott City Giant.
  3. You must be referring to the change in graphics. It’s awful now, and the change made me buy the RadarScope app. If you want to go free, I think this site is good. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=LWX-N0Q-0-6
  4. Man, parts of Jersey are getting crushed. RadarScope estimates of 4-8” in the worst and still dumping. They can have it.
  5. A little sad tonight because it’s our last night in Croatia, and what an absolutely beautiful country. We started in Zagreb and wound our way down to Ravinj, then inland to Rastoke and Plitvice, back to the coast in Split, Mali Ston, the Peljesač peninsula, and Dubrovnik. What a great trip it’s been, and we still have a four hour layover in Munich. Thanks for bearing with the photos, and just a few more from Dubrovnik for the Game of Thrones fans.
  6. Hoping everyone back home gets the weather they want this evening. Personally, I’m hoping for nothing in my hood. I don’t want to hear any news from the house and cat sitter. A spectacular evening near Korčula.
  7. That guy is a like a greasy duck. Never gets wet.
  8. When in Rome, or at least a Roman palace in Split, you’ve got to go local.
  9. The only thing worse than no rain is flooding house rain.
  10. Beautiful sunset coming your way…
  11. What’s for happy hour? Finished dinner and having a beer for dessert. Well, after the pistachio gelato first dessert. Croatia is pretty darn cool.
  12. When sub forums were introduced I was quietly opposed. But I was wrong and now I rarely venture out of the Mid Atlantic.
  13. Yuck. I’ve been out of town and hadn’t heard of the mites.
  14. I got Halloween Pez in Maine!
  15. It was everything you can imagine. Like an idiot I left a whopper plopper rigged in the back of the truck. Later, I was moving camping gear, didn’t notice the rod bending and enough slack that the lure came off the rod eye, then, snap! Whatever was bending the rod gave way and the rod straightened. The hook set so fast that I didn’t stand a chance. Worst of all was that my finger kept the rod from completely going slack so the hook had a lot of tension. My gf and buddy saw it happen and of the three of us, I’m not sure who had the worst expression. My gf got the pliers for me, I cut the line, and thought I’d have to push the hook through. But it was so far under my nail that all I could do was grab the hook and twist it out. Surprisingly, as much at it hurt initially, it’s not bad at all now. Thank goodness my gf knows I’m an idiot and had packed neosporin!
  16. The only thing I hooked this week in New Hampshire was my finger. Through the edge and under a nail. Still makes me queasy thinking about using the pliers to remove it.
  17. We are currently at Oxbow Brewery and I’m having the Kelp! I Need Some Honey! A dogfish collaboration!
  18. We are doing a walk of Portland, ME, today. Good beer, oysters, and, of course, lobster!
  19. Hike photos from yesterday that a couple of friends and I did. Ultimately ended up on Mt. Lafayette.
  20. I’m drinking a Gunner’s Daughter Milk Stout from Mast Landing from nearby Portland, Maine. Also did an awesome hike along the Franconia Ridge yesterday. So amazing.
  21. Hiked up Mt. Washington today. We got very lucky and had one of their best weather days of the year.
  22. Defeated. A few stragglers visiting yesterday, but they seemed to have moved on. The swelling in my wrist and hand has subsided enough this morning that I can see knuckles and almost make a fist. I think I probably can fit in my watch again too.
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