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  1. Eyeballing the rain gauge, I’m around .70” and climbing.
  2. You’re looking at the radar and where I live, aren’t you?
  3. We have different definitions for fun. The one advantage I see for today is that once a storm forms, I don’t see it dying on the doorstep. In other words, whoever gets in the cross hairs of training storms is going to dumped on.
  4. The big tease begins. Rolling distant thunder and partly sunny skies.
  5. If I don’t get at least a half inch of rain this evening, I’m turning on my sprinklers until I empty the nearby reservoir.
  6. It has been dry here too with under 1.5” for the month. An inch of that came on the 1st.
  7. The 12k nam would make me happy. But the 3k can gth.
  8. Should be awesome. Just imagine all the time you’ll be able to dedicate to your promotion to Chairman of the B Meets.
  9. I hate presenting to adults, but if I have to, I try to prepare activities to take focus off of me.
  10. I’ve been getting skinny and missed all evening. About .01” here.
  11. And with Alonso acting so serious, I hope he loses. What a tool.
  12. Soto was acting like he beat Babe Ruth, but a pitcher took him to double OT!
  13. I hope they all lose power and have to sweat the night without ac.
  14. Meanwhile, north of 70, I’m wondering how this is going to miss me.
  15. Happy Birthday. How the after-work day is fantastic!
  16. Yep. Fun for me to look at though. Sometimes in winter it’s the only way to see any forecasted snow, though it’s never right. I wonder what model the algorithm uses?
  17. Up to 19 days of 90+ including today. Only 16 over and about two months to go.
  18. I know that you butterfly peeps have talked about this before, but how do you get the monarch caterpillars in your gardens? And please post pics. Those caterpillars are cool.
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