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  1. Remember how much Gloria weakened moving up the east coast in 1985, coincidentally around this time period? At one time east of the Bahamas, recon measured one of the lower pressures ever found in an Atlantic tropical cyclone. Of course that has been surpassed many times in the last 32 years.
  2. That was probably due to frictional convergence rather than intensification.
  3. NHC will start issuing one hour position updates at the top of the hour.
  4. When Gilbert bisected Jamaica in 1988, it was a 115 mph hurricane. By the time it reached the western tip of the island, you can tell on the satellite the eye was degrading. About two satellite frames after leaving the western tip of Jamaica, the eye wall was already restrengthening.
  5. Too often people just see warm SST's as if it were the only determining factor toward intensity. If it were only that easy.
  6. That use to be a problem up to the 1980's I understand. These days, I believe recon usually has permission from the Cuban government.
  7. Probably end up looking like 'Hugo'.
  8. Some models have Potential Tropical Cyclone 14-e trying to move up the Gulf of California for a while.
  9. I think there is an internal mechanism in GRLevel3 that prevents plotting of anything over 24" because I found a 40" point in between Pasadena and La Porte but the color is the same as if it were 24".
  10. I was thinking tonight that the eye wall on radar looked better than Matthew's ever did on Nexrad radar.
  11. Far western Gulf is usually not a location for rapid intensification. Last time might be Bret, which, hard to believe, is almost twenty years ago.
  12. Hong Kong just had a wind gust to typhoon force.
  13. Hate to be a skunk at the party, but at that time of year (early April), most of the areas east of the Mississippi can easily be shrouded in clouds.
  14. There were signs a couple of days in advance that the worst would be north of NYC. What happened February (President's Day (Week)) 1989 would have shut down internet boards.
  15. Islip did that for 'Nemo' as well I believe.