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  1. I would also add the Dec 11-12 1960 storm as a positive bust as the forecast was 3 to 5 inches and the total for CPK was 15.2 and I had about 20 inches in Brooklyn . Vic V
  2. My first interest in weather started with the March 1956 snow storm when the NYC schools were closed - I was 9 years old. My interest was further increased with the March 1960 blizzard but was firmly cemented with the surprise Dec 1960 blizzard. From that point on I was hooked, especially with the Jan and Feb snowstorms coming right after the Dec storm. It's not abated since. Vic V
  3. Bensonhurst Brooklyn - Snow moderate to heavy , temp at 32, about 1 inch on the sidewalk. Vic V.
  4. For nycemt123 Picture does not do justice to the intensity - Cameron Ct Vic V
  5. Here in Brooklyn - Bensonhurst 66th St and 17th Ave - white out condition with heavy snow and very strong gusting winds. Temp around 22 degrees. This is the worst of the storm so far . Reminiscent of the Boxing Day storm. Won't go out to clear snow until conditions get better. Vic V
  6. I would pick the Dec 23 1963 storm which dropped 6 inches of snow and had temps mostly in the 20's for NYC and Brooklyn.
  7. "...A very underrated snowstorm" I completely agree. I then was 17 and working as a mail and messenger clerk for AT&T at 195 Broadway, my first job. That day my supervisor asked me to make two trips to 140 West St, then NY Tellephone, which made me walk into the teeth of a powerful wind field. One my second trip a man walking beside me was blown off his feet on Fulton St. as I had to hold on to railings along the way not to go down myself. It was bitterly cold with temps around 20 degrees if I remember correctly and going down into the teens. After the second trip my supervisor asked me to make a thrid trip and for the only time in my 45 years of work that followed I refused which could have led to my being fired. But what I remember most was late that night I was walking home from the F train, then on McDonald Ave in Brooklyn, and for the only time in my life I became aware that the cold and wind was becoming a threat to my safety. I was very happy to get home As you say, a very underated storm and one of the few true blizzards I have experienced.
  8. You are correct - a very much underrated storm. I was working at AT&T on Fulton St in lower Manhattan as a mail room messenger and had to make several deliveries in the middle of the storm. The wind was very strong in lower Manhattan reminiscent of the Boxing day storm. During my third delivery I was struggling against the wind, holding on to whatever I could find to keep from falling down, when a gust of wind knocked down someone walking along side of me. I had to help him to his feet . When I got back to the office I was told to make a fourth trip. For the only time in my life I refused a direct order even though I could have been fired. My boss looked out at the storm and said forget about it. A very underrated storm. Vic V
  9. You are right about busts going the other way. I seem to remember that busts going the 'wrong' way far outpaced the other way busts. I can remember two wrong way busts that same winter of 1960-61 . One called for a ten inch storm in January 1961 but the storm went out to sea so we got 3 to 4 inches - a partial bust. But we had a true bust when, I think this was in late February, we were supposed to go from rain to snow with a lot of accumulation. I remember that the temperature was in the mid 40's for the 6 o'clock news and I stayed up until the 11 pm news and the temp was 47 when it was supposed to crash. I woke up around 3 am and it was pouring rain and mild. A really big disappointment.Many more would follow over the years. And I also agree that part of the fun was the uncertainty which was much more prevalent than today with the much improved short term forecasting capabilities we now have. Vic V
  10. That video sure brings back memories. Dec 1960 is still my favorite storm. I was 14 living in Bushwick Brooklyn and remember the forecast was for 2 to 4 inches. Starting snowing around 2 PM which was Sunday dinner time for us. I went to a friends apartment that evening and on the way home at around 9 PM I noticed the snow picking up in intensity. It was cold and for the first time ever I noticed the reflections of light in the crystals on the snow on the ground from the street lights. Early next morning, a Monday, I awoke to an unbelievable scene of white out conditions and snow covering the front fenders of parked cars - the key indicator that a really big storm was upon us like the previous March snowstorm. Finally, I can still see my father trying to dig out his car to go to work and me opening my window to yell at him that was crazy. I thought my father would not take lightly to my criticism but to my astonishment he dropped the shovel and replied - 'your right' and for the only time I can remember he did not get to work. As you pointed out that was the start of a terrific winter that shut down a bit early. Vic V
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